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How to Make Easter Baskets: 40 Fabulous DIY Ideas

Get started on crafting the most stunning Easter basket this year. Check out these fabulous DIY Easter baskets to get inspiration.

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Rainbow Easter Basket

Incorporate the colors of spring with this rainbow-themed DIY Easter basket from Oh Happy Day. The pastels blend in perfectly for a basket sure to liven up the Easter egg hunt.

If you enjoy the pastel look in your home decor, check out how to use pastel paint colors in your living room.

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Felt Easter Baskets

An Easter basket doesn’t have to be elaborate. Check out these baskets made from felt. Add a foam egg for the complete package.

See why keeping some felt around can be a life saver when you’ve got annoying noises in the house.

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Easter Pail

Eliminate the hassle of making a basket and just use a pail. Pick up some vinyl decals to personalize it like this pail.

Discover a pail created by a DIYer that makes painting so much easier.

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Horse Easter Basket

Stitch together an Easter basket that will send a little cowpoke on the right trail at an Easter egg hunt. This horse basket will know the way.

Take care of that horse in that stable you call a garage with these sawhorse tips you’ve got to try.

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Pirate Easter Basket

Set sail for all the goodies with this crochet, pirate-themed Easter egg basket. Plus, it can hold whatever other treasures you need to hold on to.

Always wanted a cool hideout spot away from the seas? Check out this awesome pirate ship tree house.

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Paper Easter Basket

Download this Easter basket pattern for a quick way to collect candy. Check it out on Etsy and get gathering.

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Rainbow Unicorn Easter Basket

They do exist! Grab the plans for this rainbow unicorn Easter basket and start knitting.

Keep the extra yarn around, you’ll be amazed at what other DIY gifts you can make in a short time.

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Basket Versatility

This basket has a number of designs that it can turn into, from a Halloween basket to a picnic basket or just a utility basket for groceries. Pick up the plans at Etsy and grab some fabric to put it together.

Grab some additional fabric and see how to reupholster that chair that drives you nuts.

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Bunny Crochet Easter Basket

Put together this cute Easter bunny basket for Easter with the plans from Etsy. It stays sturdy with its design and makes for a basket that will become a cherished item.

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Paper Easter Basket

Recycle an old paper grocery bag and use the handles for the basket handle. Make the weaving easy by making wide stripes. Check out the complete plans.

Find out what you didn’t know about recycling but should.

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Twig Easter Basket

Fetch a bundle of twigs to construct this Easter basket that can also work as a centerpiece. Grab a paper punch to create the patterns for the eggs, too, for a basket that stands out.

Keep the twig look going in your home with this elegant cottage shelf with branches.

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Easter Al Fresco Basket

Add some grass to an Easter basket design like this woven basket.

Take care of your lawn so hosting Easter is a breeze.

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My First Easter Basket

Grab this cute Easter basket for your young one’s first Easter and bring along the duck and rabbit.

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Fringe Easter Basket

These easy-to-make baskets from Studio DIY will liven up an Easter gathering. Just pick up some party cups, fringe garland and some tape.

See what you can do with Jell-O cups in the workshop after you’re done with them.

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Easter Party Cup Baskets

Get some cute baskets put together with just a few supplies. Grab some party cups, a glue gun, twine, tape and scissors to make these delightful Easter baskets. Then fill them up with Easter egg chocolates and edible grass.

Find one of the best glue guns available to make crafting easy.

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Classic Easter Baskets

If Amazon’s the path of least resistance for you, snap up these round woven bamboo Easter baskets and add chocolate bunnies, bunny peeps and other sweet treats that make for a classic package.

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Easter Baskets with a Bow

If you’ve got a super egg hunter then maybe a bigger basket is in order, like this wicker basket. These got dressed up with a bow and a wooden name tag for some personalization.

See why wicker baskets make for great toy storage and get some other storage ideas.

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Terra Cotta Easter Baskets

If you need a centerpiece idea or just have some old Terra Cotta pots sitting around, then this Easter basket idea will work perfectly. Pick up some scrapbook paper, Easter grass and a glue gun to get started.

Once you’re done with those pots, reuse them for an outstanding indoor hanging herb garden.

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Fresh Flower Easter Baskets

Usher in spring with an Easter basket that will smell the sweetest with fresh flowers. Just pick up some flowers, an old Easter basket, glue gun and scissors for an Easter basket that will put a stamp on your Easter gathering.

Get thinking about your garden and add a different dimension with garden flower towers — you’re not going to believe how a file cabinet looks.

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Chickadee Easter Basket

Put your knitting skills to use with this lovely chickadee Easter basket. There are a handful of stitches used to construct this basket. Check out the complete plans here.

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Easter Bunny Baskets

Crochet together this Easter basket and fill it with some delightful bunnies.

Keep your yarn from tangling with one unbelievable tip.

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Frozen Wicker Easter Basket

If Frozen still plays constantly in your home, then this Frozen Easter basket will be a big hit. It even comes with a tutu.

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Ruffled Easter Basket

This ruffled Easter basket gives a unique look for Easter baskets.

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Lily Basket

Get into Easter with a crochet basket. There are also designs for a lamb and baby chicks.

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Pool Noodle Basket

We love pool noodle hacks and this one is a new one for us. Put a pool noodle to use as a handle for an Easter basket.

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Pink and Red Easter Basket

This pattern includes a bunny and an eye-catching design for Easter. Plus, it’s got the room to carry all of those Easter eggs.

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Jam Made Easter Basket

This colorful pattern includes plans for a couple of friends inside the basket for Easter.

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Ombre Easter Basket

Patterned after the egg dying, these crochet baskets can be owls or bunnies.

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4-1 Easter Basket

Pick up these pattern plans to create four different baskets. It can either be a jack-o’-lantern, three-eyed monster, a princess bag or just an Easter basket. The floral design makes it perfect for Easter.

Halloween’s a way off but it’s still fun to see some awesome DIY Halloween creations.

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Fuzzy Bunny Easter Basket

Get a fuzzy bunny basket for Easter with this pattern or put together a colorful basket.

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Rabbit and Lamb Easter Baskets

Check out these cute rabbit and lamb baskets from an Amigurumi crochet pattern. It’s a great handmade gift for children.

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Floppy Bunny Ears Easter Basket

Flopsy the bunny is a neat felting/fulling project for those who want to create their own Easter basket. After Easter, Flopsy is great for holding other items around the house.

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K’NEX Easter Baskets

Add another K’NEX project to the list with this Easter basket project. Check out the complete project here.

Find a place for toys in the house with incredible toy rooms.

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Recycled Plastic Bag Easter Basket

Feel good about creating something from recycled material and get rid of those plastic bags that have spontaneously generated in your home. Check out how to weave this DIY Easter basket together.

Check out some amazing uses for plastic bags like coasters you need to try.

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Candy Easter Basket

Why not add more candy to the picture with a DIY Easter basket made from candy boxes. We’re all for it; just ignore the cardboard stuck in our teeth.

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Trolls Easter Basket

Be loud and bold with a DIY Easter basket inspired from Trolls. Use some tulle to create the hair for a memorable Easter basket.

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Collapsible Easter Basket

Want an Easter basket that’s easy to make and easy to store? Look no further. This DIY Easter basket is made from fabric sewn together. A button allows for it to be stored flat after you’re done with it.

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Silly Sheep in Shorts Easter Basket

Create a fun-looking DIY Easter basket that looks like a sheep. It can also be made to look like a bunny and holds approximately 24 eggs.

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Woven Wonder Easter Basket

This DIY Easter basket from A Subtle Revelry puts craft raffia to use. After dying it in rainbow colors, the raffia was woven together for a basket that looks like something out of a store.

Add a basket stand at home for some clever storage options.

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Cute Crochet Bow Easter Basket

Get a look at this lovely crochet DIY Easter basket with a bow on it. It’s got some room for those Easter eggs, too.

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