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12 Awesome Kits and Books Every DIYer Will Love

Off-the-shelf gifts won't do much to inspire the DIY fan in your life. Instead, fire their imaginations with one of these fun, hands-on kits or books.

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3D Christmas Tree DIY Kit

Light up the holidays—for real!—with this kitr! This 3-dimensional LED Christmas tree will keep the budding electronics expert in your family content as he or she solders happily away before the holidays. Kit includes three circuit boards and 35 LED alternating-flashing lights.

If breaking tradition is your thing, check out these 12 ingenious alternatives to a traditional Christmas tree.

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Miniature Dollhouse Kit

Create a small slice of paradise with this miniature dollhouse kit, complete with charming Victorian house, tree and landscape. This kit requires assembly (naturally) and you will have to provide your own glue and battery. Other styles and prices also available. Here’s how to build a kid-sized classic workbench.

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DIY Wood Pallet Projects Book

Upcycling is chic, and wood pallets are abundant (and usually free!). Sounds like a good partnership just waiting to be explored. DIY Wood Pallet Projects shows how to turn simple shipping skids into fabulous crafts for the home. Projects include: rustic wood clock; herringbone coffee table; planter box; silhouette art and bookcase. If you’ve never worked with a pallet, here’s some info to get you off to a safe start.

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Essential Oil Bath Bomb DIY Kit

Relaxation baths are a sensory treat—and a great reason to unwind in the privacy of your own home. They’re even better when you can pick and choose exactly what goes in your bath bomb. This DIY kit makes a great stocking stuffer, making 15 to 25 luxurious bath bombs with fragrances such as rose petals, lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus and spearmint. Did you know you can make your own toilet cleaning bombs? Here’s how!

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DIY Deodorants Book

Once the bath is finished, the DIY enthusiast in your house might like to put on some homemade deodorant. DIY Deodorants provides the information needed to customize deodorant recipes with simple ingredients found around the typical house. Just be sure the recipient has a sense of humor! If you smell fine but your washing machine doesn’t, here’s what you need to do.

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DIY Slime Kit

This kit includes everything needed to create oodles of slime. There are 12 colors of slime, 5 jars of glitter, foam and fishbowl beads, fruit slices and decoration chains. Everything in this kit is non-toxic and intended for children 5 and older. Another idea is to make slime from scratch. This video shows you how.

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Wooden Christmas Ornaments Kit

These precut, unfinished wooden Christmas ornaments are ready to be decorated and put to use as tree ornaments, gift tags or wall decorations. Kit comes with 40 wooden cutouts, so the whole family can get in the act. Here are 20 gifts under $20 that DIYers will love.

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Duck and Scotch Brand Duct Tape

Get all your ducks in a row. You’ll be surprised how colorful they can be! This kit includes 25 rolls of Duck and Scotch brand duct tape, including fabric crafting tape, glitter tape and that all-important duct tape! Here are 25 brilliant uses for duct tape.

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Homemade Modern: Smart DIY Designs for a Stylish Home

Mid-century modern is hot, and DIYers will appreciate the opportunity to get in on the trend by making furniture and decor themselves. This book is a stocking stuffer they’ll remember, featuring a collection of 30 DIY projects made from durable, repurposed metal, wood and concrete. These 14 decor elements are iconic mid-century modern.

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Blank Barn Wood Plank for DIY

Who doesn’t like barn wood? Its rustic look is captivating and this 6×12-inch plaque is just waiting to be decorated by the DIYer in your life. You give the “canvas” and the recipient gets to create a masterpiece. Handmade in Montana. Want to learn how to make barn wood out of ordinary 1x6s? Find step-by-step instructions here.

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Monogrammed Initials Succulent Planter

Pick your favorite number or the first initial of your favorite DIYer for this great gift. Made of reclaimed wood, the 10x-8 inch number or letter comes with sphagnum moss, mesh to keep it in place, and how-to instructions. You supply the succulent plants (thick-leaved drought-tolerant plants that don’t need constant watering) and complete the vertical planter yourself. Larger sizes and other shapes also available at various prices. Here’s how to make a beautiful succulent planter out of a log.

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Solomon’s Knot DIY Tile Kit

Create a one-of-a-kind piece of art featuring Solomon’s Knot, an ancient symbol believed to represent the connection between humans and the Divine. Kit includes 9×9-inch board with printed image, frame, select Italian marble tiles for the mosaic and instructions. If you’ve been wanting a mosaic tile backsplash in your kitchen, here’s how to do it.

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