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The Best Gas Leaf Blowers

The best gas leaf blowers have the power to clear your yard of leaves, sticks and debris.

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9 Best Gas Leaf Blowers Ft Ecomm Via HomedepotVia Merchant

Buying a Gas Leaf Blower

Gas leaf blowers are a good fit for DIY homeowners with large yards who value long-lasting power over lighter weight and noise reduction. Though electric leaf blowers have become more popular, gas blowers offer a proven track record and remain the tool of choice for landscaping professionals.

Note, California has banned the sale of gas-powered lawn equipment as soon as 2024, and several states and localities are expected to follow suit. California also offer a rebate program to help with the purchase of zero-emission equipment. Be sure to check your local laws and regulations regarding this type of equipment before purchasing.

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a gas-powered leaf blower:

  • Style: There are three basic styles of gas-powered leaf blowers: handheld, backpack and walk-behind. Handheld models are the most common choice for urban and small suburban lawns, while backpack models are better for lots of an acre or more. Walk-behinds are something of a specialist machine, best for large, flat yards with lots of leaves. Many walk-behind blowers are commercial models; we only have one walk-behind model on our list.
  • Weight: Backpacks are a good choice for consumers with grip-strength issues. Although backpack blowers generally weigh around 23 pounds versus a typical handheld’s 10 pounds, that weight is better distributed across the body via the backpack’s shoulder harness. Walk-behind models require the least effort. Note that blower weights shown are with an empty fuel tank.
  • Engine: Gas-powered leaf blowers come with two-stroke or four-stroke engines. Two-stroke motors require a gasoline/oil mixture, while four-stroke motors run only on gas. Two-stroke motors are lighter and DIY-friendly for repairs, while four-stroke motors run quieter and more efficiently with fewer emissions.
  • Mulch capability: Any fan or blower must also have an intake. Some leaf blowers can work in reverse, sucking leaves through the hose and into the fan/shredder. Mulchers are described by a “reduction ratio” that shows how finely the leaves are shredded. A ratio of 10:1 means that 10 gallons of leaves are shredded into one gallon of mulch.
  • CFM vs. mph: Leaf blowers are rated by the volume of air they move and the speed that air travels. Air volume is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and air speed in miles per hour (mph). The higher numbers in these categories, the better, but which matters more depends on the type of debris. A higher CFM will move large amounts of light, dry debris like grass clippings, while wet leaves or heavier trash require more force and thus a higher mph..
  • Vibration reduction: Vibrations from the blower motor and fan may fatigue many users, especially those with arthritis. If you’re concerned with vibration, look for an engine with spring mounts and vibration-dampening in the handle or backpack.
  • Right or left intake: The air intake can be on either side. Most users find it more comfortable for the intake to be outside of their body. (This isn’t a concern for backpack models; their intake is on the back.)
  • Noise: All leaf blowers are noisy. Gas-powered models are noisier, with two-cycle engines the loudest. Operating noise is rated in decibels (dB). Some manufacturers use weighted decibels dBA, adjusted for the range of human hearing; for our purposes we’ll use dB and dBA interchangeably. It’s always a good idea to wear hearing protection when operating a leaf blower, no matter how “quiet” it claims to be.
  • Maintenance: Gas-powered tools require regular maintenance. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for changing the air filter and spark plug. For a two-cycle engine, be sure to use the proper gas/oil blend of fuel mixture.
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Echo 170 Mph 2 Stroke Cycle Handheld Leaf Blower Ecomm Via HomedepotVia Merchant

Best Lightweight Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

Looking for a handheld leaf blower that won’t weigh you down but still has the power of a gas engine? Then check out the Echo PB-2520 Gas-Powered Leaf Blower.

This blower weighs only 8.6 pounds, but is still powerful enough to deliver 453 CFM and 170 mph. The PB-2520 is also a good choice for users with grip or wrist issues. The blower tube features a slight S-curve to reduce wrist strain, and its integrated shoulder harness clips allow for additional support. It ships with a five-year warranty.

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Makita Bhx 4 Stroke Blower Ecomm Via HomedepotVia Merchant

Best Low-Noise Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

Four-stroke engines add complication to a leaf blower, but they’re significantly quieter. The Makita BHX2500CA Gas-Powered Leaf Blower comes with a quality muffler that reduces the noise rating to 67 dB, roughly equivalent to a noisy dishwasher.

Surprisingly, it’s also relatively light, weighing in at 9.8 pounds. It delivers a respectable 145 mph air speed and an air volume of 356 CFM. It comes with a one-year warranty.

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Troy Bilt 2 Cycle Gas Leaf Blower Ecomm Via HomedepotVia Merchant

Best Budget Handheld Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

The Troy-Bilt TB400 Gas-Powered Leaf Blower offers a two-cycle engine that delivers air speeds up to 180 mph and 400 CFM, all for $100. At that price it’s not loaded with bells and whistles, but it does move debris well. The TB400 weighs 9.7 pounds and generates 73 dB of operating noise. It has a two-year limited warranty.

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Lowes Badger Badger 2 Cycle Back Pack Leaf Blower Ecomm Via LowesVia Merchant

Best Budget Backpack Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

The Badger WBBPBL43 Gas-Powered Leaf Blower is a terrific budget pick for a number of reasons. Priced at $169, it’s clearly a great deal for a backpack leaf blower. In addition, at 17.4 pounds, it may be the lightest gas-powered backpack blower on the market.

With an airflow of 550 CFM and an airspeed of 190 MPH, the two-stroke engine offers plenty of power. It also comes with an impressive six-year homeowner warranty. For all of those great features, it has one serious drawback: noise. At 90 dB, hearing protection is a must.

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Ryobi Reconditioned 160 Mph Gas Jet Fan Blower Ecomm Via HomedepotVia Merchant

Best Overall Value Handheld Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

The Ryobi RY25AXB Gas-Powered Leaf Blower is a sleek handheld leaf blower that looks like it comes straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Delivering 520 CFM airflow and 160 mph air speed, it has the power to clear your yard of debris quickly. It weighs in at 11.5 pounds with a 74 dB noise rating. Vibration-reducing molded grips help reduce fatigue. It’s backed by a three-year warranty.

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Ryobi 175 Mph Backpack Leaf Blower Ecomm Via HomedepotVia Merchant

Best Overall Value Backpack Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, the Ryobi RY38BP Gas-Powered Leaf Blower deserves to be on your short list. This two-cycle gas-powered blower balances power, price and dependability. It weighs 20.2 pounds with a noise rating of 75.5 dB.

Work in comfort with the padded shoulder harness while the 175 mph air speed and 760 CFM air volume moves leaves, grass clippings or other debris. It comes with a three-year warranty.

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Troy Bilt 2 42 Cycle Gas Leaf Blower Ecomm Via HomedepotVia Merchant

Best Overall Value Combo Gas-Powered Leaf Blower/Mulcher

The Troy-Bilt TB27VH Gas-Powered Leaf Blower is a two-cycle handheld leaf blower/vac that provides 450 CFM and 205 mph. The vacuum kit includes a 1.5 bushel collection bag.

The vibration-reducing handle and body help lessen fatigue whether you’re blowing or shredding leaves. Weighing 10 pounds, it’s noise-rated at 77 dB with a mulch ratio of 16:1. It has a two-year limited warranty.

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Champion Power Equipment 160 Mphh Gas Leaf Blower Ecomm Via HomedepotVia Merchant

Best Overall Value Walk-Behind Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

The Champion Power Equipment 200947Gas-Powered Leaf Blower is an entry-level walk-behind leaf blower that moves masses of leaves across large lawns. While the 160 mph airspeed is respectable, the air volume really shines, delivering an amazing 1,300 CFM.

The 12-inch wheels make maneuvering easy, even over a bumpy lawn. The three-way adjustable wind vane allows you to adjust the blower to front or back, and from 15 degrees up to 15 degrees down.

The 200947 has a four-stroke engine and a 77 dB noise rating. It comes with a two-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support.

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Echo Backpack Blower Tube Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Most Powerful Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

The Echo PB-9010T Gas-Powered Leaf Blower is a shockingly powerful leaf blower. This model has an airspeed of 220 mph and an airflow of 1,110 CFM. While the Champion Power Equipment has a higher air flow, the higher airspeed of the Echo PB-9010T made it our pick for most powerful consumer leaf blower.

Of course, all that power come with one drawback: 80 dB worth of noise. The Echo PB-9010Tweighs 27 pounds and comes with a five-year consumer warranty.

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