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Best Air Ionizers of 2022

Considering buying an air cleaner for your home or office? From compact to splurgy, here are our picks for the best air ionizers of 2022.

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Buying an Air Ionizer

Improving indoor air quality is a hot topic these days. Whether you’re concerned about smoke from wildfires or how to keep your family safe from allergens and viruses floating in the atmosphere, air ionizers may provide a breath of fresh air.

An air ionizer uses an innovative technology in which negatively charged ions are expelled into the air. The ions attach themselves to small particles moving through the room. Once bonded, the contaminants get so heavy they fall to the floor or stick to surfaces. Then they can be wiped or vacuumed away.

“The benefit of using ionizers vs. HEPA air filters,” says Michael Clark, founder of, “is that they can attack finer particles, all the way down to 0.1 microns.”

One of the downsides of some air ionizers is their tendency to give off unhealthy amounts of ozone. Find out if a device meets UL 2998 standard certification for low or zero ozone emissions before you buy.

These are the factors to consider when buying an air ionizer:

  • Does it meet recommended Clean Air Delivery Rate  (CADR) for that sized room?
  • What is its noise level?
  • Does it feature any smart technology?
  • Does it emit zero or only trace amounts of ozone?
  • How much does it cost?

Some ionizers have fans, while others come with UV lights or filters. With all this in mind, here’s a list of air ionizers to help you achieve better air.

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Envion Ionic Pro Turbo Ionizervia

Best All-Around Air Ionizer

Besides getting rid of 99.9 percent of nanoparticles that pollute your indoor environment, the slim Envion Ionic Pro Turbo ($131) tower offers easy-to-clean front-loading collection blades. It also uses less energy than an average fluorescent bulb. Most importantly, the manufacturer claims it effectively destroys most cold and influenza viruses.

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Homelabs 4 In 1 Compact Air Purifiervia

Best Tabletop Air Ionizer

SilverOnyx Four-in-One compact air purifier ($145) silently and efficiently purifies the air while reducing odors in a matter of minutes.

We love that it’s compact and lightweight so you can place it almost anywhere — on an end table, bedside table or the kitchen counter. The four-stage filtration system ionizes, grabs hold of large particles, captures smaller bits (around 0.3 microns via a HEPA) and neutralizes smoke, cooking aromas and pet smells through its carbon filter — all from up to 40 feet away.

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Airoasis Ionicair Uv Ionizervia

Best Bi-Polar Air Ionizer

The AirOasis IonicAir UV ($299) combines bi-polar ionization and a built-in UV light to blast bacteria, mold and other allergy-provoking particulates into oblivion. What’s more, results from third-party lab tests show the AirOasis reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in half, in an hour or less.

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Airdog X3 Home Air Purifiervia

Best Smart Air Ionizer

Let’s be honest: If technology has brought us anything, it’s convenience. Achieve healthier air with the Airdog X3 home air purifier ($449), the brainchild of Silicon Valley Air Expert, Inc.

This ionizer stands out for its smart data-storage function that sends air purification status reports to your smartphone so you can adjust it remotely, in real time. Prefer a more low-tech approach? Color-coded lights flash air-quality alerts: green for excellent, yellow-green for good, yellow for moderately polluted and red for hazardous.

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Proper Car Air Purifier Usbvia

Best Air Ionizer for Cars

Road trips are more pleasant with the Proper Car Air Purifier ($30). Unlike scented car deodorizers that only mask odors, this little device employs plasma ionization and sterilization process to snuff out smells at the source — from cigarette smoke to foods, sports gear to pets. It also targets allergens, bacteria and viruses.

And it’s gorgeous! The sleek shell is polished, electroplated and laser-engraved in a platinum silver, rose gold or brick gold finish. While lovely in appearance, it can also save lives. It doubles as a hammer to break out a window if the worst happens.

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Air Pro By Molekulevia

Best Air Ionizer Splurge

Get professional-grade purification at home with the Air Pro by Molekule ($1,199). Perfect for high-traffic areas, its particle sensor and auto-protect modes detect and protect you from pollutants in spaces up to 1,000 square feet.

The manufacturer claims the Air Pro filtering system removes and destroys viruses like SARS-C0V-2 (AKA COVID-19).

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Clarifion Plug In Air Ionizervia

Best Plug-in Air Ionizer

Scrub airborne particles from the air in your office or other small space with a standard electrical plug and the Clarifion Plug In Air Ionizer ($40). Mini but mighty, use the Clarifion to sweep away unwanted dust and pollen in rooms up to 150 square feet.

Plug it in, and when the blue LED turns on, you know it’s working. Ultra-quiet, easy to install and filterless, you’ll receive a discount when you buy three or more. So go ahead and buy them for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and garage.

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Lasko Wind Curve Air Ionizer And Fan Combovia

Best Air Ionizer and Fan Combo

The Lasko Wind Curve ($70) portable electric oscillating tower fan with fresh air ionizer beats the heat as it sends millions of negative ions into the room.

The innovative fan/ionizer runs on three quiet speeds. It also offers full-room coverage with a narrow profile for real space savings. It’s easy to move from living room to bedroom and back thanks to the built-in carry handle. And the timer can be set to shut off automatically so it won’t waste energy.

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