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Best Dishwashing Gloves For Your Different Needs

We found the best dishwashing gloves on the market to keep your hands dry and protected and your dishes sparkling.

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Best Latex-Free Dishwashing Gloves

These Mr. Clean gloves are made with a proprietary latex-free material called Bliss that is said to resist tears and last longer than cheaper materials. Amazon reviewers rave about the ultra-plush lining and how comfortable they are. And the 12-inch-long cuff will keep your hands dry even while using a deep sink.

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Best Dishwashing Gloves for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

These pure latex rubber gloves are overkill for everyday dishwashing. But if you’ve got some extra-dirty items to wash, and you’ll be using strong cleaners and hot water, these gloves will keep your hands protected. You can also use them when working with varnishes, solvents, paint, oils and strong cleaning products.

And they’re just the right thickness — thick enough to offer a reliable barrier, but thin enough for a tight fit and easy handling. The textured fingers help maneuver fragile or slippery items.

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Best Dishwashing Gloves for Comfort and Grip

These dishwashing gloves have a cotton flock lining that makes them soft and comfortable to wear no matter how many dishes you have to do! The cotton helps absorb moisture inside the glove (goodbye sweaty hands!) and prevents the gloves from shifting around. The textured granules in the palm and fingers help with better grip and control.

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Best Budget Dishwashing Gloves

If you’re looking to spend less on your dishwashing gloves, check out this highly-reviewed set of three for $10! They’re made with non-latex rubber material (great for sensitive skin) and an embossed palm design for non-slip grip. Plus, the cheerful colors are sure to brighten your mood even while you’re washing dishes!

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Best Dishwashing Gloves with Drip Control

These innovative dishwashing gloves have a built-in cotton cuff to catch water. Most kitchen gloves will keep your hands dry, but this pair prevents water from dripping down your arms while you work. You’ll love the two chic glove colors and cuff patterns. They also have a handy loop so you can easily hang them up to dry when the dishes are done.

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Best Scrubbing Dishwashing Gloves

Get dish scrubbers and gloves in one with this pair of silicone dishwashing gloves! The palms and fingers are covered with tiny, durable silicone scrubbers that help you remove stuck-on food without reaching for the sponge or dish brush. And because the scrubbers are on your fingertips, you can reach those awkward places where food sticks, like the bottom of the blender.

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Best Dishwashing Gloves for Kids

When the little ones want to help with jobs around the house, keep their tiny hands protected with these kid size gloves. They’re great for helping with dishes, planting in the garden or even messy crafts like painting.

Kids will love having a miniature size version of Mom or Dad’s gloves. They even have embossed numbers on each finger for fun learning while they work and play. Sized to fit most kids ages three to five.

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Best Extra-Long Dishwashing Gloves

Most dishwashing gloves average about 12 inches long. This extra long pair is a generous 15 inches, so most people stay dry up to their elbows. The rolled edge and tight cuff on the bottom of the glove fits snug on your arm and keep liquid out.

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Most Durable Dishwashing Gloves

These dishwashing gloves are enhanced with nitrile, a material known to be stronger and more durable than its latex and vinyl counterparts. You can scrub and clean to your heart’s content without worrying about cuts or tears. One happy Amazon reviewer said these gloves are stronger than any cleaning gloves they’ve ever bought.

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Best Colorful Dishwashing Gloves

We’ll do anything to make washing the dishes more fun, including wearing colorful dishwashing gloves. This popular set comes in four bright, stylish colors (say goodbye to ugly yellow!). Use them all for the dishes, or designate each color for a separate purpose — red for dishwashing, blue for bathrooms, green for gardening, etc.

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