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12 Best Indoor Fireplace Tools and Accessories

The right fireplace accessories and tools will help you build and maintain a safe and beautiful roaring fire all winter long!

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Best Carrier to Haul Logs

Trying to carry armloads of logs inside your home is back breaking and time-consuming. The Amagabeli Firewood Canvas Tote Bag log carrier measures 39 inches long and 18 inches wide, large enough to handle loads of firewood and kindling.

The central strap keeps the wood held tight for easy transportation from stack to inside. It’s constructed from premium waxed canvas, making it waterproof and so durable it can be used for years without a tear. Plus, check out this project for storing firewood.

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Best Tool Set and Holder

Trying to work a fire without the right tools is not only difficult but dangerous. This Heavy Duty Fireplace Tool Set is made of premium iron and coated with high-temperature resistance iron powder to withstand the heat of your fire.

It comes with tongs to help place kindling safely, a brush to sweep ash and debris, a poker to shift logs, a shovel for removing debris and a sturdy stand to safely hold hot tools.

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Best Fireback to Increase Heat

Wood fires tend to have lower efficiency than wood stove or electric fireplaces. Adding a fireback will radiate the heat into the room. We like the Minuteman International Forest Fox Cast Iron Fireback. It’s made of thick cast iron that traps the heat that would otherwise escape and reflects it back into the room.

This fireback is intended to rest right on the floor at the back of the hearth. It can be used with gas logs and in wood-burning fireplaces.

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Best Fireplace Vacuum to Remove Ash

Ridding the fireplace of ash can be messy. It isn’t as easy as reaching for the household vacuum cleaner, which creates a fire risk and sends ash back into the air.

Plow & Hearth’s Heavy-Duty Warm Ash Vacuum features a heat-resistant metal canister that handles warm and cool ash, so you don’t have to freeze while you wait for the ash to cool completely. The extra-long, metal-lined hose and rolling design makes ash removal easier and safer.

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Best Log Rack for Inside

Firewood stored outside exposed to snow and rain takes longer to dry out, and you can’t burn damp wood successfully. The Patio Watcher Firewood Rack is large enough to hold enough wood for several fires. It keeps logs good and dry, with air circulating all around.

The rack is constructed of heavy-duty steel for durability and long life. It gives your home that cozy, log cabin feel.

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Best Fireplace Screen

Hot debris, flying embers and ash that isn’t properly blocked could end up on your floor, damaging wood and carpet or causing a fire.

The Amagabeli Fireplace Screen with Doors is constructed from hand-forged wrought iron and finished with a powder coat finish to resist rust and chipping. The heavy-gauge mesh will keep hot debris safely inside the firebox. The two easy access doors make tending to your fire simple and safe.

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Best Bucket to Store and Transport Ash

Ash buildup reduces the air flow that helps keep a fire going, but breaking out the ash vacuum after every fire is tedious. The Panacea Ash Bucket with Shovel is made from powder-coated heavy-duty steel, and is large enough to hold ash from several past fires.

It comes with a shovel and lid, so you can keep it right by the hearth. In addition, it has a comfortable wood handle for when you carry the bucket outside to safely dispose of the ashes.

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Best Gloves to Work a Fire

A poker or tongs are useless for a stubborn burning log that needs to be moved, but you can’t use your bare hands, of course. Long Arm Fireplace Gloves are made with a fully insulated glove-in-glove design.

The interior is lined with a non-asbestos felt and welted seams to protect fingertips. The cowhide exterior stands up to the heat, resisting burns. These hearth gloves measure 20 inches long so you can reach into your fireplace without the risk of burning your arm.

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Best Hearth Rug

The wrong type of rug in front of a fireplace can be a fire risk if hot debris lands on it. Plow & Hearth’s Flame-Resistant Half-Round Rug is made of industrial-strength, tightly woven acrylic sheet to protect fine floors without melting, smoldering or leaving ugly cinder scars.

The smooth surface lies flat while the non-skid vinyl backing keeps the rug in place on hardwood, area rugs or carpeting. Another bonus — it’s super easy to clean.

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Best Fireplace Door

Fireplace doors are a good idea for safety and heating efficiency, but often obstruct the view of a beautiful fire. The Northline Express Hi Temp Fireview Fireplace Door features 3/16-in. tempered clear glass and no vertical trim for a full, unobstructed view of the fire.

An adjustable hidden damper control allows you to regulate airflow. Northline Express custom-builds these doors exactly to your fireplace measurements.

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Best Two-in-One Firewood Bin With Carrier

The inability to store wood properly inside likely means more trips to the woodpile in the middle of a snowstorm. Panacea’s Mission Log Bin makes it easier to haul in bundles of wood without re-stacking it inside.

The carrier is made of durable material that easily turns into a sling to hold the wood. The rack is made of durable square steel tubing for longevity.

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Best Hearth Accessory

Looking for decorations to put on or around the hearth can be a challenge because many items are fire hazards. This Brass Lucky Cricket, however, is not only made of solid brass and designed specifically for the hearth, it’s also a symbol of good luck. It is believed that finding a cricket on the hearth means protection for home and family.

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