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Sleep Soundly Every Night with the 15 Best Pillows on Amazon

Replace your flat, worn-out bed pillow and get a better night's sleep with the best pillows on Amazon.

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Sleep Soundly With The Best Pillows On AmazonVIA MERCHANT

Everyone knows the best mattress for you helps with getting quality sleep, but don’t overlook your pillow. The best pillow ensures you start your morning well-rested and ready to take on the day. On the other hand, a bad pillow can interrupt your REM sleep, leave your neck sore and put you in a bad mood before your feet have even hit the floor.

If you’re ready for a replacement, you’ve come to the right place. We went shopping for the best pillows on Amazon to help you find the one. We included a range to appeal to every sort of sleeper. Some are soft while others are memory foam. Some are cooling while others are regular. Pillows aren’t a one-size-fits-all purchase, so let us help you make the right decision.

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Utopia Bedding Bed Pillowsvia merchant

Gusseted Bed Pillows

For the best pillows on Amazon, start with a reliable basic pillow that supports all sleeping positions, like these pillows from Utopia. The plush fiber filling provides maximum fluffiness for a cozy feeling that’s neither too soft nor too firm. The set of two is available in standard, queen, king and European sizes.

Verified purchaser, TM Conway, says, “They are nice and fluffy without being heavy. The padding doesn’t bunch up or slosh around like my last pillows, which made them lump up too easily. These are of a Goldilocks level of comfort.”

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Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillowvia merchant

Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

The Original Loft Pillow from Coop Home Goods is another adjustable shredded foam pillow. Stomach sleepers can keep the pillow fairly slim while side or back sleepers should add more foam. As one of the best pillows on Amazon, this loft pillow only uses freshly manufactured foam, so you’re guaranteed the highest quality.

“After spending a lot of time searching for the best pillow, I finally decided to try these out. I was not disappointed as these are by far the best pillows I’ve used in years. They may not be the cheapest, but they are worth every penny, especially when it comes to sleeping,” says Tito, a verified purchaser.

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Sobed Down Alternative Pillowsvia merchant

Down-Alternative Pillows

If you like the feel of a down pillow, but want the easy care and durability of a fiber-filled option, check out this set of two. The soft fiber filling has a goose feather touch while still being completely machine washable. The filling never clumps and the pillow cover is made from 100% hypoallergenic cotton.

“Look no further for new pillows for your home!” says Aimee B., a verified purchaser. “These pillows are the softest, yet supportive, most comfortable pillows I have ever had. I am one bedroom away from replacing every pillow in our home with these.”

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Oubonun Premium Adjustable Body Pillowvia merchant

Adjustable Body Pillow

Hugging a big body pillow is the ultimate comfort for side sleepers. This option holds its shape no matter how many times you readjust in your sleep. It promotes an aligned spine for any sleep position, too. At 4.5 feet long, you’ll be cuddling it all night long.

“I was hesitant on buying myself a new body pillow. I’m so happy I did. This pillow is huge and dense, everything I needed,” shares verified purchaser, Tena.

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Famedio Ergonomic Contour Pillowvia merchant

Ergonomic Contour Pillow

Finding the right pillow can be difficult if you struggle with neck pain. This ergonomic contour pillow is designed with a unique sink-in center that cradles your head and helps align your neck, shoulder and back in a neutral position. Sleep comfortably and wake up pain-free with the included risk-free 100-night sleep trial.

“All my other pillows were either too high or too low or restricted me one sleeping position. This works since I can sleep on my side or on my back,” shares Anu, a verified purchaser.

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Lariess Cozy Series Pillowsvia merchant

Plush Fiber Pillows

For a high-quality set of pillows, look no further than the Lariess’ Cozy Series Pillows which are supportive and firm. The quilted cover makes the pillow softer and prevents the fluffy filling from separating and making the pillow limp. The price is what really makes this set a winner—you’ll get two queen-size pillows for a budget-friendly price!

I love these pillows so much that I have four of them now, and may have six in a little bit,” boasts Kenneth, a five-star reviewer. “They are very comfortable and I’ve had the first two I purchased maybe a year back, and they are just as good as the first time I laid down on them.”

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Lifewit Shredded Memory Foam Pillowsvia merchant

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

For hot sleepers who need summer-approved bedding, this memory foam pillow keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. Unlike a solid foam pillow, shredded foam allows air to circulate throughout. Plus, the foam is infused with temperature-regulating cooling gel particles that alleviate excessive heat buildup. It also features a double cover—the inner cover is made of spandex for breathability and softness, and the outer cover is removable and washable.

“It’s been officially a year and I haven’t used anything else. It’s comfortable and it doesn’t get hot,” writes five-star reviewer, Kieu.

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Coop Home Goods Adjustable Travel Pillowvia merchant

Adjustable Travel Pillow

Take your favorite pillow on the go with this adjustable travel pillow from Coop Home Goods, and use it along with a sleeping pad for camping, backpacking or vacationing. You can add or remove shredded foam to get the perfect amount of firmness for your slumber. The included stuff sack compresses your pillow down to nearly half its size, so it won’t take up too much room in your luggage.

Rosemary, a verified purchaser, says, “If you’ve ever owned a Coop pillow, then you know what great quality they are. This is no exception. It’s good size for a travel pillow and it also comes with an extra bag of shredded memory foam that Coop calls More Oomph.”

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Keababies My Little Dreamy Toddler Pillowvia merchant

Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase

The best pillows on Amazon aren’t just for adults. Quality sleep is essential for kids’ development, and the right pillow can help them get the shuteye they need. The My Little Dreamy Pillow is sized for toddlers ages 2 to 5, and vetted by chiropractors to ensure the right level of spinal support for young sleepers.

“My toddler sleeps very hot, and this pillow insures he stays cool and comfortable throughout the night. He loves how small it is and makes it easy for him to adjust himself,” shares verified purchaser, Devan Rovito.

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Viewstar Memory Foam Pillowsvia merchant

Memory Foam Cooling Pillows

These memory foam pillows come with an extra bag of shredded memory foam, allowing you to adjust each pillow to match your needs. Simply unzip the inner casing and add or remove the filling to your liking. The memory foam molds to your head and neck for optimal comfort and never flattens while you sleep. The outer cover is made of cooling bamboo fabric and conveniently machine washable.

“I never write product reviews, but wanted to share how amazing these pillows are. If you’re looking for pillows that are soft, but still firm and hold their shape all night, then you should buy these,” writes five-star reviewer, Robby.

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Milliard Reading Pillowvia merchant

Reading Pillow

Some of the best pillows on Amazon are also great for reading, like this extra-large reading pillow. The backrest with two arms has a velour cover for optimal comfort. You may also find yourself using it for cozy movie nights in bed.

These are super comfortable. I ordered one and used it for a bit, but my [girlfriend] kept stealing it so now I have two! Great if you’re sitting in bed watching TV or reading!” writes Matt, a verified purchaser.

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Anvo Orthopedic Pillowvia merchant

Orthopedic Pillow

The curved design of this orthopedic pillow from Anvo features two different neck height levels for customized support depending on sleep position. The high-density memory foam and ergonomic design support the neck and help with pain. It comes in blue, gray and pink shades for a fun twist on the typical best pillows on Amazon.

“I have been struggling with a neck pain that goes down into my upper shoulder for many months,” shares five-star reviewer, Mick. “I went through six weeks of physical therapy, which helped but didn’t stop the problem. We have had these pillows now for about a month and my neck pain is almost entirely gone!”

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Bedstory Hotel Quality Bed Pillowsvia merchant

Hotel-Quality Bed Pillows

Bring the comfort of a luxury hotel bed to your home with this set of two pillows. These bouncy picks have soft microfiber covers and plush down-alternative filling. The pillows are machine washable—just lay flat to dry. Don’t forget to add a throw blanket and properly arrange your pillows for an A+ result.

I feel like I’m in a hotel every night. These pillows are so soft. They are huge once they fluff up,” shares five-star reviewer, Lisa.

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Comfysleep Bamboo Pillowsvia merchant

Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows

These bamboo pillows feature hypoallergenic bamboo covers, which can help those with sensitive allergies, that wick away moisture. They’re filled with shredded memory foam that holds its shape, can be adjusted to fit preferred firmness levels and supports your head and neck. When they needs a refresh, simply toss them in the washing machine.

“This pillow is unlike any other pillow I have ever used,” says Greg, a five-star reviewer. “It is firm when you first place your head on it. It contours and softens moments afterwards. Very relaxing. I also like that you can remove some of the filling if it is too firm or full for your liking.”

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Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel Pillowvia merchant

Ultra-Slim Gel Pillow

For those who prefer flatter pillows, the Bluewave Ultra Slim Gel Pillow is a solid choice. The slim design is ideal for stomach or back sleepers, keeping your neck in alignment. The gel-infused ventilated memory foam keeps your body at the right temperature all night. While you’re at it, hot sleepers, check out Rest Evercool’s cooling comfort.

Five-star reviewer, Michael, says, “I was merely looking for a low-profile pillow, but the cooling aspect intrigued me as well. It’s great at both! The cooling works much better than I expected for passive cooling.”

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