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10 Best Outdoor Plant Pots for Your Garden

Transform any space into an all-season container garden with these outdoor plant pots.

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Tierra Verde Serenity Slate Rubber Self Watering Planter Ecomm Homedepot.comvia merchant

Buying an Outdoor Plant Pot

Whether you’re working with a large plot of land or just a few square feet of space on your patio, balcony or rooftop, outdoor plant pots are a way to create a lush, verdant garden you can enjoy all year round.

We asked Blythe Yost, CEO and co-founder of the online landscape design company Tilly, to share her thoughts about what homeowners should consider when choosing outdoor plant pots for their space. Here’s what she recommends:

  • Materials: Yost really likes fiberglass for its light weight and durability in most climates. Terra-cotta pots break down if left out in the cold, so if you purchase clay pots, she suggests storing them during cold winters. As for wood planter pots, Yost says they generally need some kind of liner (plastic or metal) to hold up against moisture. Or consider this super-simple window planter idea.
  • Size: Think about height as well as width because some plants have longer roots and need depth. Yost says too shallow a pot can make soil dry out fast, while “super deep ones” aren’t great for most annuals and perennials. She adds the closer to a cube shape the pot is, the better it is for soil capacity.
  • Drainage: “Planters MUST have holes in order to prevent root rot,” Yost says. “Never rely on a layer of gravel, because root rot is real!” Pro tip: If you live above others, put trays beneath your pots to prevent runoff.
  • Self-watering:Self-watering pots still need to be filled up periodically, but they are hugely helpful for busy plant lovers,” Yost says.
  • Plant types: According to Yost, it’s important to consider the shapes of plants and their growing habits when creating a multiple-layer planter pot. Whether you’re planting succulents, short-stemmed annuals, trailing ivy or shrubs/trees (or a combination thereof), the plants you pick will affect your pot choice.

We put together a list of the best outdoor plant pots so you can create your own leaf- or petal-filled oasis.

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Tierra Verde Serenity Slate Rubber Self Watering Planter Ecomm Homedepot.comvia merchant

Best Self-Watering Outdoor Plant Pot

If you sometimes forget to water your plants, the Tierra Verde self-watering planter can make sure your plants don’t suffer. How? The soil inside hovers just above a water reservoir at the base of the pot where the plant roots can stretch down and find the moisture they need.

Made of recycled rubber, this outdoor plant pot can be used during cold weather because it resists breakage, cracking or crumbling, even in freezing temperatures.

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Large Hanging Planters For Indoor And Outdoor Plants Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Hanging Outdoor Plant Pot

For ivy, ferns, geraniums and other trailing plants, consider this set of two La Jolie Muse hanging flower pots. These faux marble pots are made of recycled plastic and natural stone powder, so they’re feather-light.

According to the manufacturer they’re also resistant to the sun’s harsh rays, so no fading, cracking or peeling.  Hang them with the decorative, adjustable, weather-resistant triple-rope hangers (included).

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Worth Garden Olive Green Plastic Pockets Self Watering Vertical Wall Garden Planters Ecomm Homedepot.comvia merchant

Best Wall-Mount Outdoor Plant Pot

Create a living canvas of blooms or herbs along the side of your house or on your fence with the Worth Garden 36-pocket vertical wall garden planters (12 sets of three). The olive green planters are made of strong yet lightweight plastic with openings that make them easy to mount with nails or screws.

The foolproof self-watering system rains down from above, allowing water to flow from top to bottom through the drainage holes in the planters. The set comes with 36 inner baskets and outer shell pockets, a hose and all the hardware you need to install it.

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Barnyard Designs Farmhouse Herb Garden Planter Set With Tray Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Tabletop Outdoor Plant Pot

Create a living centerpiece with Barnyard Designs herb pot planter set with tray. This trio of steel pots comes in eight on-trend colors with a matching tray that keeps excess water off your table. Your fresh herb centerpiece will smell as good as it looks. And for fun, you can make this tabletop plant centerpiece.

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Tiered Cedar Railing Planter Box Ecomm Etsy.comvia merchant

Best Outdoor Plant Pot for Railings

When space is limited, go vertical with these tiered cedar railing planter boxes by PremierWoodStudio. A city dweller’s dream, each individual pot hooks onto a balcony railing, fence or post, on one, two, three or more levels.

Measuring 6- x 5-1/2- x 5-in., they come with black iron brackets to hook on railings of up to 2-1/5-in. Want a different size plant pot? The Etsy seller is happy to customize pots for you.

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Pennington Heavy Rimmed Large Terra Cotta Pot Ecomm Homedepot.comvia merchant

Best Pottery Outdoor Plant Pot

We love that the Pennington heavy rimmed terra-cotta pot is made from porous, fired clay that allows roots to breathe, soil temperature to balance and moisture to regulate naturally.

Generously sized to accommodate anything from dwarf fruit trees to tall topiaries, the thick rim lets you fill the pot with soil without it spilling out over the sides. More dirt, less mess.

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Cast Stone Fiberglass Urn With Handles In Aged Charcoal Ecomm Homedepot.comvia merchant

Best Fiberglass Outdoor Planter Pot

This MPG cast stone fiberglass urn features beautiful detailing that makes an elegant statement at the entrance of your home or in the garden next to manicured hedges.

Made from a blend of natural stone, resin and fiberglass, the planter pot is light, water-tight and all-weather worthy. Choose from aged charcoal, graphite or aged white finish. Note: You’ll need to drill a drainage hole in the bottom.

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Square Metal Planter Ecomm Etsy.comvia merchant

Best Metal Outdoor Plant Pot

Made from industrial, heavy-duty steel that develops a rusty patina in three to nine months, the Markertable square metal planter is a modern, minimalist piece of art for your garden. The alloy box comes assembled in three sizes: 10-, 16- and 22-in. square, with predrilled drain holes at the bottom.

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Fox Valley Traders Realistic Wood Look Barrel Planters Ecomm Walmart.comvia merchant

Best Rustic-Style Outdoor Plant Pot

The set of four weather-resistant Fox Valley Traders realistic wood-look barrel planters arrives ready for planting tomatoes, colorful petunias or a collection of cactus. Set up the four matching 8-in. high x 13-in.-dia. barrel planter together or on their own around your yard.

A five-star reviewer, KMplace, loves the wine-themed aesthetic, writing: “Just what I was looking for!”

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Ready Refill Slate Blue Plastic Planter With Drainage Holes Ecomm Lowes.comvia merchant

Best Value Outdoor Planter Pot

It’s hard to believe this slate blue plastic planter costs less than $11! With a lovely embossed, white-on-slate blue (or leafy green) floral/vine motif, this pot is approximately 14-in. x 11-in. Made of resin, it’s super lightweight and fits 12-in. flowers and plants.

This pretty planter also comes in medium (about 12-1/4-in. x 9-1/2-in.) for plants in 10-inch pots, and a smaller size (9-1/4-in. x 7-1/4-in.) for plants in eight-inch pots.

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