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6 Best Interactive Cat Toys

Could your cat use more mental and physical exercise? These interactive cat toys get them running, jumping and hunting.

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7 Best Interactive Cat Toysfamily handyman, via

Interactive Cat Toys

When left to themselves, cats will spend the whole day sleeping. No cardboard box or patch of sunlight is safe from a midday catnap. But that’s not necessarily good for them — at least, not all the time.

Cats, like people, get bored when they’re cooped up, and a lack of physical activity can cause health issues down the line. Interactive cat toys break up the monotony of indoor life. They engage cats mentally and physically, ultimately leading to a healthier, happier pet.

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Ambush Feather Interactive Cat Toyvia

Ambush Feather Interactive Cat Toy

This interactive cat toy is basically Whac-A-Mole for cats. Feathers poke out on random sides, enticing your cat to give chase. The ambush toy has four feather attachments in varying colors and patterns so you can change things up as your cat loses interest.

An automatic feature engages your cat for 10 minutes every four hours. A track ball keeps the fun going if the battery dies.

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Hide And Seek Cat Toyvia

Hide and Seek Cat Toy

Cats are natural-born hunters. That’s why they’re often recommended to get rid of mice. This hide and seek cat toy lets them search for “prey” as it darts around beneath a mat.

The wand uses four different speed settings to make erratic motions that keep cats guessing. It’s designed to get felines running, jumping and digging — three things many indoor cats don’t do enough.

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Best 2 In 1 Interactive Cat Toyvia

Best Two-In-One Interactive Cat Toy

If a moth sneaks inside, my cat doesn’t rest until it’s vanquished. If your cat is the same, this butterfly cat toy will be their new favorite thing.

It doesn’t take batteries. Instead, the butterfly attaches to a bouncy wire. This lets cats play whenever they want without your help pressing the “on” button. The three-tier ball track is also a hit. It comes with two butterflies for when one is inevitably destroyed.

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Budget Cat Feeder Toyvia

Budget Cat Feeder Toy

Although none of toys on this list are exactly expensive, this feeder ball is the most budget friendly. You get a sturdy interactive cat toy and hours of fun for less than $10. Its simplicity makes this toy so good. Just fill it with your cat’s favorite dry food and watch them chase it around in pursuit of a snack.

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Best Interactive Cat Toy For Exercisevia

Best Interactive Cat Toy for Exercise

Many indoor cats get less exercise than they need. This cat toy on wheels helps them stay active. It has a traditional feather teaser toy, but instead of a stick, it’s attached to automatic wheels. It lights up, rolls around and spins. Cats can’t resist! In standby mode, it will turn on for 10 minutes and sleep for 90 minutes.

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Hunting Puzzle Cat Toyvia

Hunting Puzzle Cat Toy

This interactive cat toy is more for mental stimulation than physical activity. Besides being an engaging puzzle toy, it’s also an excellent slow feeder for cats who eat too quickly. It holds up to a quarter cup of dry food.

Faux lady bugs and leaves slide and swivel to reveal hidden treats or daily meals. Cats use their foraging instincts to discover the food.

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