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9 Best Fencing Companies When Hiring a Pro

When you don't have the time to DIY your own fencing project, here are some top national and regional fencing companies who will do it for you.

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What to Look for in a Professional Fencing Company

Fence installation is a common DIY home improvement project because a fence can be relatively simple to plan and build. However, there’s no shame in hiring out the project, especially if it’s a very long fence. If you hire a pro, they take care of purchasing materials and having them delivered, digging holes in what may be rocky ground and making sure the fence conforms to local setback and design codes and restrictions.

There are many national, regional and local fencing installation companies across the U.S. If you decide to hire pros to install a fence, utilize online customer reviews, and ask friends and family if they have recommendations. It’s a big project, so take your time deciding who to hire. Whenever possible, get more than one bid so you can compare your options. Here’s a list of the most important things to consider when vetting fencing companies:

  • Look for a specialist: General contractors can build fences, but if they don’t specialize, they may not be helpful with fence design, and then that falls on you. If you’re already settled on the fence material and design, a general contractor may be able to offer a fair price for installation, but a contractor who does only fencing will likely have better access to wholesale materials and be able to offer a better price.
  • Check credentials: Any contractor you hire for a home improvement project should be licensed and insured. Otherwise, you aren’t covered for problems that crop up, such as defects in workmanship, onsite accidents and substandard materials. Some states, such as California, require extra accreditation for fencing contractors, and many fencing specialists hold Certified Fence Contractor (CFC) accreditation from the Accreditation & Certification Institute (a national organization). CFC accreditation is largely voluntary and is an indication that the contractor who holds it is serious about quality.
  • Compare quotes: Some contractors charge by the linear foot and others by the hour, but most will quote a fixed price based on the length of the fence as well as the design and materials. These quotes are likely to vary from contractor to contractor, so be sure to get more than one bid for comparison. Get signed copies of estimates so when you choose one, you have documentation of the agreed upon cost if there are overcharges when problems arise. Don’t forget to ask about warranties and warranty periods, because they can also differ greatly.
  • Get references: Any reputable fencing contractor will happily give you local references. Follow up as many as you can. That’s the best way to find out whether the contractor works in a timely way and delivers as promised. You can also make inquiries about contractors on media apps like NextDoor and Facebook groups, where you’re likely to find people more responsive, given that people these days seldom answer their phone if they don’t recognize the number. It’s also worth a look at fences the contractor has built to get an idea of the quality you can expect.
  • Check the company history: A fencing contractor with a good track record over several years is a better bet than one who is just starting out. You might have to pay a little more for experience and a good reputation, but it’s almost always worth it.

If your search for a fencing company hits a snag, here is a list of some of the top ones that operate regionally or nationally. It isn’t exhaustive because it doesn’t include companies and contractors that operate only in your area, but it’s a good start.

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Lowes Fence Installationvia


A national chain with more than 1,700 outlets across the country, Lowe’s offers online design tools and region-specific transparent pricing guides. Labor and material costs vary considerably across the country. The company sells and installs vinyl, composite metal and wood fences as well as electric and temporary fences.

Lowe’s uses local contractors, and because they vet the contractors, you don’t have to worry about checking credentials. Plus, Lowe’s offers a one-year labor warranty.

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Homedepot Fence Installationvia

The Home Depot

The Home Depot is another national chain that offers fence installation services. It has 2,300 outlets across the country, but not all offer the same services. In any given area there is likely to be at least one location offering fence installation.

The Home Depot employs only licensed and insured contractors and conducts background checks to ensure safety and quality. It sells and installs chain link, wood, vinyl, composite and iron fencing. You request a consultation online after providing your zip code.

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Superior Fence And Rail Fencevia

Superior Fence & Rail

Operating mostly in Florida and the eastern states, Superior Fence & Rail also has a few outlets scattered across the South and Midwest, and one in western Idaho, serving a grand total of 17 states.

This company boasts a high customer approval rating and offers a three-year labor warranty (material warranties vary by manufacturer). Licensing and insurance information is available online as well as consultation and estimate scheduling. Superior builds wood, metal, composite, vinyl and chain link fences and specializes in specialty fences for pools and pet control.

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Another company with a nationwide presence, ActiveYards specializes in vinyl and aluminum fencing. It offers kits for DIY installation, or you can arrange for professional installation by one of the company’s licensed contractors.

The contractors operate independently, so styles and availability, as well as scheduling and financing may vary. The company does offer customer support by phone or email. It also offers a lifetime warranty on its products. There is flexibility in delivery options, so you can opt to have materials shipped to your home or to the contractor, whichever is more convenient.

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Horse Farm Gate Seegarfencevia

Seegars Fence Company

If you live in North or South Carolina, Seegars Fence Company is considered one of the best. It’s a member of the American Fence Association and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Seegars offers most fencing materials, as well as online design and estimating tools, and it offers the option to custom build fences from any of the materials it sells. It was named the Wayne County, NC, Industry of the Year in 2021.

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The American Fence Company Fencevia

American Fence Company

Primarily serving residential and commercial clients in the Midwest, American Fence Company has outlets in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and Kansas (where it operates as AmeriFence Corporation). The company’s fences can also be found scattered throughout the rest of the country.

The company sells and installs wood, vinyl, aluminum and chain link fences. It also designs and builds sports fencing, automated gates and temporary fencing.

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Mullholland Brand Fencesvia

Mulholland Brand

Servicing the greater Los Angeles area for 25 years, and recently adding San Diego, Mulholland Brand knows and understands the hilly terrain in which it operates. According to Mulholland, they can erect fences in places other companies can’t.

The company sells and installs fences made from most common materials, but it specializes in high-tech designs made from aluminum, stainless steel and glass that complement the urban settings in heavily populated SoCal. It offers materials comparison, cost estimates and design help on its website.

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Konica Minolta Digital Cameravia

Pacific Fence & Wire

Based in Clackamas, Oregon, Pacific Fence & Wire is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1921. They recently celebrated their 100th anniversary. It primarily services the Portland area but is available for projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The company installs wood, chain link andĀ metalĀ fences on residential properties, sports facilities, farms and ranches. It also does fence repair and makes and installs gates for existing fences.

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arrow fencingvia

Arrow Fence

Another family-owned business, Massachusetts-based Arrow Fence has been serving the greater Boston area and outlying regions since 1969. Besides installing its own products, the company provides support to independent contractors and DIY installers through its web portal.

The company offers installation and repair of most types of fences, including wood (particularly cedar), vinyl privacy, PVC and chain link. Limited design services are available online, and most projects are initiated by calling the company and scheduling an onsite consultation and estimate.

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