The Best Gas Fireplace Inserts of 2023

Gas fireplace inserts deliver warmth with ease of operation. Read on to learn which of these standouts may be the ideal solution for you.

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Why Get a Gas Fireplace Insert?

Gas fireplaces inserts have a number of advantages over traditional wood-burning fireplaces, none bigger than convenience. Gas fireplace advantages include:

  • No wood cutting/buying, stacking or storage;
  • Turns off instantly;
  • Easier to keep clean;
  • Relatively easy to retrofit.

Fireplace inserts slip into a preexisting fireplace or properly-framed wall opening. Generally speaking, any insert designed for an in-wall installation can go into an existing fireplace. Be sure to check code requirements for gas fireplaces where you live. Many states and municipalities have specific regulations for venting and clearance that will impact your selection. Like you would any other fireplace, it’s important to service and maintain gas fireplaces to keep them safe and working properly.

A great choice for homeowners who want minimal fuss, modern gas inserts come with multiple easy-to-use features such as remote controls, quick ignition and thermostats. There’s a gas fireplace insert that’s perfect for almost every situation.

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Best Gas Fireplace Insert for Small Spaces

If you have 1,000 sq. feet or less to heat, a customizable solution such as the Tofino i20S ($2,800) is a great alternative to a full-size insert that may put out more heat than you can handle.

This model features a split-channel gas valve, so you can have visible flame without scorching heat. With output ranging from 6,000 to 20,000 British Thermal Units (BTU), the Tofino will let you enjoy your fireplace without feeling like you’re trapped in a sauna.

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Best Large Gas Fireplace Insert

Suitable for in-wall installation, the Empire Comfort Systems Tahoe Clean Face Direct Vent with Blower ($2,000) has clean, modern lines and a broad opening to put out as much heat as possible.

Without the fine temperature controls of units such as the Tofino, the Tahoe comes in at a lower overall price than many smaller units. At 37 inches wide, this model ships with seven ceramic logs, a burner, barrier screen and blower. And it’s remote ready, so you can add-on a remote to sit back, relax and watch that big, beautiful flame.

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Best Value Gas Fireplace Insert

Pro-Com is well known for its budget gas fireplace inserts, but even they’ve outdone themselves with this 36-in. wall insert ($300). While the exact size you need depends on your home’s existing features, the 36-in. model is actually less expensive than smaller models, in part because you can opt out of add-ons like a brick liner or high-quality logs. If what you want is a simple, no-frills gas insert, this is a phenomenal value!

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Best Gas Fireplace Insert With Realistic-Looking Logs

All gas fireplaces generate real flames, but only a few standouts, like the Deluxe series from Fireplace Xtraordinair, look and feel like a traditional wood fire. The award-winning Ember-Fyre logs and realistic Ember-glow embers convincingly replicate the flickering, glowing light of a traditional fireplace.

As a bonus, the manufacturer is committed to the environment. Their GreenSmart remote thermostat allows you to micromanage the flame, blower and even the pilot light, so you don’t put undue strain on the planet or your utility bills.

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Best Dual-Fuel Gas Fireplace Insert

If you want the flexibility to use natural gas or propane to power your fireplace, this unit from ProCom ($602) is a great choice. Most dual-fuel inserts use a selector valve and require adjustments depending on the fuel source. ProCom’s patented NextGen valve is simple to use, and the same no matter what type of gas you use.

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Best High-Tech Gas Fireplace Insert

If your tastes run to high-tech, then you’ll want to check out the Capella Proflame II. It comes with twin burners for precision control, switch operation, thermostat and out-of-the-box WiFi compatibility. Want to turn the fire on, off or adjust its height? Just ask Alexa or Siri!

Like many high-end gas fireplace inserts, you’ll probably need to visit a showroom to see the Capella Proflame. While prices vary from region to region, expect to pay $2,500 to $3,500, depending on what features you select.

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