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Amazon’s Best Patio Deals

Is your patio summer ready? It's about to be with these killer Amazon deals.

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Solid Acacia Wood Patio Chairs

These gorgeous chairs add comfort and class to your patio space. Originally priced at $212.55, this set of two chairs is currently on sale for $171.47. And, the cushions are included!

“Nice chairs for the price! They appear to be well-made and should last for a while. I ordered 4 chairs, they come in a flat box with assembly required. Very simple and easy to put together,” says one Amazon reviewer.

Whether you’re looking to design a patio with pavers, brick or poured concrete, here are 15 perfect patio designs to inspire you.

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Decorative Wrought Iron Garden Bench

If you’re looking to score some Amazon deals for your patio, this elegant wrought iron bench should be on your list. You’ll save $28.60 when you buy it now—the sale price is $201.39. Every reviewer gave it five stars, and they all boast about its beautiful look and supreme durability.

A backyard waterfall and stream will add beauty and peaceful sounds to your patio.

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Drinking Water Safe 50-Foot Garden Hose

With this 50-foot garden hose with brass fittings, you’ll be able to easily water all of your patio flowers. And, it is currently on sale for $59.24, so you’ll save $10.71! There are more than 1,000 customer reviews, with 70 percent giving it five stars, so you know it’s good.

“This is a fantastic hose! Very slim and light, easy to move around, fits easily on my hose reel with room to spare, and looks good, too,” says a reviewer.

You can build this beautiful pergola to add some shade to your backyard patio.

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Harp Wind Chime

Looking to add a little music to your patio? There are some Amazon deals available for wind chimes, including this handcrafted chime. You’ll save 31 percent if you purchase it now for $14.43. It’s made of ash wood and includes eight silver-colored aluminum tubes.

“This is a lovely chime with a light, tinkling, unobtrusive sound,” says an Amazon reviewer.

Check out these peaceful wind chimes that won’t drive your neighbors crazy.

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4-Tier Metal Plant Stand

Displaying vibrant plants is a surefire way to spruce up your patio space. This plant stand features steel construction for durability, while four tiers enhance its versatility. And, it’s on sale for less than $70!

“This plant stand is gorgeous, it is larger than I expected 6 feet tall. Plenty of room for all size of plants. It took my husband about 20 minutes to put together. Very sturdy. Worth the money,” says a reviewer.

A raised patio planter would make a great addition to a large, open patio and helps add a splash of color.

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Gas Grill Cover

Keep your grill protected from the elements all season long with this gas grill cover. Available for 52-, 65- and 72-inch grills, for $28.37, $29.96 and $34.12, respectively. The coating is resistant to tears, UV damage and water, for maximum protection.

“This grill cover fits our grill perfectly. It repels water and is made of great quality,” says an Amazon reviewer.

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15-Foot Hammock Stand

Snag this hammock stand for $73.24 right now! It’s a study unit for securely hanging a hammock (not included). “The pipes are hollow and it is light weight so you can move it around without disassembling it. Will fit many sizes of hammock,” says an Amazon reviewer.

Turn your backyard into a space as comfortable as any other room in your home by building a screened in patio.

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Outdoor Half-Round Scraper Doormat

Place this lovely and practical doormat outside the door to your home and you won’t have to worry about anything from your patio getting into the house on your shoes.

“We had about 4 inches of rain recently and this mat not only cleaned off our shoes, it also drained thoroughly so there was no soggy wet slab of matted mat squelching underfoot. The coiled wire frame keeps it rigid and I expect it to last for years,” says an Amazon reviewer.

If you already have a concrete patio, you can cover it with pavers to get a different look.

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Collapsible 2-in-1 Watering Can

Pick up this convenient watering can for your patio for just $14.49. It’s UV resistant, durable, lightweight and features a hanging loop for easy storage. Reviewers are in love with it!

“I absolutely LOVE this! I was having a hard time finding the right watering pot ( size, material, etc). I decided to go with this one.I read all the reviews and some said it as leaking. I think maybe some people didn’t assemble it right because it does not leak at all! I also go camping a lot and it’s so nice to have something light and foldable to bring with us!” says one reviewer.

Check out these 12 incredible pieces of DIY outdoor furniture.

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Patio Throw Pillows

Patio decor can get pricey, that’s why we’re so excited that there are Amazon deals out there to help you save money while adding some elegance and color to your outdoor space. These two gorgeous navy blue throw pillows are just $10.68!

“Amazing pillows! Fabric, color and plumpness is top notch! Best buy ever!!” says an Amazon reviewer.

Next, check out our patio dining sets buying guide, so you can find the perfect one for your patio.

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