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7 Best Smart Dog Collars

Smart dog collars can help you keep track of your four-legged friend, no matter where they wander off to.

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What Is a Smart Dog Collar?

In general, smart dog collars do two things. Some models, equipped with GPS technology, monitor your dog’s location. And smart collars often collect activity information, giving you insights about how much exercise your dog is getting.

Some smart dog collars do both, while others focus on one. Decide which feature(s) are most important to you and then select the smart dog collar that’s best for you and your pet.

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Best All-Around: Fi Smart Dog Collar

One of the best smart dog collars on the market today is the Fi Smart Collar, which costs $149 with a $99/year subscription. This high-tech device lets you set up a geofence around your home, and sends smartphones notifications if your dog leaves the designated area without one of your family members. If your pooch does get out, you can use the collar’s app to track down your missing pet.

Additionally, the water-resistant collar tracks your dog’s daily activity and offers exercise recommendations. Unlike other smart collars, the Fi’s battery can last for months between charges. And it comes with a stylish band that’s available in several colors.

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Best Fitness Tracker: Whistle FIT

If your dog doesn’t like to stray, you might be more interested in a smart collar like the Whistle FIT, which solely tracks activity. It’s like a Fitbit for your dog!

This gadget costs around $80 with a $35/year subscription. It allows you to set fitness goals for your pet based on their age, breed, weight and health goals. It even collects data on their scratching and licking habits, and there’s a food calculator to help you determine the right amount of chow for your four-legged friend.

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Best GPS Tracker: Whistle GO

You can keep tabs on your dog at all times with a smart collar like the Whistle GO. This unit costs $100 with a $10/month subscription, and it offers real-time GPS tracking to help you find your missing dog ASAP.

This collar allows you to set up a geofence around your home, and you’ll be immediately alerted if your dog ever leaves the area. It includes a 24-hour history that details where your pet has been, who they were with and for how long. Plus, the battery lasts for up to 10 days per charge. Additionally, the Whistle GO offers a variety of fitness tracking features to help you keep tabs on your furry friend’s wellness.

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Most Stylish: Link AKC Smart Collar

Many smart dog collars are clunky in their design, but the Link AKC Smart Collar comes in a variety of attractive styles, including an option for a leather carrier and matching collar!

This collar automatically creates “safe zones” for your pet and will alert you if your dog ever strays, helping you track them down with real-time GPS. It also offers exercise tracking and activity level recommendations. This collar costs $60, plus a $10/month subscription, with accessories sold separately.

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Best Collar Tag: Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag

If you prefer a tag-style unit, the lightweight Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag can be attached to the D-ring on your dog’s collar. While this unit will notify you if your pet leaves the yard, it doesn’t offer real-time GPS tracking. Instead you can set up a lost pet alert, which will notify other Pawscout users in your area to be on the lookout for your dog. Because its features aren’t as comprehensive, this product only costs $20, and there’s no monthly subscription fee.

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Best Budget: PitPat 2 Dog Activity Monitor

High-end smart collars are quite expensive — and most have a monthly fee to boot — but the PitPat 2 Activity Monitor is an affordable option for anyone interested in keeping tabs on their pet’s exercise levels. This device costs just $39, has no monthly fee, and its lightweight design fits any collar and works on any size dog. PitPat 2 provides insights on how often your dog is walking, running, playing and resting, as well as daily distance covered and calories burned. All this data is displayed in its easy-to-use app.

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Best Subscription-Free: FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor

The majority of smart dog collars require a monthly or yearly subscription fee, but not the FitBark 2 Activity Monitor! This fitness-focused unit costs $70 and allows you to track your pet’s activity levels, sleep, distance traveled and calories burned. The FitBark is lightweight and waterproof, and its battery lasts up to six months, saving you the hassle of charging it all the time.

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