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9 Awesome Ideas for Window Treatments

Window treatments can change the look and feel a room. Whether you're looking for curtains, shades or something in between, here are 10 awesome ideas that are DIY-friendly.

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barn door window treatments

Barn Door Window Treatments

Want a barn door in your home but don’t have the space for it? Try barn door window treatments! You can even paint or stain these barn door window treatments to match your decor.

Photo: Courtesy of All Things Thrifty

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paint stick curtains diy curtain ideas

Paint Stick Curtains

This creative DIY window treatment would work well in a child’s bedroom or play area. Get a bunch of paint stir sticks, dip them in a paint color of your choice and hang them from a tension rod.

Photo: Courtesy of Hallmark Channel

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slipcover window treatment

Slipcover Window Treatment

This window treatment uses leftover slipcovers from another project. The DIYer copied another window treatment design for shape, then used their sewing skills to bring it all together. Check out the entire process here.

Photo: Courtesy of Days at Buttermilk Cottage

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roman shade

Roman Shade

Here’s a new take on a Roman shade. It uses some fun fabric, a little sewing and is attached with a tension rod. Ribbons are added so it can be raised and lowered.

Photo: Courtesy of Eve 4 Art

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Updated Vinyl Shade

If you have some ugly vinyl shades at home, just give them a fresh coat of paint! Use some spray paint to give a tired shade a fun design and turn it into a work of art.

Photo: Courtesy of Projectophile

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stencil-curtains diy curtain ideas

Stenciled Curtains

If you have some plain curtains, consider stenciling a design on them. These curtains were painted with a foam roller and acrylic paint.

Photo: Courtesy of Simply Designing

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Jewelry Topper

Depending on how much window coverage you want, consider using jewelry or small square scarves as a window treatment. Just drape necklaces or scarves over the curtain rod. See more on this and other no-sew window toppers here.

Photo: Courtesy of

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scarf-curtains diy curtain ideas

Scarf Curtains

Even those with very basic sewing skills can put together these scarf curtains. This DIY window treatment is made from the designer’s favorite scarves, along with some fabric to fill out the bottom.

Photo: Courtesy of In Search of All Things Ameezing

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bed-sheet-curtain diy curtain ideas

Bed Sheet Curtains

Here’s a no-sew curtain idea: Take some regular bed sheets and turn them into curtains. Just add a small curtain rod and thread the sheet on it. Complete how-to can be found here.

Photo: Courtesy of Our Wood Home

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