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8 Best Jewelry Cleaners

Proper storage and care will keep your jewelry looking like new. Try these cleaners for sparkling results.

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Best Silver Cleaner

Even with proper storage, silver will eventually tarnish. But don’t just drop your antique silver into water and baking soda. A designated silver cleaner works better and is less likely to damage your heirlooms.

Fortunately, silver cleaner is inexpensive and easy to find. This Connoisseurs silver jewelry cleaner is available online and can be picked up in person at major retailers like Target and CVS. Anti-tarnish strips and a designated jewelry box help extend the time between cleanings.

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Best Cleaner for Gold and Stones

Gold does not tarnish and is relatively durable, which is what makes it so popular for everyday wear. Gold, diamonds and precious stones can, however, get dirty and lose their shine.

The widely available Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner is enough to give that sparkle back to your diamond ring. It is not recommended for more delicate pieces containing coral, pearl or opal.

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Best Jewelry Polishing Cloth

A soft jewelry cleaning cloth will restore the luster of most stones and metals. These clothes are ideal for quick polishes between thorough cleanings. This jewelry polishing cloth even removes tarnish and protects silver jewelry from future buildup.

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Best Budget Jewelry Cleaner

The simplest solutions are often the best. Warm water and a gentle soap are perfectly good jewelry cleaners. Take care to keep pieces away from the sink drain. If you use this method to clean pearls, let them lay flat in a soft, safe place until they dry completely to avoid stretching the silk.

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Best Jewelry Cleaning Kit

With more than 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the Simple Shine Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit is a must-try for jewelry owners. It comes with a gentle jewelry cleaning solution, cleaning basket, brush and travel-sized polishing cloth. Fans say it’s easy to use and provides fast results.

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Best Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Device

If you take your jewelry for a professional cleaning, it will likely be an ultrasonic cleaning. Home devices, like the bestselling Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner, are available online for under $50. This cleaner blasts dirt away from jewelry using just water and sound waves.

Ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended for porous stones, loose stones or stones that have been filled, so check with your local jeweler to see if this device is right for you.

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Best Cleaner for Brass and Bronze Fashion Jewelry

Brass and bronze fashion jewelry can get dull over time. But like silver, it’s easy to restore shine to your favorite pieces.

Brasso Multi-Purpose Metal Polish is an affordable jewelry cleaner with many uses around the house. It works on brass, pewter, chrome, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. When you’re finished cleaning your jewelry, try it on tarnished copper mugs and other timeworn pieces.

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Best Steam Cleaner

Steam is a powerful and versatile cleaning tool. It loosens stickers, kills bed bugs, smooths wrinkled clothes and disinfects jewelry. The Steamfast SF-1000 JULE Steam Jewelry Cleaner is a bit of a splurge, but reviewers say it’s totally worth it.

Like ultrasonic cleaning, steam cleaning is not recommended for all stones. Check Steamfast’s gemstone guide to see which stones it can clean.

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