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50 Tiny Homes Dressed up for the Holidays

Check out 50 of the cutest tiny homes dressed up for the holidays.

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Picturesque Christmas with Garland

The decorations of this tiny home make it feel like a big celebration. The stockings hang from a shelf in front of the TV, garland lines the window frame and the shelf. If the woodwork in this tiny home appeals to you, learn how to build a table from reclaimed wood.
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Color Coordinated Ornaments

Color coordinate your decorations with your rooms. The reindeer and Christmas tree decorations flawlessly fit in with the color of this tiny home’s kitchen, not to mention the drapes. Make sure you can complete any appliance repairs before you start cooking the big meal.
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Simply Christmas

Just a tree was enough to fill this tiny home with Christmas cheer. Its understated style fits in perfectly with the minimalist ideals of tiny home living. Make your home feel more open with ways to make a room look bigger.
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Candy Cane Inspiration

The red ribbon and candy cutouts on the windows sweeten this tiny home up quite a bit for the holidays. This house also features a curved dormer. Find out how to put a dormer in your house.
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Cozy Christmas

The array of lights from this tiny tree and its location to the glowing heater make this tiny home a sight to behold. The metallic finish of the ornaments fits with the metal pole, which holds the branches. Watch how much electricity is flowing through your circuits this holiday season.
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Shabby Chic Christmas

This expertly decorated tiny studio is something out of It’s a Wonderful Life. The garland, red bows and Christmas lights are a classic look. Though a bit camouflaged by the snow, the candy canes can help mark the path for Santa to the door. Get rid of snow on your sidewalk easily this winter with these hacks. Photo: Courtesy of My Shabby Streamside Studio
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Fabulous and Fancy Christmas

Christmas is fancy inside this Fancy Farmgirl Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon’s camper. Kirchner got her camper as a gift from her husband and went about transforming it into the bright and lovely space it is now. Check out the kaleidoscope of color with the Christmas decorations. Get some ideas on how to store kitchen items in a tight space.
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Stockings Hanging over the Fireplace

Tiny house owners make do with what they have. Case in point, hanging stockings over the fire, or stove. It works perfectly in this instance. Take preventative measures against a fire starting during the holidays with these tips.
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Into the Woods

The wood sign decorations just seem to fit perfectly beside the logs on the porch of this tiny home. Icicle lights dangle from the roof and a wreath adds charm to the front door. Discover chain saw tips before you cut a cord of wood. Photo: Courtesy of Instagram
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Tiny Decorations for the Tiny Home

We’d be remiss to not include tiny decorations for a tiny house. This tiny tree and dining room table set for two is too cute to forget to mention. Create new space with windows in your home so you can fit all those great decorations. Photo: Courtesy of Instagram
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Window Dressing

From the Go Tiny Be Free people is some simple table decorations for their tiny home. The trees and red tablecloth complement the red and black bows in the garland above the window trim. Make window trim work easy with these tips. Photo: Courtesy of Go Tiny Be Free
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Look to the Loft

Loft Space has untapped potential for decorations in a tiny home. It can be a mantle piece to hang your stockings like tiny home owners Matt and Laura LaVoie chose to do. It can also be a place to hang garland to spruce up the home. Check out 15 other amazing tiny homes. Photo: Courtesy of Life in 120 Square Feet 
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Sit Beside the Fire

Tiny home dweller Meghan Doucette found the perfect place for a Christmas tree — right next to the heater. If you’re not ready to commit to building a tiny home, have one shipped to you from Amazon. Photo: Courtesy of Meghan Doucette
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Build a Christmas Tree

Christmas decorating for a tiny home requires some mental agility and this woodworking project tackles the Christmas tree dilemma. It can be the perfect fit for a tiny home during the holidays. Find out about another unique design when you take a look inside this tiny home.
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Decorated with Wreaths

The tiny home exterior is a perfect place for wreaths like this one on April Anson’s tiny home. The wreath fits perfectly with the design of this home and the color contrast. One of the biggest adjustments with a tiny home is figuring out to cook with less space. See what can be done with these tiny home kitchens.
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Dressed up Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree inside a tiny house might not need a tree skirt but it gives an authentic touch to celebrating the holidays. Plus, that tree can give you a creative outlet for ornament designs. Research the different countertops you can use in your tiny home, including these concrete countertops. Photo: Courtesy of Big Family Tiny House
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Deck the Walls

This elaborately decorated tiny home makes for a festive space. With tinsel hanging from the loft and a string of lights along the window frame it can make for a cozy Christmas. The tree, which was cut from the farm Chloe Barcelou and Brandon Batchelder live on in New Hampshire, sits in a bucket to make use of what is available on hand. Check out these tips to make your home feel bigger. Photo: Courtesy Morgan Karanasios/Boston Magazine
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Light up the Outside

Don’t forget to decorate the outside of a tiny home with Christmas lights. These red and green lights give this ChooChoo Tiny House the holiday feel. The home also hung lights along the roof for the classic Christmas look. Check out these tips for hanging Christmas lights and other holiday décor.
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Glowing Green Tree

This tree may not look like much in the daylight but night time is always when a tree shines. The tree is located in a nook of this tiny home and gives a glowing presence. Fix your Christmas tree lights as you ready for the holidays.
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Deck Out the Yard

Let the decorations spill out on the yard if you can. These decorations might be a little kitsch but if you’re traveling around in an old Kenskill trailer it comes with the territory. Learn some helpful Christmas decoration storage tips so you can keep your decorations handy.
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Country Road

Create a country feel with a sleek and simple design like this tiny home does with its small tree and understated ornaments. Create farmhouse charm in your home.
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Setting the Table

A repurposed school bus repurposes space for a Christmas tree with this décor. The tree sits atop a table and has enough space for presents. Some holiday lights are added to the overhead lamp for an added effect. Utilize some of these handy hints with your Christmas tree this year.
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Hanging Twigs

Walls are a natural place for decorations in a tiny house but it can be a place for a Christmas tree of a different kind. These twigs from a fir tree make for a creative tree in a small space. If you’re working in small spaces, check out these solutions for storage.
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Hints of Pine

A little branch of a pine tree can make for a neat decoration that doesn’t take up a ton of room. It creates a rustic look for those independent-minded DIYers. Get some decorating ideas for your bedroom.
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Christmas Texas Style

John Wells built this tiny home in southwest Texas in eight days for $1,600. Wells’ tiny home is ultra efficient in its energy use. He’s got his own take on Christmas decorations as well. Wells uses solar energy to power the home, find out if solar power is right for you.
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Rustic Charm

A little bit of a distressed look with a white backdrop makes the small Christmas tree standout in this small space for a shabby chic feel. The candles around the room make it feel intimate. Learn how to refinish hardwood floors if you want to revamp your home.
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Go Big Outside

If you can’t go big with decorations inside, go big outside. This camper decked out on the exterior with big lights and a big inflatable flamingo. If you’ve got some space around the exterior of your home, install a porch bench.
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Dangling Pinecones

Tiny home owners can take advantage of spaces they normally wouldn’t use by hanging wreaths and pinecones like this. It’s a fairly simple design idea that looks upscale. With winter coming, have you home or cabin ready with these hints.
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Pine and Plaid

Maintain a natural look like these decorations. Lots of pine and plaid make it clear Christmas time is indeed here. If you use a wagon to help with those outdoor projects, breathe some new life into it with these projects. Photo: Courtesy of Home is Where the Boat Is
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All Signs Point to Christmas

A little sign outside the home can add some flair to a tiny home. This tiny home does that in two places. Add in some garland around the door frame and a wreath and it feels like Christmas. Find out how to trim a door.
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A Tiny Tree with Some Bling

This tiny tree packs in a lot of decorating power in a small space. The lights make it shine and the beads give it a flowing look. Make sure your lights at home are not running up your electric bill. Learn more about LED lights.
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Outsized Ornaments

It might not be much but it’s enough for this tiny house resident. In some ways the lights and ornaments make for an outsized celebration on the itty bitty tree. If you’re going smaller this year make sure to make room by getting rid of that pile of plastic bags. Try these alternatives to plastic bags.
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Twigs and Twine

Twine works well on this tree inside a tiny home. You can find the world’s largest ball of twine built by a single person rests in Darwin, Minnesota, which mobile tiny house owners can check out on one of their adventures. Find out how to work with rough sawn lumber to create a rustic look like many of these tiny homes. Photo: Courtesy of Our Tiny Dream
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Room for All

This tiny house out in Washington found a spot for everything with decorations on top of the bookshelf and on the window sill. The presents somewhat miraculously fit beside the books shelf and next to the tree. Keep your home warm for Christmas by insulating it correctly. Photo: Courtesy of Tiny House Swoon
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Dreaming of a White Christmas

An old Airstream trailer doubles as a photo booth and event suite. It also works as place with pretty great Christmas decorations. Those tiny home owners who trailer their home ought to take a look at how to pick the right tow hitch before getting started. Photo: Courtesy of Photostream KC Instagram
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Sweet Christmas Cheer

North of the border over in Quebec, the owners of this DIY tiny home have got things right with a reasonable tree. The cutting board table has some color coordination going on with the tree to add to the cheer. Get more storage in the kitchen and land a bigger tree next year with kitchen storage tips.
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Home of St. Nick

Leave it to the Scandinavians to get Christmas decorations right for a tiny home. After all, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have all tried to claim Santa Claus as their own. Either way the stained red glass and red doors against the white exterior make this a classy looking place. Paint your place faster with a few hints if you want Santa to leave your place impressed. Photo: Courtesy of MyFotolog Tumblr
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Rustic Roots

A decorative table and a small branch can suffice for the holidays like this tiny home. Some holly, apples and pinecones give the setting an earthy feel. Remove clutter to accommodate holiday decorations with these clutter-busting techniques. Photo: Courtesy of Shabby Chic Tiny Retreat
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Simply White

Guarantee a white Christmas with a white tree. The blue color combination looks sharp with the white tree and the star is outstanding. A couple of lights won’t eat up your funds but solar might be an option to cut down on costs. Photo: Courtesy of Sweet Earth Homestead
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Take it to the Counter

The Tex Zen Tiny House Co. moved its tree off the floor and on to the countertop. It fits in nicely and the home scatters other tree decorations on shelves. This plan might be a temporary reduction in counter and shelf space but it won’t inhibit you from moving around. Stairs lead to the bedroom loft in this tiny home. If you’ve got some stairs and they seem slippery, fix them with these steps. Photo: Courtesy of Tex Zen Tiny Home Co.
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Texas Sized Decorating

Not the flashiest of decorating jobs but the tree tucks into the corner and the ribbon gives it an unusual look. This tiny home comes out of Texas and they do things a little bigger there. This tree’s no different in that. This tiny home also has a refrigerator-range combo. Know what to look for when buying a new fridge. Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Texas Houses
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Lighten Up Christmas

Take away the dramatic lighting effects of the photo of this Tiny House Giant Journey home and the combination of wreaths and lighting have a nice look on this tiny home. This home sits on wheels and it’s important to check those wheel bearings to make sure they’re in good shape since your home is resting on them. Photo: Courtesy of Jenna Spesard
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Strolling Down Santa Claus Lane

A tall white tree might send you back down memory lane if your family opted for a fabricated tree but this tiny home tree isn’t out of date. With some ribbon and a well-patterned design it can brighten a room. Learn how to frame a wall for your home or as you build a tiny home. Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Family Homestead Instagram
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Bundle of Gifts

A little Christmas tree on top of a dining table with presents in bags gives the feeling of a bundle of gifts inside this tiny home. Discover countertops for your kitchen this holiday season.
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Mini Lights, Mega Effect

Some mini lights and mini ornaments next to a tiny coffee cup can only fit in one place: a tiny home. The shrunken gingerbread men really sell the tree and the decorating of this tiny home. Check out stainless steel appliances to make your home shine.
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Small Can be Better

Tiny house living is all about maximizing the space you have and this little Christmas tree squeezes in perfectly in this tiny home. Just a few lights and decorations go a long way. Plus, the couch is dressed up with an ornament blanket. Slipping into a tiny home isn’t a slam dunk, check out the things you need to consider before settling into a tiny home. Photo: Courtesy of Back to Simple Living
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Creative Solutions for Trees

This decorative Christmas tree combines several creative elements. Beginning as a wall tree, it uses two tree limbs to form the triangle of a tree and the string allows for ornaments to hang. Find some space for your books with these bookcase designs and adjust them.
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Hang a Tree on the Wall

Sometimes a tree in a tiny home just isn’t practical. The naturally innovative tiny home owners have found their own trees. Many of whom have created their own tree. Tiny home owners Jordan and Sarah Plummer rolled out their own felt Christmas tree hung on a wall. If you’re winding down toward retirement, check out 15 of the best tiny homes to buy after retirement. Photo: Courtesy of A Terra Cotta Life
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Hide Out in the Loft

It might not be much of a hiding spot but you can put the presents out of the way by putting them in the loft of a tiny home like this one from April Anson. Ready to make the jump to tiny, check out these tiny homes you can buy now.

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