Keep Food Fresh With These Kitchen Storage Containers

A well-organized kitchen requires great use of kitchen storage containers. Here are 10 of the best we found on Amazon.

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Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags

Trying to cut down your use of plastic? These reusable silicone storage bags are a great alternative to traditional plastic food storage containers. With a ziplock closure to avoid leaks, these bags can be labeled easily and will stand upright in the fridge or freezer, to save space. They’re microwave, freezer and dishwasher-safe, and simple to hand-wash after use, as well.

Do you find you’re throwing away a lot of food that’s gone bad? Check out these common foods you could be storing all wrong.

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Dry Food Dispenser

Fed up with stepping through crunchy spilled cereal in the morning? This dual-purpose cereal dispenser not only stores your dry breakfast favorites but it also lets you dispense them quickly and easily. Each airtight canister holds a little more than 12 cups, enough for the hungriest family, and the canisters shatterproof and scratch resistant. Best of all, the flexible paddle inside won’t crush your cornflakes to smithereens. This dispenser also works great for granola, candies, oatmeal, nuts and rice.

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Glass Food Storage Containers Set

Sail through your meal prepping in style with this versatile 20-piece glass food container set. These traditional glass kitchen storage containers are shatterproof and nest easily for ultimate space-saving. They’re also leak proof, fridge and freezer safe, and even the lids are dishwasher safe (and domed for extra capacity). They can be used in the microwave and oven as well. Food prep, serving and storage have never been so simple.

Awesome meal prepping demands awesome gadgets, and here are some we bet you didn’t even know could make your life easier.

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Vacuum Seal Mini Storage Container

Did you know herbs are best stored in dark, airtight kitchen storage containers? That’s the best way to preserve their flavor, and this clever vacuum seal container does the job perfectly. The vacuum lid (which is quick and simple to fit), will keeps whatever’s inside fresher longer.

Growing your own herbs is fun and economical, and you don’t need much space.

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Handbag Cookie Jar

Who doesn’t love a freshly baked cookie (or three!)? And what better cookie jar than this whimsical handbag design that’s definitely not like your granny’s kitchen storage containers. Looking like a snakeskin purse, complete with gold buckle and accent, this smile-inducing cookie jar is designed by Neiman Marcus, and will add a touch of contemporary glamour to your morning coffee

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4-Piece Pasta Storage Set

Inspired by the clean lines of Swedish design, this 4-piece pasta storage set is ideal for the pasta lover who inventories all shapes and sizes. The tall jar houses spaghetti, while more compact shapes fit easily into the smaller jars. Made from food-safe glass, these kitchen storage containers are airtight with a zinc-silicone seal. Definitely intended to be seen and not hidden away!

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Storage Containers With Carry-Case

If rice and beans are your passion, then store up to four different varieties in these clever kitchen storage containers, that come complete with their own carry-case. Side-locking lids create an airtight and watertight seal, keeping the contents totally dry, and the ergonomic handle makes carrying a cinch. Fully dishwasher safe, these containers could also be used for snacks, pet treats, flour, coffee and more.

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Porcelain Condiment Jars

Plain plastic bottles are practical for serving condiments, but when you need a touch of class, these porcelain condiment jars definitely fit the bill. Combining cool white porcelain with the warmth of natural wood, these elegant little jars are designed with a tilt that really catches the eye. Each jar has its own serving spoon, and the trio of jars sits beautifully on a matching bamboo tray. Ketchup and mustard have never looked so good!

You don’t need to confine grilling to the summer months.

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On-the-Go Dining Set

Forget a boring plastic box. Give your packed lunch some love and keep it in this handy on-the-go dining set. Four hybrid stainless steel compartments make it simple to prep your lunch and store in the fridge until you’re ready to eat. The plastic container has an integral cutlery store in the lid, to save you rooting through your work bag to find your fork when lunchtime rolls around. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free—what’s not to love about this great little dining set?

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Rustic Bread and Veggie Bin

Both bread and fresh vegetables need to be kept in a cool, dark, dry place, and this rustic store is the ideal solution. Hand-crafted from solid pine, and with wire doors and pegboard back for ultimate ventilation, this vintage-style container features two veggie drawers and a bread bin, giving you plenty of space for storing both.

So why not grow your own vegetables to fill your veggie drawers? Here’s a dozen vegetables you can grow in pots to you get started.

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