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8 Best LED Shower Heads

An LED shower head adds fun and flair to your bathroom. We'll explain what they are, how they work and showcase a collection of models to consider.

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Led Showerhead Via Targetvia

What Is an LED Shower Head?

In the 20th century, LEDs were revolutionary. Today they’re everywhere, including in residential shower heads.

LED shower head design is ingenious. The flow of water through the shower head powers the lights, like a miniature version of an old-fashioned water wheel or a modern hydroelectric plant. The technology adds a splash of light to your shower, offering a distinctive look for yourself and making bath time more fun for the kids.

Best of all, with no batteries to change or wires to run, an LED shower head simply screws on like any other shower head. That makes it a great choice for a DIY bathroom upgrade.

If you’re thinking of buying an LED shower head, here are a few factors to consider:

Visual appeal: There are all kinds of looks and finishes out there, so you should have little trouble finding a model that fits your bathroom décor. LED shower heads come in almost any style imaginable, from standard to rainfall to hand-held.

Price: This varies as much as traditional shower heads. Our list ranges from $5 to $2,500. But if all you want is a basic shower head with LED lighting, most models come in around $40 to $100.

Smart features: Many LED shower heads simply display light. Others incorporate features like water usage monitoring. It’s important to note that while some smart showers offer LED lighting, not all offer advanced features. (They still look cool, though!)

Color controls: Some proceed through factory-preset color changes, with no input from the user. Others offer some level of end-user control. If you like to tinker, look for models with adjustable controls.

Ease of cleaning: If your LED shower head fades or doesn’t produce as many lights, you’re likely dealing with a buildup of heavy water minerals, shower grime or some both. A good shower head disassembles easily so you can clean it out and get it back to peak performance. Models with rubber “rub clean” jets shed mineral buildup by simply rubbing them with your fingers or a brush.

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Traxx Color Changing Led Shower Head Via Ecommvia

Traxx Color Changing LED Shower Head

You won’t find a more affordable LED shower head than the Traxx! There’s not much info available on this model, and we don’t even know what colors it displays. But for five dollars, even if it’s not your thing, it’s not much of a gamble to try it out.

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Tosca Wave Sensor Shower Head Via Ecommvia

Tosca Wave Sensor Shower Head

The Wave Sensor Shower Head from Tosca combines LED lighting with two additional technologies.

The touchless controls allow you to move through four spray patterns without fumbling with a manual switch, while the temperature-sensitive LED lighting reflects the heat of the water. Blue LED lights indicate cold, green means warm, while red is hot. It’s sharp-looking, convenient and a great way to ensure the temperature is just right for a child’s bath.

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5 Spray Setting Led Handheld Shower In Chrome Via Ecommvia

HotelSpa LED Shower Head

The HotelSpa 14855 Five-Spray LED Shower Head takes temperature sensitive LED lighting one step further.

An integrated LCD screen gives a precise water temperature reading, which is cool enough, but the LEDs offer a ballpark temp reading at a glance. Blue light indicates the water is less than 95 F, green is between 95 and 108 F, while red is 109 to 122 F. Any higher than that will produce a flashing red light.

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Prunga Led Shower Head Via Ecommvia

Prunga LED Shower Head

The clear plastic handle of the Prunga LED Shower Head allows you to see its built-in water filter at work. Touted as a cost saver, the manufacturer says the average user can save up to 30 percent in water usage. The LED lighting system cycles through a rainbow of colors, and the “Turbo Pressure Boost” technology maximizes water pressure.

Like most filters, this one will need to be changed eventually. Prunga sells replacement filters through Amazon.

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Dreamspa Rainfall Led Shower Head Via Ecommvia

DreamSpa Rainfall LED Shower Head

The DreamSpa AquaFan Rainfall Shower Head offers color-sensitive LED lighting and an LCD temperature display that functions much like some of the other shower heads on this list. But what really sets product apart is its wide, curved head design. That allows its 123 rub-clean jets to function like a rainfall shower head without a ceiling water supply.

To enhance the rainfall sensation, pair this with an adjustable arm so the shower head stands taller.

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Nikles Ceiling Mount Led Shower Head Via Ecommvia

Nikles Ceiling-Mount LED Shower Head

Of course, a ceiling mount shower head offers the classic rainfall experience. If that’s the upgrade you’re looking for, check out the Nikles Ceiling-Mount LED Shower Head.

This unit cycles through a rainbow pattern while delivering an impressive 2.5 gallons per minute of water flow. It lacks temperature-sensitive lighting or a temperature readout, but the 360-degree swivel means you can direct the water however you like. The minimalist polished chrome finish complements almost any bathroom décor.

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Luminex Dual Led Shower Head Via Ecommvia

Luminex Dual LED Shower Head

Sometimes it’s nice to have a fixed shower head, and sometimes it nice to have a hand-held shower head. It’s even better to have both!

The Luminex Model 1498 Dual LED Shower Head comes with fixed and hand-held heads, and its three-way diverter lets you use either or both. Each head offers a seven-color LED range that cycles through the shower, and Luminex’s “Air Jet Pressure-Boost Nozzle Technology” increases water pressure. The two heads combine for 24 patterns.

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Juno Luxury Led Spa Shower Head Via Ecommvia

Juno Luxury LED Spa Shower Head

The Juno Luxury LED Spa Shower Head System includes a recessed ceiling-mount shower head, touch-panel color controls, hand-held shower head, three jet sprays and a seven-knob control panel to fine-tune the water temperature and pressure.

The Manual Mode permits customization between 64 colors, while the Auto Mode cycles through a preset rainbow of lights. Besides the default rainfall mode, the overhead shower head includes settings for waterfall, mist and even bubbles.

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