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Amazon Prime Day Editors and DIY Experts Wishlist

These are the Amazon Prime Day deals we hope to add to our carts! From lawnmowers to grill brushes and Yeti coolers.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

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Amazon Prime Day Wishlist

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is officially set for Monday, June 21 and Tuesday, June 22. Over two million items are getting marked down, and the deals will be fast, furious and sell out quick. Like you, Family Handyman editors and experts are eagerly anticipating the sales. We’ve previewed some of the deals, and while we’re super excited, we can’t yet reveal what items will be discounted — or for how much. To prepare, we made our personal Amazon Prime Day wish lists, bookmarking the tools, organizing gear and housewares we hope go on sale.

Keep in mind, the Amazon Prime sales are only open to Prime members. Don’t have a Prime membership yet? Sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial.

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Nature Gear Pure View Hanging Window Bird Feeder

As someone who recently purchased a home with a lush urban yard, stories surrounding making it bird-friendly have really been speaking to me lately. I’ve got my eye on this big, clear window feeder, so my family can get a closer look at the cardinals, goldfinch and chickadees that make regular appearances at the bigger feeder we inherited. I like that this one looks heavy-duty, doesn’t add an extra layer of material between window and bird, and has space for plenty of feed and multiple birds. Fingers crossed the birds like it, too! — Berit Thorkelson, Assigning Editor.

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Storage Bench

My balcony garden has grown significantly since last summer. A larger garden means larger watering cansgarden tools, planters and other odds and ends. This storage bench solves two problems: It provides seating to enjoy the garden, as well as storage for all those new garden supplies. And its resin construction won’t require much maintenance. — Mikayla Borchert, Assistant Editor.

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Battery Organizer Case with Battery Tester

Junk drawer clutter is an ongoing battle in my home, which is why this battery storage case gets my professional organizer stamp of approval. Being able to store up to 266 batteries in a case, instead of the junk drawer, saves a ton of space. Put an end to the frustrating search for replacement batteries by housing them all in one place. The buckle latch keeps the see-through lid secure, even if you choose to hang the case on the wall. The included battery tester is a nice added bonus. — Jamie Novak, Organizing Expert and author of Keep This Toss That: The Practical Guide to Tidying Up

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Wrap Itvia

Wrap-It Self-Gripping Storage Straps

As a professional organizer, I’m always on the lookout for simple products that solve a problem, and these wrap-it storage straps deliver! Skip the rubber bands that snap, the fraying twist ties, and one-use zip ties. Just wrap the re-usable strap around the cord and you are done. You’ll wish you ordered a second pack, because you’ll find yourself using them on everything from extension cords, to light strands, and even dangling plugs on small appliances. With so many uses in every room of your house, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them. — Jamie Novak, Organizing Expert and author of Keep This Toss That: The Practical Guide to Tidying Up.

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Milwaukee True View LED Floodlight

Tired of having to call it a day when the sun goes down? Get yourself a high-quality work light like Milwaukee’s Trueview LED Floodlight. There’s a lot to love about this compact little light. It’s got three light output modes and uses neutral white LEDs that are 20 percent brighter than halogen bulbs. The light can be plugged into an outlet or run off Milwaukee’s M18 battery platform for up to nine hours at a time — more than enough for a full day of work. Whether you’re working in a dimly lit basement or in a garden after sunset, this light makes for a great companion. — Harrison Kral, Associate Editor.

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Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw

When there’s a lot of pruning to be done in the spring, the first tool I reach first for is my Corona Razor Tooth folding saw. It fits right in my back pocket and is easy to open and close without taking off my gardening gloves. This is the perfect tool for quickly cutting any branches that are less than three inches in diameter, and it requires far less hand strength to use compared to pruning shears. In the six years I’ve used this saw, I’ve never had to sharpen it once. —Susan Martin, Garden Expert and Founder of Gardener Sue’s News.

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 TubTrug Flex Tub

I’ll admit I’m a serial buyer of TubTrugs. This tub is so handy that you’ll want to have at least three of them on hand. I use them for just about everything in the garden — when I’m out deadheading plants, transplanting perennials, mixing soil, soaking dry plants and so much more. A quick scrub and they’re ready to repurpose into ice buckets when it’s time to host a backyard barbecue. They even make a great gift stuffed with new beach towels and sunscreen. — Susan Martin, Garden Expert and Founder of Gardener Sue’s News.

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GE Opal Countertop Nugget Icemaker

I’ve never understood why we’re always stuck with those giant cube machines. Gimme that chewy, spongy, crushable movie theater ice. It’s great for thirst-quenching ice water after gardening, the fizzy burn of a Coke with pizza, and the electrifying jolt of an iced espresso. Now the power of movie theater ice can come straight to my countertop, just in time for a hot summer with no air conditioning in my century-old house. The GE Opal plugs right into the wall and makes three pounds of ice within 20 minutes. And for smart-gadget people, you can connect to Bluetooth to monitor and schedule fresh ice. Brilliant. — Katie Dohman, Family Handyman Lifestyle Expert.

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EGO Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

My EGO self-propelled lawn mower is by far the most intelligent purchase I’ve made to date. Having first-hand experience with this mower three seasons in, I still love it! This lightweight, user-friendly machine has everything you want in a self-propelled lawn mower and more. It offers plenty of battery power and torque for my medium-sized lawn, and it folds up and stores in the corner of my garage. And no more trips to the gas station.—Joe Cruz, Editor DIY How-To and Home Improvement Projects.

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Green Mount Watering Wand

I’d love to see this amazing Green Mount watering wand on sale for Prime Day. As a homeowner and a DIY editor, I’ve tried so many different watering nozzles and sprayers over the years, but this one has stood the test of time. It’s durable and lightweight, so my kids can even help out with watering all our plants and vegetables throughout the summer months. — Amy Novak, Executive Editor.

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ch hanson magnetic stud findervia

CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder

Sometimes simple is best. And that’s exactly what you get with CH Hanson’s Magnetic Stud Finder. The powerful rare earth magnets lock on to screws, nails and other metals behind your drywall, ensuring you find the stud every time. A convenient, built-in level helps to further zero-in on precise marking. — Shay Tilander, Senior Editor.

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EGO Power+ EA0800 Eight-Inch Edger

An electric, cordless edger has been on my lawn and garden wish list for years, and the EGO Power+ EA0800 Eight-Inch Edger fits perfectly into the Venn diagram of affordable price and high efficiency. I prefer electric so I don’t have to deal with gas cans and oil changes, and a battery-powered tool is much preferred over running a cord across the yard. If this tool is on sale this year, I might just finally buy it. — Alex Shoemaker, Newsletter Editor.

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YETI Hopper M30 Soft Cooler

Big, boxy coolers are great for a camping trip or a weekend getaway at the lake, situations where you need to pack in all of your food and beverages. But those big rectangles take up too much space in the trunk and make for an extra hassle for a day on the river. That’s what’s so great about a soft-sided cooler. The right one has more than enough space for some sandwiches and cold drinks, and it tucks in nicely behind the front seat. The problem, however, is that most soft-sided coolers just don’t work all that well. I’m willing to invest in a good one, like the Yeti Hopper, so it would be great to score a deal on one, especially if it goes on sale. — Ryan Van Bibber, Senior Editor.

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Char Broilbristlebrushvia

Char-Broil Replaceable Head Nylon Grill Brush

I bought one of these a year or so ago, and it’s the best I’ve found for cleaning charred gunk off the porcelain grates of my ancient Weber gas grill. The handle is sturdy and easy to use, and the replaceable brush heads snap on and off easily. I’ve wasted a lot of money on bad grill brushes — never again. This one rates 4.5 stars on Amazon with more than 5,300 reviews; 71 percent give it five stars. I’m finally replacing my old grill with a new Weber, and a new brush to go along would be just the ticket. — Pat Borzi, Digital Copy Editor.

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