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Best Grill Lights to Brighten Your Outdoor Cooking

Want to do some nighttime grilling, but not sure you'll be able to tell when those steaks are done to perfection? Check out these 7 great grill lights.

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Buying Grill Lights

If you’re a serious griller, you’ve experienced that feeling of wishing it stayed light longer so you could keep grilling for friends and family. That’s where grill lights can help.

Designed to illuminate your grill after dark, a good grill light allows comfortable, safe outdoor cooking to continue long after sunset. Grill lights vary in style and features. Which one you choose depends on the size and style of your grill, how much grilling you’ll be doing and how much light you need on the cooking surface. Here are seven of the best grill lights and the features that make these grilling tools stand out.

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Best Grill Handle Mounted Light: Char-Broil LED Light

Small grill lamps designed to fit over the round handle of a grill’s lid are common, but lack of adjustability makes many of them work for only a handful of grill models. Not so with this unit from Char-Broil. Designed with a sturdy yet flexible silicone mounting band, the light can be easily installed on nearly any grill handle, regardless of size.

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Most Versatile: LED Concepts BBQ Grill Light

Grill shapes and designs vary greatly, and that’s why this super-long, flexible light from LED Concepts is a top choice. The powerful LED bulb comes mounted on the end of a 22-inch flexible neck, allowing illumination in any direction. The unit can be mounted magnetically or with the sturdy screw clamp built into its base.

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Best Expanding: Cuisinart Grilluminate

If you need a light to illuminate small, one-burner grilling sessions and full-blown three-burner feasts, this unit from Cuisinart has you covered. Housing nine powerful LED bulbs in three separate-but-connected sections, this light can stay small or expand, providing focused and broad lighting of your grill.

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Best Solar: Instapark Solar Light

Most grill lights are powered by batteries, but not this one from Instapark. Mounted on an 80-in. portable pedestal, six hours in direct sunlight will charge this unit’s solar-fed battery with more than enough juice for even the longest grilling sessions.

The light can illuminate more than your grill. It can easily be moved over to your outdoor dining table so everyone can see what you’ve grilled up just for them!

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Best Lifespan: RVZHI Barbecue Grill Light

If you want a grill light with long-lasting bulbs, this unit from RVZHI might just be the thing. With LED bulbs rated to last 50,000 hours, this unit could give you almost six years of continuous, 24-hours-a-day grilling time without failing.

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Best Multipurpose: Sharper Image BBQ Grill Light and Fan

When you’re grilling after dark and it’s hot and smoky, you’ll be glad you have this light/fan combo. It illuminates your grill with 12 powerful LED bulbs, and keeps smoke away from your face with two fans mounted on either side of the light. The fans and light have separate on/off switches, and the mounting clip is adjustable. Reviewers recommend mounting the unit away from direct heat to protect the plastic housing.

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Best Rotating: Light Accents Barbecue Grill Light

Many grill lights can swivel to illuminate different spots, but not many rotate and swivel. This grill light from Light Accents is among the few that can. Featuring 10 closely spaced LED bulbs mounted in a cylindrical case, this light can swivel 180 degrees and rotate a full 360, allowing extremely fine adjustments of the lighted area.

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