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The 7 Best Fire Pit Ring Inserts

Everyone loves a backyard bonfire! A fire pit ring insert keeps those home fires burning brightly, and in the right place, for years to come.

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Natalia 10'' H X 45'' W Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Ring Ecomm Wayfair.comVIA MERCHANT

The cozy warmth of a crackling fire is enough to make anyone want to build a fire pit in their yard. And doing so is easier than you’d think—just identify the best spot and pick a fire pit ring insert. These easy-to-use inserts (also called liners) feature inner layers of steel to ensure a safe burn inside a stone or brick fire pit. Differing from a fire pit ring, these fireproof frameworks sit just below the ground in a shallow hole.

What to Look for When Buying a Fire Pit Ring Insert

Choose a strong, heat-resistant metal insert as your top priority. This creates a heat and flame barrier that protects masonry walls from exposure to high temperatures and direct contact with the fire. Inserts are more than just outdoor fireplace accessories—they’re stylish fire pit safety devices. Without one, the fire and heat can slowly weaken the mortar and adhesives that hold the fire pit blocks together. If you want your fire pit to last a long time, installing a durable fire pit ring insert is the way to go.

Inserts come in various sizes, shapes and qualities. Look for 10- to 20-gauge metal thickness, an average depth of around 10-inches or greater and metals like carbon or stainless steel. Some people use iron, which also stands up well to the heat and potential damage caused by hours of burn time.

Evaluation Criteria

We looked at how each fire pit ring insert was constructed, including the metals used and overall dimensions. Then we considered value and price, as well as ratings from real customers. Ultimately, our favorite picks combine ease of use and installation with premium materials at affordable prices.

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Natalia 10'' H X 45'' W Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Ring Ecomm Wayfair.comvia merchant

Best Fire Pit Ring Insert Overall

Arlmont & Co. Natalia Steel Wood Burning Fire Insert

If the “great outdoors” describes your backyard, this Arlmont & Co. Natalia steel wood burning fire ring insert is a brilliant choice. Measuring a generous 45 inches (outer) and 39 inches (inner) in diameter, this insert ring is larger than what you’ll typically find in stores. Go ahead and invite the whole gang over to your next marshmallow or hot dog roast with confidence.

The heavy-duty construction and 10-inch depth make it a hit with reviewers who call it, “Easy to put together and beautiful.”


  • Extra-large 45-inch exterior diameter
  • 10-inch depth
  • Durable steel


  • May be too large for smaller backyards or more compact fire pits

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Hilton Fire Pit Rim Ecomm Wayfair.comvia merchant

Best Value Fire Pit Ring Insert

Arlmont & Co. Hilton Fire Pit Rim

The versatile Arlmont & Co. outdoor fire pit ring/liner is a budget-friendly pick that offers exceptional value thanks to premium steel at a bargain price. Build a permanent stone, brick or block ring around it or set it into the ground encircled by a bed of gravel. It works just as well dug into the ground as it does on a pretty slate patio. And because it doesn’t have a bottom, it makes an excellent portable campfire ring, too.


  • Budget-friendly price for premium materials
  • Bottomless design makes it easy to transport
  • Works for a dug pit or with a raised stone format
  • Medium 33-inch exterior diameter and 10-inch depth
  • Durable steel construction


  • Bottomless design requires additional buildout for patios and stone groundwork

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Blue Sky Outdoor Living Porcelain Coated Square Fire Rings Ecomm Lowes.comvia merchant

Best Splurge Fire Pit Ring Insert

Blue Sky Ceramic Coated Fire Pit Insert

In a world where most fire pits are round, dare to go against the grain with the luxurious Blue Sky ceramic coated fire pit insert. While it may look simple, the extra-durable ceramic coating adds a layer of heat protection that outperforms metals alone. Think of this long-term buy like the Le Creuset of fire pit inserts—it’s built to last so long that you may even pass it on to future generations. Plus, it’s not much more expensive than typical steel-only models.


  • Three times the weight of typical fire pit inserts, meaning it’s extremely sturdy
  • Double gauge construction
  • Ceramic coating adds durability and longevity
  • Only a little bit more expensive than typical fire pit inserts


  • Very heavy to move; keep it in one spot for a long period of time

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Sunnydaze Fire Pit Ring Insert Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Fire Pit Ring Insert on Amazon

Sunnydaze Fire Pit Ring

Made of thick, unpainted carbon steel, the SunnyDaze fire pit ring is almost twice as deep as most other inserts on the market. The practical 36-inch exterior is just right for typical backyard fire pits, leaving a 30-inch interior diameter big enough to burn even robust, hand-split logs. The steel framing lets you enjoy a raging fire without potentially dangerous tall flames reaching too high into the air.

“We purchased the ring to go inside a cottage block ring that is three stones high,” writes verified Amazon purchaser Mayra Olivas-Arreola. “It worked great. The lip on the outside helps stabilize the ring and keeps it sturdy on the rest of the construction. The width of the hole is perfect for a backyard fire pit and we get six lawn chairs around the ring comfortably.”


  • Over 900 Amazon ratings with a nearly-perfect, 4.5-star average
  • Added safety lip
  • 36-inch exterior and 30-inch interior diameters
  • Open bottom
  • Portable


  • Requires some assembly

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Sunnydaze Decor 36 In W Black Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Ecomm Lowes.comvia merchant

Best Fire Pit Ring Insert with Grill

Sunnydaze Fire Pit Insert Grill Kit

Besides meeting U.S. Park Service campfire safety standards, two things make this Sunnydaze fire pit insert grill kit such a standout. 1) It’s made from premium quality, heavy-duty steel, and 2) the cooking grate rotates. Swivel it over the fire to roast hot dogs or steaks, then swing it away from the flames when it’s time to eat. It turns your fire pit into an instant outdoor barbecue grill.

This handsome fire pit set includes a round, four-piece ring with all the assembly hardware, plus a detachable swiveling cooking grate. The grate even comes with its own handle. Two anchors for securing the ring to the ground are also part of the all-in-one set, as well as a 16-inch poker stick for fire adjustments.


  • Comes complete with a swiveling cooking grate and poker
  • Affordable price point
  • Thick steel construction
  • Deeper 12-inch height


  • Because it’s a more complex fire ring insert, it may require a helper to assemble

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Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Bundle Ecomm Breeo.covia merchant

Best Smokeless Fire Pit Ring Insert

If you have the space and budget, give your backyard an upgrade with the Breeo X30 smokeless fire pit insert bundle. It’s a smokeless fire pit insert that takes just a few minutes to set up and enjoy. Featuring a trademarked SearPlate rim, the bundle lets you construct and enjoy a fire pit that won’t get smoke in your eyes. Or hair. Or clothes.

How? The patent-pending X-airflow system and double-wall convection produces more flame and less smoke, so you can save your tears for precious family moments. Add the insert to an existing fire pit; or, if they don’t have your size, place a custom order. And don’t forget to check out the brand’s accessories for cooking.


  • Drastic reduction in smoke thanks to a special rim and double-wall convection
  • Easy to set up
  • Custom measurements are available, and it can work with existing fire pit setups
  • Two metal finish options


  • The priciest fire ring insert on our list, but reviewers say it’s “worth every cent”

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Sunnydaze Decor Octagon Fire Ring Insert For Patio Ecomm Lowes.comvia merchant

Best Octagon Fire Pit Ring Insert

Sunnydaze Octagon Fire Pit Ring Insert

Adding a Sunnydaze octagonal fire pit ring to your yard instantly creates dimension and visual appeal. Thanks to its unusual shape, backyard revelers have more fire pit seating ideas than ever before. Surround it with just few Adirondack chairs or a collection of up to eight slim-profile seats. The 30-inch interior diameter offers just the right amount of space to burn typical logs and split wood without overwhelming your yard. And the 10-inch depth promises a safe burn.

Once you’ve completed the DIY fire pit surrounding, just drop in the insert. No special tools required.


  • Striking octagonal shape works as both a statement piece and a seating solution
  • Made of 2.2 millimeter steel
  • 30-inch interior diameter and 10-inch depth
  • Added safety lip


  • Can be cumbersome to fit into a precisely-dug hole, making it a better choice for stone-built surroundings and patios

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Do you need a fire pit ring insert?

If you have one of the best outdoor gas fire pits or rely on an outdoor fireplace, you don’t need a fire pit ring insert. However, if you already have or plan to build a fire pit in your yard or patio area, a fire pit insert is a great backyard fire pit idea. Inserts can help keep flames and sparks inside. They also prevent stonework from suffering the effects of prolonged heat exposure.

What do you put at the bottom of a fire pit ring insert?

Some fire pit ring inserts are bottomless, while others have metal bottoms. Line your bottomless insert with layers of brick or patio stone. You can also layer wood against the bare ground to burn inside an insert, but the landscaping below could take several seasons to recover from the charring and heat.

What size fire pit ring do I need?

That depends on how large your fire pit is and how many people you plan to seat around it. Average fire pit inserts have 30-inch interior diameters and average exterior diameters ranging from 34 to 40 inches. This size comfortably allows four to six chairs around your fire pit, but you can always opt for larger if you host small crowds (and have the space).

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