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Best Smart Washers for 2020

Save time, energy and tedium with one of these smart and innovative washers.

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication.

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Doing laundry can be one of the most mundane chores imaginable. Piles of dirty clothing separated into smaller piles of dirty clothing, fed through noisy machines that sometimes feel like they have minds of their own. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

But what if you had a laundry partner — a mechanical marvel that helped you navigate this most tedious of home tasks, saving you time and money? Turns out that’s not a fantasy. Most smart washers let you monitor laundry progress with a mobile device, maximizing efficiency and water usage through innovative technology while reducing noise.

Needs vary from one household to the next, but one thing is certain: The more smart washers can help us reduce the traditional drudgery of doing laundry, the more time we have for the really important things in our lives.

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Best Front Loader: LG 3900

An ultra large capacity washer, the LG 3900 can tackle mountains of dirty clothes and streamlines weekly laundry time. You can clean the largest loads (up to 4.5 cu. ft) in about 30 minutes thanks to a five-jet system that cleans clothes from various angles. There’s a lot more to like about the LG 3900, including:

  • Requires 30 percent less energy and half the water of regular washers.
  • Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) for using steam to remove common household allergens.
  • SmartDiagnosis feature helps the LG service center suss out problems over the phone or via a smartphone app.
  • Interfaces with the LG sidekick, a mini pedestal washer to tackle two loads at the same time.

What makes it one of the best: LG’s SmartThinQ technology. You can receive alerts on your smartphone when clothes are clean and control washing functions from anywhere using LG’s free app. The machine also integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to enable voice command.

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Best Top Loader: Maytag 6230

The folks at Maytag weren’t messing around when they built the 6230 model. It offers the most powerful cleaning in its class, complete with a “heavy duty” cycle and an extra power button. It comes with a Deep Fill option for the heaviest of loads, and a Quick Wash/Quick Dry cycle that cleans lightly soiled clothes in less than 30 minutes and completes the washing/drying process in less than an hour. Some of its best features include:

  • Remotely start or stop the washer, receive end of cycle notifications, and troubleshoot select issues via the Maytag app.
  • Shock absorbers and springs provide advanced vibration control that reduces noise.
  • Maytag’s famous 10-year warranty on the drive motor and stainless steel basket.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

What makes it one of the best: Maytag’s “Auto Sensing” technology automatically adjusts water levels for each load to provide the most efficient cleaning.

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Best Compact: Miele 060

Miele’s 060 is just 23-1/2 in. wide but but holds its own against washers twice its size. Offering German precision and a 115-year legacy of providing quality products, you’ll enjoy reliability and peace of mind for years to come. Some of its best features include:

  • Proprietary EcoFeedback technology offers precise energy and water consumption data, giving you the ability to control costs with each wash.
  • [email protected] technology allows you to check washer cycle status and receive notifications wirelessly.
  • “Pre-Ironing” functionality smoothes clothes after washing and reduces the need for ironing by 50 percent.

What makes it one of the best: Comes standard with 19 wash cycles, from normal and wrinkle-free to table linens and denim.

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Best All-In-One: LG 3499

Living in a smaller space but looking for a powerful washer and dryer? Look no more. LG’s 3499 washer/dryer combo offers the convenience and quality you need to ensure your clothes stay fresh and clean, regardless of the size of your space. It’s 2-3/10 cu. ft. basin is also a surprisingly large benefit for this all-in-one powerhouse. Some of its best features include:

  • Can be installed anywhere because it doesn’t require an external vent for the dryer.
  • Each wash cycle combines up to six wash motions using LG’s 6Motion technology.
  • LG’s SmartThinQ technology sends notifications to your smartphone and accepts voice commands via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • FreshCare feature tumbles clothes every few minutes even after cycle is done to keep clothes fresh.

What makes it one of the best: The Allergiene Cycle uses the power of steam to gently remove more than 95 percent of pet dander allergens from even the most delicate fabrics.

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Best Features: Samsung AddWash

Convenience is a key feature in Samsung’s AddWash model washer. Running late for work? Use the super speed cycle. Forget something? Add clothes in mid-cycle using the WashDoor. Whatever curveball life throws at you during laundry time, you’ll be covered. The combination of quickly-cleaned clothes and technology that operates on your timeline alleviates stress and saves energy. Some of its best features include:

  • VRT Plus (i.e., vibration reduction technology) reduces noise 40 percent over competitors.
  • 14 preset wash cycles and 12 wash options can handle any mess.
  • Full WiFi connectivity allows you to remotely control and monitor your wash cycles from any mobile device.

What makes it one of the best: An internal water heater allows the washer to regulate itself and reach high temperatures for superior cleaning.

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Best Large Capacity: LG Twin Wash

If you need size and speed, go for the LG Twin Wash. Worried about that huge load of dirty laundry coming out clean? LG’s TurboWash technology will get the job done in the least amount of time. Other great features include:

  • Extra large door for easy loading.
  • Six wash motions, from scrubbing for tough stains to swinging for delicates.
  • Powerful high-pressure cleaning nozzles that save up to 30 minutes per load.
  • Monitor laundry remotely with a smartphone app that has tag-on technology, letting you change cycles directly.
  • Integrates with LG SideKick, a mini pedestal washer that can be added for larger capacity or smaller separate loads.

What makes it one of the best: Steam cleaning technology gets big loads really clean as well as germ and allergen free.

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Most Innovative: GE 850S

GE designed this washer to solve a multitude of problems. Patented technology attacks odors by removing moisture after every cycle. The machine is WiFi compatible, allowing you to stop and start your cycles from your smartphone while providing notifications and updates in real time. Some of its best features include:

  • “One-Step Wash + Dry” lets you wash and dry a small load in the washer, without switching clothes to the dryer.
  • Proprietary venting system and antimicrobial technology reduces mildew build-up, removes odors and keeps clothes fresh.
  • Dynamic balancing technology senses and rebalances uneven loads during the spin cycle.

What makes it one of the best: Effortless laundry. GE’s intelligent dispenser holds up to 32 loads of detergent and automatically dispenses the right amount for that size load.

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9 / 10

Most for The Money: LG 3500

One of LG’s largest loading machines, the 3500 boasts a 4-1/2 cu. ft. capacity and extra wide door for big loads. Its primary selling point: Efficiency. It’s designed to save money and energy throughout the washing cycle. Some of its best features include:

  • TubClean Cycle provides periodic maintenance to thwart mildew and keep the washer fresh.
  • SmartDiagnosis helps the LG service center solve problems over the phone or via a smartphone app.
  • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • Compatible with LG SideKick, a mini pedestal washer that can be added to let you take out two loads of laundry at the same time.

What makes it one of the best: LG’s ColdWash technology uses cold water and innovative washing motions to penetrate deep into fabrics. This combination provides warm water washing with cold water savings.

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Best of the Best: Samsung FlexWash

At six cu. ft. of washing space, the Samsung FlexWash tops our chart for capacity and reduces the time you spend doing laundry. The FlexWash can be controlled through a smartphone app to provide remote monitoring, cycle adjustment and real-time alerts and notifications. It also offers a super speed setting that claims to be 45 percent faster than competitors and utilizes steam cleaning for greater stain penetration. More features:

  • VRT Plus (i.e., vibration reduction technology) reduces noise 40 percent over competitors.
  • PowerFoam feature optimizes high-efficiency detergent, which combines with steam for superior cleaning.
  • Quality construction features direct drive motor, stainless steel drum and self-cleaning capability.

What makes it the best of the best: Gone are the days of waiting for whites before beginning delicates. Samsung’s FlexWash system provides two separately-controlled washer compartments in the same unit, the bigger one below (five cu. ft.) and a smaller one up top (one cu. ft.).

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