10 Best Laundry Hampers for Messy Kids

Make putting dirty clothes in the laundry hamper fun with these unique products.

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Shark Laundry Hamper

Sometimes kids just need a little fantasy to motivate them to get tasks completed. In that case, when teaching your little one how to pick up piles of clothes off the floor and put them in the hamper, tell them it’s “time to feed the shark!” They’ll love the fun ‘game’ of running around the room and finding ‘treats’ for the shark. Here’s how to install a laundry chute.

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Basketball Hoop Hamper

For the kid who loves sports, turn chores into hoops! This hamper is the ideal way to keep clutter off floors and dirty clothes where they belong. The hamper includes a basketball backboard, hoop and net, as well as a spacious removable laundry bag. Check out these 20 small-space laundry room organization tips.

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Laundry Boy Hamper

Adults don’t like to do laundry, so why would kids be quick to jump on the bandwagon? Thankfully, most kids have a great imagination, which is why your kid might enjoy transporting their dirty clothes inside this Laundry Boy hamper. It turns the process of putting laundry away into something like a video game (well not really, but it’s more fun than an ordinary hamper)! Increase efficiency in your laundry room with these simple storage and organization projects.

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Punching Bag Hanging Laundry Bag

For the teenager who loves to box, or simply needs a way to get out some energy, this laundry bag is a great purchase. It can be hung up and serves as a punching bag and laundry hamper in one. The spacing-saving design ensures clothes stay off the floor, and adds a fun aspect to a dreadful chore. It even comes with an attached fabric carry handle to easily transport to the laundry room.

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Unicorn Laundry Hamper

A perfect and magical piece of decor for any kids’ room, this unicorn hamper makes putting laundry in the hamper a little more enchanting. The straps on top of the unicorn allow the hamper to hang on a coat rack, bathroom hook, closet hanger and more. When it’s time to take the hamper to the laundry room, your little one can carry their unicorn right on their back using the braces. How fun! Check out these 13 laundry tips for washing your clothes the right way.

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LED Race Car Light-Up Collapsible Mesh Laundry Hamper

Get your child excited about doing laundry by buying them this super fun race car hamper. When they shoot their laundry on the backboard to score, the LED lights on the race car blink and flash. Hopefully they’ll have so much fun playing the game that you’ll never find a dirty clothing on the floor again!

With our plan, you can build your own unit for about half the cost, and get a functional pedestal that will look great in any laundry room.

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LED Cheerleader Light-Up Collapsible Mesh Laundry Hamper

If your kid is more into cheering than driving, they might love this LED cheerleader laundry hamper. Much like the race car version, when they shoot their laundry on the backboard to score, the LED lights on the pom-poms will blink and flash! Check out these things that should never end up in the washing machine.

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Let your little ones feed their beautiful mermaid by tossing their laundry through her mouth and into the deep blue sea that resides within. They’ll have plenty of fun imagining underwater adventures as they say goodbye to the dirty clothes on their floor.

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Doll House Laundry Hamper

< Kids who love doll houses will be thrilled by this hamper. Let their imagination run wild as they play house, picking up all the messy clothes in their room and storing them away inside the adorable wicker hamper. Take a look at these seven effortless ways to freshen linens without chemicals.

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Airbrushed Laundry Hamper

For the teen who’s into fashion or art, make putting all of their super-cool clothes in the laundry fun with this hamper. The Etsy seller can customize it to your liking, with graffiti-style like words and symbols. Here are 13 tips for cleaning those hard-to-wash items.

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