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32 Projects You Can Do in 2 Hours or Less

These projects are easy and quick to build!

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Laptop Computer Stand LeadFamily Handyman

Portable Laptop Stand

This design gives you all the necessary functions that you want in a laptop stand: better ergonomics, light weight, portability and heat dissipation. It’ll support any laptop, and even has a keyboard storage slot. But the best part? You can make it in less than an hour with only a jigsaw. Click here for full plans and a downloadable cutting template.

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pour-over coffee maker

Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Move over Keurig! This pour-over coffee maker brews a mean cup o’ joe in an instant—and it takes up less counter space, too! The kicker, however, is how simple it is to make. See the plans and video here.

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Stacking Totes Lead

Stacking Storage Totes

These inexpensive mobile stacking totes are built with just one sheet of 1/2-in. plywood. The dimensions of the project allow each tote to interlock snugly with the the others. All you need to buy is a sheet of plywood and some casters and you are on your way. See the whole process here.

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Hexagon Shelves Photo

Hexagon Shelves

Hexagon or honeycomb shelves have become very popular in the DIY world recently. The reason for this is that they are interestingly designed, different from the norm and incredibly easy to build. You can push out six of these in an afternoon and not break a sweat! See the video here.

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concrete house numbersFamily Handyman

Concrete House Numbers

Welcome visitors (and help out pizza delivery people) by creating these cool concrete house numbers for your front yard. The process is quite simple and it will give you a jumping off point for more concrete projects down the road. See how to make your own here.

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finished and painted cornhole boards

Cornhole Boards

This classic backyard game is easy and inexpensive to make yourself. With legs that fold up, it’s easy to tote along for tailgating, camping and more. See the full plans here and challenge your friends.

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simple tablet standFamily Handyman

Simple Tablet Stand

Following online recipes is 10x easier with a tablet stand. Make this one for less than $10 in materials and only a couple of everyday power tools…or hand tools, you decide. Find out how here.

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Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

This two-hour project for a wall-mounted bike rack is a simple yet inventive way to get your bike off of the floor, out of the way of everyday life, and safely out of the reach of bike thieves. It features a small storage drawer that is perfect for any lights or bike tools you may need. See the full how-to video here.

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mini greenhouse with old windowFamily Handyman

Mini Greenhouse with an Old Window

Give an old window new life by turning it into a mini greenhouse. This project will spice up any deck or patio while aiding in your plants’ health. Our plans give you incredible flexibility with whatever window you can find. Get the details and watch the video here.

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produce storage projectFamily Handyman

Off-the-Counter Produce Storage

Made with two pieces of wood, some hooks and baskets, this project is a breeze to build. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to customize the design to suit your needs and style. See just how simple this project is here.

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Modern Birdhouse Features

Modern Style Birdhouse

You can make this minimalist birdhouse in a morning and be able to enjoy the chirping of your new backyard friends by the afternoon. This project is a great introduction to dado processes and angle matching while giving you the satisfaction of displaying your hard work for all to see. Click here for more details on this amazingly simple birdhouse.

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DIY artwork

Easy DIY Artwork

You don’t have to spend 10,000 hours to become an amazing artist. This project allows you to be as creative as you want—even using random items found in your home or workshop. Figure out the method here.

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Floating Shelf Secret Drawer LeadFamily Handyman

Floating Shelf with a Secret Drawer

Hide all of your valuables in plain sight. Learn how to make this sleek, modern floating shelf with a secret hiding place and amaze your guests with your ingenuity. Find the plans and how-to video here.

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CATAPULT Lead photo

Desktop Catapult

Put this cool little project on your desk at work to annoy your coworkers, or gift it to one of your young relatives. Since the only power tools we used are a jigsaw and a drill, this miniature catapult is an easy project for any DIYer to build! See the video here.

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Illustrator Light Box FeaturedFamily Handyman

Artist Light Box

Make this perfect light box for sketching in an afternoon. The best part is you don’t have to do any electrical work because it works with off-the-shelf LED strips. See the full video and project plans here.

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closet door privacy screen

Privacy Screen with Salvaged Closet Doors

Find a few closet doors or tall shutters at your local salvage yard and turn them into a unique, vintage-style privacy screen. It’s beyond simple! Click here to find out how to do it.

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taco holder

Taco Holder

This easy-to-make taco holder features the same materials as a cutting board: hardwood, food-safe glue and a natural oil finish. Make one for yourself today!

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Giant Jenga

Giant Backyard Jenga Game

If you have a miter saw and some 2x4s, you’re ready to make an oversized version of this classic game. You’ll need 6, 8-ft. 2x4s, a miter saw and a sander. Click here to see how easy it is.

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Reclaimed Key Hanger Lead

Reclaimed Wood Key Hanger

We don’t like to toss out old wood; there’s usually another perfectly good use for it! Spice up your entryway by creating this rustic key hanger using scrap pieces of reclaimed wood. this project uses glue-up process that can be used for a number of different projects. See the whole process and plans here.

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Ultimate Slime Lead

Ultimate Slime

Easily make this amazing slime concoction in less than an hour with basic ingredients from around the house. Your kids will be entertained for hours!  Get them involved by watching the video together!

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hanging herb garden

Hanging Herb Garden

Bring your herbs indoors to enjoy fresh flavors all year long. Click on the following link to find out how to build this simple hanging herb garden for your kitchen. See the video and get the plans here.

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Speaker Stands Featured Image

Speaker Stands

Audiophiles are a group of people that can be extremely picky with how their speakers are displayed and used. Build these custom speaker stands, and learn a simple angle-finding technique in the process to truly show off your speakers. Find your optimal sound with these easy project plans.

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DIY wall art chevron

Paint Over an Old Canvas

Don’t give up on an old, ugly canvas—cover it with something new! Paint the chevron stripes (shown) and allow the paint to dry before removing the tape. Repeat this step until all stripes are painted. Then your DIY wall art is ready to hang in any room. Here are more details and the project plans.

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Duct Tape Wallet

Duct Tape Wallet

This project can be completed with just three simple tools: a ruler, scissors and duct tape. Colored duct tape makes a more fashionable product, but the regular old gray stuff works just fine, too. Find out how here.

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concrete air plant planter

Concrete Air Plant Planter

This modern desktop planter is perfect for low-maintenance air plants—and it only takes a few quick steps to complete. See the video here.

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Cord Rack Featured PhotoFamily Handyman

Grab and Go Cord Rack

If you hang all of your cords on one hook, you already know the problem: You have to remove a bunch of cords to get at the one you want. You could have separate hooks for each cord, but that would eat up too much precious wall space in your shop. This cord rack is the perfect solution. It stacks cords to use space efficiently and lets you instantly grab any cord without digging. Build one for yourself with these plans.

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Magnetic Knife Strip LeadFamily Handyman

Magnetic Knife Strip

Storing things like knives can be difficult and take up a lot of precious counter space. The solution, however, is incredibly simple. This knife strip will add a warm touch of wood plus extra storage to your kitchen. Discover the wonders of rare earth magnets here.

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Toilet Bomb Molds

Toilet Cleaning Bomb

You can easily buy a toilet-cleaning bomb at nearly any home goods store, but what’s the fun in that? You can make these tiny cleaners with items that you likely already have around the house. Try different molds and scents to find what you like the best. Note: The citric acid (also called sour salt) can be slightly difficult to find in stores, but many online outlets can get it to you in a day or two. See the whole process here.

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Industrial Bookshelf Lead

Industrial Bookends

The industrial style has blown up in recent year and it is a really easy trend to follow with the right hardware. Build these industrial bookends to spice up your bookshelf or desk and learn a cool hardware “aging” tip. See all the amazing tricks and tips for this project here.

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Pegboard Storage Lead Featured ImageFamily Handyman

Sliding Pegboard Storage

This project takes workshop storage to a whole new level, employing both sides of seven pieces of pegboard, all housed inside a compact box. Watch the video to see how it’s made.

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Invisible Bookshelf LeadFamily Handyman

Invisible Bookshelves

How do you reinvent the bookshelf? Take away the shelf! This project will completely will revamp your idea of functional wall decoration. All you need is some hook and loop fasteners, a couple corner braces and some screws. Here’s the step-by-step.

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Handmade Soap Lead

Handmade Soap

Personalize this DIY soap with your own mold, coloring and scents in about 30 minutes. It’s an entertaining project for the whole family and makes a great gift, too. Figure out how to wash your hands the right way here.

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