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5 Best Airless Paint Sprayers for a Quick, Easy and Even Application

Need a little help on your next DIY home project? This collection of the best airless paint sprayers has you covered.

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The 5 Best Airless Paint Sprayers For Quick, Easy And Even PaintingVIA MERCHANT

Painting a large area can take forever. Want to get the job done in record time? It all comes down to having the best painting tools for the task, like an airless paint sprayer. The best airless paint sprayers let you ditch the slow-going paintbrushes, rollers and edgers so you can paint rooms, decks and fences in record time.

Along with being more efficient, airless paint sprayers cut down on overspray, so there’s less tape and tarping to do. But the major advantage to the best airless paint sprayers is that they produce a beautiful, more even finish on woodwork, cabinetry and furniture. Read on to find out which airless paint sprayer is right for your next DIY project.

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Titan Controlmax 1500 High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayervia merchant

Best Overall Airless Paint Sprayer

Titan ControlMax 1500 High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

A less advanced version of the company’s 1900 model, this airless paint sprayer is an excellent choice for all-purpose, everyday painting tasks. Like all Titan airless paint sprayers, it uses a high-efficiency new-tip technology that delivers a softer, more consistent spray pattern for polished, smoother finishes.


  • A front-positioned dial controls paint flow
  • Outputs one-half gallon of paint or stain per minute
  • Hose extends from 25 to 75 feet
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


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Graco Truecoat 360 Ds Paint Sprayervia merchant

Best Budget Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer

Why borrow a paint gun when you can have your own for less than $200? This Amazon best-selling airless paint sprayer has functions and features perfect for light DIY construction or small craft and hobby projects. Compact and easy to operate (even for beginners), this sprayer has a recyclable bag replacement system to jump from project to project lickety-split.


  • Budget-friendly
  • High-quality stainless-steel piston pump
  • VacuValve technology lets you spray in any direction
  • Dual speed adjustments
  • In-handle storage for the extra tip


  • Very low or high temperatures may affect sprayer performance

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Graco Magnum X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayervia merchant

Best Airless Paint Sprayer With Cart

Graco Magnum X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

If you’ve ever struggled to move around cumbersome paint sprayers and hoses, the frustration is finally over. The X7 model from Graco has a lightweight cart that is capable of supporting and transporting the machine, paint bucket and hose around the project area.

“The hook on the front of the X7’s cart makes moving the sprayer a 10-second job for one person,” writes Amazon five-star customer reviewer Curtis.


  • Holds a one- to five-gallon pail
  • Suction tube allows you to spray directly from paint buckets
  • Can hold up to 100 feet of hose
  • Connects with garden hose for easy cleanup
  • Fold-down handle for storing


  • Pump is not replaceable

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Graco Ultra Cordless Handheld Airless Sprayervia merchant

Best Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra Cordless Handheld Airless Sprayer

Designed for small interior and exterior jobs, this battery-powered airless paint sprayer has no cords to deal with. Besides its obvious portability, the sprayer sets up fast—literally in seconds—so it’s perfect for objects too hard to paint with a brush or roller, such as shutters and lattices. The box includes the unit, two DeWalt 20V Lithium Ion batteries, a slim charger, four 32-ounce FlexLiner bags and a soft-sided storage case.


  • Comfortable trigger spray grip
  • Batteries are included
  • Drop-in replaceable pump eliminates costly repairs
  • Cup liners are soft to squeeze out all the air


  • Only holds one-quarter gallon of paint

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Titan Controlmax ‎1900 Pro High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayervia merchant

Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

Titan ControlMax ‎1900 PRO High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

You may not be a pro, but you can paint like one. Designed for professional painters and serious DIYers, this airless paint sprayer has a 0.07 horsepower pump and a maximum operating pressure of 1600 psi (pounds per square inch). It shoots out paint in a soft fan pattern for easy overlaps.

Amazon 5-star reviewer, Beardsaw‘s only complaint is he keeps painting. “I am a general contractor and don’t always do the painting on my remodels. When the job is smaller, I’ll do it to make a little more on the job. I spent several years as a full-time painter when I was younger. I’m familiar with all the fancy sprayers but couldn’t justify spending that kind of money. The problem with this thing is, it works so good, I keep doing the painting.”


  • All-metal gun
  • Encased in high-quality polymer
  • Extendable hose
  • 2-year warranty


  • Hoses and connectors from other brands won’t fit

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What to Consider When Buying Airless Paint Sprayers

When looking for an airless paint sprayer unit, it’s most important that it fits your particular needs. For instance, smaller units can save you money, but may not have the capacity to cover the entire exterior of your house. Too big a sprayer can also be a problem. When in doubt, less is more. Think like Goldilocks: choose an airless paint sprayer that’s “just right.”

So how do you determine which airless paint sprayer is appropriate for your purposes? Try asking yourself the following questions:

  • How frequently do you plan to use it?
  • How much money do you want to spend? (Don’t forget to figure-in maintenance and repair costs!)
  • What types of paints will you be using?
  • Do you want a sprayer that has a replaceable pump?
  • Do you need a paint sprayer with a variety of tips?
  • Would you prefer a static- or swivel-style handpiece?

Lastly, think about how powerful a sprayer you will need. Most models on the market have pressure ratings ranging somewhere between 1500 to 3500 psi.

Types of Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless paint sprayers for residential use fall into several categories:

  • Electric: Electric units plug into a standard socket, but have cords that can possibly get in the way or cause a tripping haazard.
  • Handheld Cordless: Battery-powered/cordless models are more portable, but their run time can be rather limited.
  • Stand- or Cart-Mounted: Stand-mount sprayers can be carried from place to place, and because they’re compact, they can be stored in tight places. Cart-style airless paint sprayers come with wheels, a hose hook and a paint bucket hook.

How We Found the Best Airless Paint Sprayers

As shopping experts, our only job is to help you find a winning product. We start with the research and reporting basics—what products are made of, what they look like and how much they cost—to ensure that we’re only recommending the buys that are worth your time and money. Then, we research the features that speak to the product’s quality, taking advice from industry insiders and subject-matter experts on what makes a product a smart value (or worthy of a splurge). Finally, we do the work of combing through user reviews to see how real people interact with the product, and if it stands up to the test.


Do airless paint sprayers use more paint?

Theoretically, yes. That’s because there’s a tendency for them to send paint in unattended directions—commonly known as overspray. To reduce the chance of wasting paint, be sure to aim the airless paint sprayer properly and use a low-to-moderate pressure setting.

Are airless paint sprayers easy to use?

Most airless paint sprayers are fairly easy to set up and operate. It usually takes the average person about 15 minutes or so to get the hang of them.

What kind of paint is best for airless paint sprayer?

Airless paint sprayers can be used with most water- and oil-based paints (unthinned or thinned with water, mineral spirits or paint thinners), as well as varnishes, lacquers and other standard coatings. What you can’t use with most airless paint sprayers are solvents or thicker, textured emulsions.

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