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8 Best Pressure Washer Attachments

Want to enhance your pressure washer game? These eight pressure washer attachments turn a great tool into a can't-live-without-it workhorse.

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Best Pressure Washer Attachments For Cleaning Guttersvia

Best Pressure Washer Attachments For Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning gutters is an important part of home maintenance. With five nozzle tips, an angled extension wand and a water pressure capacity of 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), it’s hard to beat the M Mingle pressure washer gutter cleaner attachment when your gutters need a good wash out.

“Great kit and a useful addition to the pressure washer [arsenal],” writes one Amazon reviewer. “With the extension kit it is great for cleaning hard to reach gutters etc.”

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Best Pressure Washer Attachments For Washing Carsvia

Best Pressure Washer Attachments For Washing Cars

If you like a clean, shiny vehicle but don’t like how long it takes to achieve, consider the Blisstime foam lance car wash pressure washer attachment. Unlike other attachments, it prevents paint scratches during cleaning, and offers foam and water spray. It’s robustly built too, with interlocking metal parts made to last.

As one reviewer on Amazon writes, “Would definitely recommend and would buy again, quality of cannon is good, metal components fit well and don’t leak, five stars from me for sure.”

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Best Pressure Washer Attachment For Cleaning Vehicle Undercarriagevia

Best Pressure Washer Attachment for Cleaning Vehicle Undercarriage

A full array of pressure washer attachments should include one for washing and cleaning the underside of your vehicle. The Tool Daily dual-function undercarriage cleaner is perfect for this. With its heavy-duty, four-nozzle rolling jet system and three-piece extension wand, you won’t have to crawl under your vehicle anymore to get it clean.

This satisfied Amazon reviewer writes, “This product works very well for cleaning under vehicles and then cleaning the driveway after.”

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Best Pressure Washer Attachment Multi Function Nozzlevia

Best Pressure Washer Attachment Multi-Function Nozzle

Few things are more frustrating than constantly switching pressure washer nozzles for different spray angles. Solve that problem with the Ridge Washer pressure washer nozzle, six-in-one quick connect. With six spray patterns and a simple rotation system to switch from one to another, this $15 attachment makes multi-nozzle setups obsolete.

“Love how well this works,” writes one Amazon reviewer “Much rather this than four or five different nozzles to keep up with. Its functionality is genius.”

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Best Pressure Washer Attachments For Cleaning Decksvia

Best Pressure Washer Attachments For Cleaning Decks

Cleaning and preparing your deck for the summer is rewarding, and the Simpson Cleaning universal scrubber makes the job much faster and easier. Its flat, brush-equipped design makes it ideal for scrubbing dirt from decks and patios without damaging the surface, as some pressure-washer nozzles can do.

“Fantastic product,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “Works exactly like they said it would … did a beautiful job on my 25 year old deck [which now] looks like new.”

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Best Pressure Washer Attachment For Extending Reachvia

Best Pressure Washer Attachment For Extending Reach

Sometimes a standard pressure washer wand isn’t long enough to clean where you need to. That’s where attachments like the Tool Daily pressure washer extension wand come in.

Extension wand attachments for pressure washers are made from different materials. Fiberglass wands are more lightweight and may move more if it’s windy, while aluminum or stainless steel wands, like this one, are sturdier. The quick-connect segments join together fast, making it much easier to wash hard-to-reach places than with a threaded extension wand.

“I bought these to use with my pressure washer,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “I needed some extra length so I could wash down the side of the house without getting on a ladder. They work great and were easy to hook up. Came with everything you need.”

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Best Pressure Washer Attachment Brushvia

Best Pressure Washer Attachment Brush

A brush is a good power washer attachment because it can be used for many cleaning and maintenance projects and general property upkeep. With soft, non-scratching bristles, and a handy adjustable handle ranging from 43 to 71 inches, the Camco RV flow-through wash brush with adjustable handle is a notch better than most.

One Amazon reviewer writes: “The bristles are really soft, so they don’t scratch any surface. And you can attach a water hose to it as well, and it has an On/Off valve on the end as well! A very handy item for any homeowner.”

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Best Pressure Washer Gun And Attachments Kitvia

Best Pressure Washer Gun and Attachments Kit

Another option to consider: A power washer gun already stocked with attachments. The robustly built Tool Daily deluxe pressure washer gun comes with a replacement wand extension and five nozzle tips for different spray angles.

This is what one Amazon reviewer writes about the product: “Very solid construction, ease of use, and extremely durable. I’ve tried many [pressure washer] guns, but this one is by far the best I’ve ever purchased. Truly GREAT Product!!”

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