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10 Best Bedroom Storage Benches

Bedroom storage benches hold blankets, shoes and more while providing a convenient place to sit. Here are some of the best picks for any bedroom style.

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Callaway Flip Top Storage Benchvia

Best Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Storage Bench

The Callaway Flip Top Storage Bench is an ultra-trendy mid-century modern option. The purely decorative drawers set it apart from traditional storage benches. This would fit at the end of a bed, beneath a window or even by the shoes in a walk-in closet.

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Dulaney Upholstered Flip Top Storage Benchvia

Best Traditional Bedroom Storage Bench

The no-frills Dulaney Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench presents a clean, simple home storage solution. Its linen upholstery and neutral color options fit with any décor style. A cushioned, tufted two-seater top is the perfect spot to sit and put on your shoes. This fits just as well in an entryway as it does in a bedroom.

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Lavish Home Storage Benchvia

Best Budget Storage Bench

Want an inexpensive, unobtrusive spot to store spare blankets and linens? Then the Lavish Home Storage Bench is an excellent choice. It comes in three versatile colors — brown, gray and charcoal — and it take just seconds to assemble.

This collapsible bedroom storage bench is great for dorm rooms and apartments because it’s easy to pack and move.

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Warwickshire Wood Storage Benchvia

Best Shoe Storage Bench

Instead of an upholstered storage compartment, the Warwickshire Wood Storage Bench features an open shoe rack. The wood slats are much easier to clean than the inside of a flip-top bench. If all you need is a comfortable seat near your shoes, this is the bedroom storage bench for you. The 40-inch-wide bench offers 37 inches of shoe storage space.

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Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Storage Benchvia

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Storage Bench

Whether you live in a farmhouse or just love farmhouse style, this bedroom storage bench exudes country charm. The stock tank-inspired design even fits with industrial décor.

The storage compartment isn’t upholstered so it’s easy to wipe clean, meaning you can store shoes out of sight without ruining the bench interior. Side handles, latch locks and a cushioned seat add finishing touches to this distinctive bench.

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Antique Look Bedroom Storage Benchvia

Antique Look Bedroom Storage Bench

Walnut-stained carved wood and a beige cotton seat give this bedroom storage bench an antique look. But unlike most real antiques, you can order this bench online and have it shipped right to your door. It’s a good, medium size — 35 inches long and 18 inches high. reviewers love its strong, durable wood construction.

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Coastal Bedroom Storage Benchvia

Coastal Bedroom Storage Bench

Wicker storage baskets give this classic storage bench a touch of coastal charm, while the blue-green finish creates the perfect accent piece. Because there’s no cushion or flip-top, you can set items on top of this bench as well as inside. Consider placing it below a bedroom window with a cat bed on top.

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Pink Velvet Storage Benchvia

Colorful Bedroom Storage Bench

This simple velvet storage bench comes in seven upholstery and two leg options. Choose from black, blue, pink, cream, green, gray and blush velvet, as well as gold or chrome legs.

Its sleek, round design fits with mid-century, contemporary, minimalist, maximalist and many other décor styles. Just choose the color combo that suits your bedroom design.

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Pink Microfiber Storage Benchvia

Best Kids Bedroom Storage Bench

Kids rooms benefit from a storage bench too, whether it be for blankets, games or stuffed animals. This pink microfiber storage bench comes with two matching ottomans. The bright color and otherwise simple design allow this piece to transition from a child’s room to a teen’s room as they grow out of other items.

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Safavieh Maruka Storage Benchvia

Minimalist Bedroom Storage Bench

This minimalist storage bench doesn’t hold much, but it also doesn’t take up much space. It has one drawer plus a flat shelf for odds and ends like a purse, wallet, keys or magazine. It’s the perfect low-profile bench for a tidy, modern bedroom. The metal, wood and leather components create a versatile and multi-dimensional piece of furniture.

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