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The Best Smart Locks of 2022

Whether you want to lock your door from your smartphone or give guests access from miles away, these are the best smart locks to consider for your home.

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Kwikset Obsidian Slim Modern Electronic Touchscreen Keyless DeadboltVia Merchant

If you’ve ever thought your door lock could use a bit more oomph or forgot to twist your key one last time before leaving home, you’d benefit from a smart lock. These innovative smart home devices ensure peace of mind and provide a great service for rental properties.

There are plenty of different types to choose from, too. Some brands give you the freedom to automatically unlock your door as you get closer, remotely lock and unlock your door while you’re a few miles away or across the country on vacation or even set up codes for friends and family to use for access. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a perfect smart lock to fit your needs.

Buying a Smart Lock

Before you invest in a smart lock, you’ll want to make sure you understand the most important aspects of choosing the correct addition to your smart home’s network. Your smart lock’s connection type, ease of installation, integration with other smart products and method of access are some of the most important things to consider when choosing the best smart lock for your home.

Look for:

  • Built-in video cameras;
  • Two-way speaker systems;
  • Emergency sirens;
  • Anti-theft capabilities;
  • Emergency button for immediate calls to authorities.


  • Total reliance on smartphones;
  • Difficult installation;
  • Short battery life.

Choosing a connection type

Smart locks communicate via a wide variety of protocols, much like the rest of the smart devices you can purchase for your home. That includes WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and Zigbee. WiFi is what you need if you seek remote accessibility (i.e. the ability to lock your door when miles away), while Bluetooth, Zigbee and Z-Wave are close-range protocols.

  • Bluetooth connection: If you’re looking for close-range access, you’ll want to choose a lock with Bluetooth access. That means when you’re within range of your lock, you can unlock it, which is a boon for anyone who needs to get their door open before they get near it, in the instance of a storm or when carrying many items.
  • WiFi connection: Remote accessibility comes with the addition of WiFi and is a great option as well. This means you’ll need a WiFi signal and a smart lock supporting this type of access. You’ll also need a smartphone with internet access, and an app to control everything. You can access your lock from anywhere, ideally, and it’s quite easy to set up.
  • Zigbee and Z-wave connection: Locks using services like Zigbee and Z-Wave need a special smart hub for setup. They create a mesh network between multiple devices on your smart home network. However, Zigbee requires devices set up within 60 ft. of each other. Z-Wave is more forgiving, with a range up to 300 ft. This is one of the biggest things to be aware of when selecting a smart lock.

There are a wide variety of different smart locks from hundreds of manufacturers. Our top picks are based on functionality, reliability and price — plus users’ ratings and reviews.

Google Nest X Yale Lock Tamper Proof Smart Lock For Keyless EntryVia Merchant

Best Overall Smart Lock

Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock

For anyone looking for a sleek, modern design in smart locks as well as excellent functionality, the Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock can’t be beaten. While it must be used with a Google Nest ecosystem, it has all the features one might seek in a smart lock, including a gorgeous exterior that can fit just about any type of home decor, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It’s simple to get set up successfully and includes an external keypad. Its keyless set-up includes a special one-touch lock feature. Press a button, and your door is locked. Of course, all of the remote features you want from a smart lock, as well as reliability and ease of setup are here as well. The app is particularly easy to get working, too. If you already have Google Nest products or plan on using them, this is a no-brainer. Even if that isn’t the case, it’s still the best of the best when it comes to smart locks.

Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock pros

What we liked about the smart lock:

  • Great-looking exterior;
  • Responsive and accurate;
  • Integration with Nest products.

Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock cons

What we didn’t like about the smart lock:

  • Can only work with Nest products;
  • Pricey.

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Smart Lock Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door Locks, hornbill Smart Lock Via Merchant

Best Budget Smart Lock

Hornbill Smart Lock

The Hornbill Smart Door Lock is not only a fantastic option for anyone looking to avoid spending a premium on a smart lock but an excellent choice for those looking for more security in their apartment or condo. It’s slick and simple to use, and it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to set up by way of screwdriver and drill, then a few moments to calibrate it via smartphone app. It’s simple to use and even easier to monitor who comes and goes. You’ll need a WiFi bridge, which you’ll have to purchase separately, to use it. But once that’s set up, you can remotely lock and unlock your door with your smartphone. You can also opt to use a mechanical key or the lock’s keypad functionality. Best of all, the Hornbill Smart Lock is under $200, and is hardy and long-lasting. It’s a good first-time pick for smart lock users.

Hornbill Smart Lock pros

What we liked about the smart lock:

  • Easy to use;
  • Responsive and accurate;
  • Budget-friendly.

Hornbill Smart Lock cons

What we didn’t like about the smart lock:

  • Requires WiFi bridge;
  • Lacks some functionality of higher-priced options.

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Kwikset Obsidian Slim Modern Electronic Touchscreen Keyless Deadbolt, Satin Nickel Via Merchant

Best Splurge Smart Lock

Kwisket Obsidian Smart Lock

Kwikset is a familiar name in locks, and the Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock is proof this company knows what it’s doing. This is an aesthetically-pleasing lock that makes any home look elegant while protecting it. This lock is keyless and includes a touchscreen for access codes — features you’ll use to ensure you’ll never get locked out of the house again. Create up to 16 logins for users, and the SecureScreen feature excludes others from guessing the codes you’ve used before. It can be controlled remotely with an easy-to-use app. Its technical advancements make it worth the initial price you pay to take one home. This is one smart lock that beats the rest in terms of high-tech options.

Kwisket Obsidian Smart Lock pros

What we liked about the smart lock:

  • Makes 16 access codes;
  • Slick, modern design;
  • Protects against users guessing codes.

Kwisket Obsidian Smart Lock cons

What we didn’t like about the smart lock:

  • Requires Z-Wave hub;
  • Requires Alexa or Google Assistant.

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August Wi Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock Via Merchant

Best for Renters

August Smart Lock 4th Generation

This smart lock attaches to your existing deadbolt. This retrofit setup makes installation easy and lets you keep your physical key. The August Smart Lock 4th Generation connects to your home’s WiFi right out of the box since it requires no additional bridge.

With this smart lock, you’ll get full voice and remote access without any fuss. Send secure keys to friends, family or people you trust instantly then cancel access at any time. You can also opt to use your smartphone’s fingerprint or facial recognition as an added security verification.

August Smart Lock pros

What we liked about the smart lock:

  • Easy installation;
  • No additional bridge.

August Smart Lock cons

What we didn’t like about the smart lock:

  • Batteries can be difficult to replace—‎this model requires two CR123A batteries;
  • Pricey.

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