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The Best Shower Cleaning Products

Keeping your shower sparkling clean has never been easier. We asked the experts, and these are the best shower cleaners they use and recommend.

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Best Shower Glass Cleanervia

Best Shower Glass Cleaner

CLR PRO Industrial Multi-Purpose restroom cleaner is a nontoxic, multipurpose cleaner that breaks down calcium, lime and soap scum on glass shower doors for a streak-free shine. “CLR is great at attacking mineral build up,” says Bruce Vance, owner of Town & Country Cleaning Services in Chapel Hill, NC.

Tip: “Toweling down or squeegeeing glass doors (after showering) can be very helpful to improve appearance as well as avoiding build-up,” Vance says.

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Oxo Good Grips Tub And Tile Scrubbervia

Best Shower Scrubber

With the unique shape of its brush and an extendable handle, the Oxo Good Grips tub and tile scrubber can clean the hardest-to-reach corners of your tub and shower and along grout lines. Its handle easily extends from 26 inches to 42 inches, so you can clean from top to bottom without climbing or kneeling. Its antimicrobial scrubber is abrasive enough to tackle tough stains and is easy to replace.

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Best Shower Tile Cleanervia

Best Shower Tile Cleaner

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter bathroom cleaner is a foaming product that cuts through soap scum on tile while it disinfects. It can be used beyond tile on sinks, tubs, floors and toilets and has a pleasant citrus scent. This product is formulated for use on non-porous surfaces and glazed ceramic tile. Vance cautions against using an acidic cleaner on natural stone, such as marble. “Always test in a small, less visible place before spreading across a large area,” Vance says.

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Best Soap Scum Removervia

Best Soap Scum Remover

Get industrial-strength cleaning power on the toughest soap scum with CLR Brilliant Bath foaming action multipurpose cleaner. It easily cuts through grime and other hard-to-clean build-up. CLR contains no phosphates, ammonia or bleach and is safe for use on tile, glass, sealed granite, fiberglass, ceramic/porcelain sinks, bath tubs, shower doors and toilets. “Be cautious when using strong products, such as CLR, as it is acidic and abrasive,” Vance warns.

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Best Shower Cleaning Toolsvia

Best Shower Cleaning Tools

As mentioned earlier, adding a basic squeegee, like this Casabella white clip-on silicone squeegee, to your bathroom cleaning arsenal helps keep your shower spotless if you use it daily. This silicone squeegee’s 10-inch blade helps you finish the job quickly. The handle easily attaches to your showerhead or door handle. Melissa Homer, a chief cleaning officer at Maid Pro, recommends hanging the squeegee on your shower so it’s easy to dry off the door after every shower and avoid hard-to-remove water spots.

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Easiest To Use Shower Cleaning Toolvia

Easiest-to-Use Shower Cleaning Tool

Cut through tough soap scum build-up with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber. Simply activate the sponge with water and start scrubbing. “I love Magic Erasers. They do wonders on glass shower doors,” Vance says. “Using them with an acidic cleaner can make short work of hard water scale. They can also be used on ceramic tiles. They act like a very fine sandpaper, so be careful on other surfaces,” cautions Vance.

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Best Multipurpose Shower Cleanervia

Best Multipurpose Shower Cleaner

A jack-of-all-trades cleaner, Bar Keeper’s Friend will get your tub, tile and glass clean with just a little elbow grease. It’s great at cutting through hard water buildup, says Homer. “Start by smearing the glass or tile with a paste of warm water and Bar Keepers Friend,” Homer says. “Let it sit for 10 minutes so the oxalic acid in the powder can dissolve the mineral deposits, and then get scrubbing with the back of a scrubby sponge. The only real limit for Bar Keepers Friend in the shower is polished and acid-sensitive stones like marble, travertine and limestone, which can dissolve and dull when exposed to the oxalic acid in Bar Keeper’s Friend,” Homer explains.

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Best Shower Cleaner For Hard Water Buildupvia

Best Shower Cleaner for Hard Water Buildup

Remove hard water stains and mineral build-up on shower doors, windows, tubs and shower pans for a streak-free shine with Bio-Clean. This professional strength product was originally made for the window washing trade, Vance says. “Apply the cleaner and let it dwell,” Vance says. “This will soften the build-up. After 10 minutes or so (keep it wet) try scrubbing.” He suggests using a high-quality microfiber cloth for the best results. This product is acidic, and should not be used on natural stone.

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Best Shower Cleaner For Removing Moldvia

Best Shower Cleaner for Removing Mold

Reach for a bleach bathroom cleaner like Clorox Plus Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover to kill mold on grout. This will treat the mold temporarily, but fixing the problem takes a little more work.

“Bleach the grout white one last time and let it dry,” Homer says. “Then seal it in with the sealant so all the mold growing behind the tiles starve to death. Reseal your grout at least every three years or whenever you see moldy evidence that the product has worn off.” Homer recommends Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator Sealer.

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White Vinegarvia

Best Shower Cleaner for Shower Door Track

An easy (and natural) way to clean your shower door track is with distilled white vinegar. The vinegar removes soap scum and hard water stains from the track. To clean, use a cotton ball to apply vinegar to the shower door track. Let it sit for a few minutes before using a grout brush or an old toothbrush to scrub. Then spray with water and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

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Best Shower Cleaning Brush

Best Shower Cleaning Brush

Take your cleaning to the next level with the Scrubtastic Spin Scrubber, electric shower scrubber. The cordless, rechargeable, multipurpose shower scrubber comes with three brush heads so you can clean every nook and cranny in your shower. The handle extends to 39 inches, so you don’t have to climb to reach the top of the shower. With more than 300 revolutions per minute, it scrubs away tough stains with ease. A new and improved design yields longer battery life (up to 30 minutes) and more power.

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