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10 Best Outdoor Shades

Whether you call them outdoor blinds, shades or privacy panels, you'll love their beauty and cooling effect on your outdoor living spaces.

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Best Bamboo Outdoor Shades

This Radiance bamboo shade is a winner because it’s easy to install, affordable and has a beautiful, natural style. It blocks the sun while letting a soft glow filter through — perfect if you want privacy without losing all light.

Set it at any height by hand-rolling (no cords!), then set it in place with the innovative fasteners. Installing it is an easy one-person job, only requiring a couple of hooks.

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Best Splurge Outdoor Shades

If you’re looking for luxury and you’re not concerned about price, check out this Premium Cordless Outdoor Solar Shade. It features a protective aluminum valance, hand crank control and a wind-flex bottom rail system for stability. The PVC fabric is four times heavier than less expensive models, giving the shade a wrinkle-free appearance for years.

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Best Overall Outdoor Shades

This Coolaroo outdoor shade features everything you want. It’s easy to operate, with a smooth hand cranking mechanism, and the creamy white breathable fabric gives it a smooth, sleek look. As far as sun protection — yep, it has that too. How does protection against 95 percent of harmful UV rays sound? If you get this shade, you won’t regret it.

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Best Remote Control Outdoor Shades

The Keystone Fabrics remote control outdoor shade includes a five-channel remote. It also comes with an enclosed aluminum valance to protect the shade when it’s rolled up to the top. You’ll love the sturdy construction, the three chic color choices and four size options for the perfect fit.

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Best Designer Color Outdoor Shades

Most outdoor blinds and shades come in neutral earth tones, which is why this Coolaroo roller shade in terra cotta caught our eye. The vibrant reddish-orange color adds a playful pop to your outdoor living area. But, of course, looks aren’t everything. This shade also comes highly recommended for its quality construction and fade resistance.

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Best Extra-Wide Outdoor Shades

For large outdoor spaces, this Keystone Fabrics outdoor shade fits the bill, coming in at eight feet wide. Its 90 percent UV block lowers the amount of sunlight that gets into your home, cooling the rooms closest to the patio and reducing your energy costs.

The high-quality, durable PVC woven fabric is wind stable and wrinkle resistant. A remote is included, which is great because no one wants to struggle with hand-operating an extra-wide shade.

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Best Custom Outdoor Shades

If you have non-standard outdoor spaces and shade needs, you’ll want to go custom. Of course, custom is always more expensive. But this Outdoor solar shade from The Home Depot is actually pretty affordable. You can pick your height and width, then customize the color and fabric type with 35 options to choose from!.

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Best Vinyl Outdoor Shades

Unlike bamboo, vinyl blinds like this one will last through wet weather and are easy to clean with a damp cloth. They’re available in a “woodgrain” color if you prefer a more natural look, and white for a more modern, clean aesthetic. They’re also great if you have kids because they use the roll and fasten system, so no dangerous dangling cords.

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Best Privacy Panel Outdoor Shades

This privacy panel shade will cover a whole section of your patio or gazebo, blocking the sun and offering protection from wind. And for privacy, it blocks 90 percent visibility depending on lighting conditions. Amazon reviewers say it’s straightforward to install, but recommend purchasing the ball bungee cords to make the job easier.

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Best Cordless Outdoor Shades

Cordless blinds are not all created equal. Many require hand rolling or a hand crank to operate. That’s why we love this Coolaroo cordless shade, which rises and falls with just a touch thanks to the self-retracting system. There’s also a tension wheel that allows you to adjust the speed your shade retracts.

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