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The Best Ceramic Car Waxes

Want to give your car great appearance and protection? Ceramic car wax is faster to apply than traditional paste wax and offers better protection.

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What is Ceramic Car Wax?

Ceramic car wax is a family of liquid car protection products designed to provide better shine with the longevity of traditional paste-wax coatings.

They’re usually faster and easier to apply than traditional wax and don’t need re-coating as often, making them perfect for those who want vehicle shine and protection without investing lots of time.

Ceramic car waxes don’t necessarily contain any real wax. They’re chemical polymers designed to bond with car paint, offering a stronger coating than actual wax. Want to give ceramic car wax a try? Here are eight of the best ceramic waxes on the market.

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Ethos Ceramic Wax Pro

This liquid ceramic wax from Ethos saves vehicle owners lots of time by combining three products in one bottle: polish, wax and sealant. The traditional car waxing process involves buying and applying each separately.

Reviewers are also particularly impressed with its striking sheen. “I have been detailing for thirty years and have tried a lot of products,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “This one is on my top list … the finished product is amazing. Better reflection than any other liquid wax out there.”

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Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat

Another three-in-one product, this ceramic car wax spray saves time by providing a waterless wash, waxing and sealant in one convenient step. The waterless wash component removes grease easily, and the spray wax and sealant offer great protection and water beading.

An Amazon reviewer wrote, “Having a black vehicle is a struggle in the midwest with our crazy weather but Shine Armor makes the dirt slide away like butter. The application is so effortless … No swirl marks, no vigorous rubbing like a traditional wax and the result is a mirror like finish.”

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Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating

This ceramic wax product combines silicone dioxide and titanium dioxide to create a super-protective coating that effectively repels dirt and water. It’s so impressive at shedding dirt and grime that many buyers have tried it on other surfaces besides their cars, with great results.

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Turtle Wax Hybrid Polish and Wax

This liquid ceramic wax product combines polish and wax, and is known for great water resistance. It’s also exceptionally good at repairing minor paint damage.

If your vehicle has minor nicks or scratches, this wax will help fill and hide them, according to consumers like this one on Amazon: “The product greatly reduced tiny scratches and spider webbing that were in the paint. It has a very light fruit scent. A little bit goes a long ways, the company says it only takes approximately 2 ounces to do a whole car.”

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Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax

This liquid ceramic wax is best known for the glassy smoothness it gives vehicles. It goes on fast and easy without streaking or discoloring the plastic and rubber parts of your car.

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Chemical Guys HydroSlick Ceramic Coating

This liquid ceramic wax offers exceptional water beading and noticeably improved shine to vehicle paint, even on brand-new cars. It’s fast and easy to apply, and tough enough to resist water, road salt, mud, grease and grime.

One happy Amazon reviewer wrote, “Water beads up faster than wax and rolls off and drys faster than a wax. And it brings out the color in the car and makes it shine. Apply it just like wax. Easy to put on and off.”

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