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The Best Spa Showers of 2022

Turn your bathroom into a personal oasis where you indulge in self-care without the sky-high spa price tag. Here are eight outstanding shower options.

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New shiny metal shower head on ceramic tile wall background in the bathroomIldar Imashev/Getty Images

What To Consider When Buying a Spa Shower

You shouldn’t need to refinance your home to enjoy some of the benefits of a spa experience. And thanks to the large selection of spa showers available, you don’t have to. With massage jets, soothing LED lights and full-coverage rain showers, these spa systems give you a relaxing, soothing, bathing experience whenever you like.


Upgrading your existing shower to a spa version can be as simple as replacing your existing shower head, or as complex as installing an entire panel that requires extensive remodeling.

According to Nick Yahoodain, professional contractor and CEO of Advanced Builders and Contractors, take the time to consider any potential additional installation costs when choosing your spa shower. Add those costs to the total price of the unit.


It can be overwhelming to choose among the wide range of spa showers, so consider which features will be most beneficial to you. Yahoodain describes a spa shower as “anything that adds spa features beyond a standard shower system,” adding that you’re only limited by your imagination (and budget).

Here are some features to consider:

  • Rainfall shower head: These extra-wide shower heads mimic the feeling and perpendicular direction of raindrops. They’re usually positioned higher than traditional shower heads, and allow gravity to add velocity and power to their stream.
  • Mood lighting: Colored LEDs in the primary shower head can create a cool, soothing atmosphere, really making your bathroom feel separate from the rest of your home.
  • Sound system: Yahoodain recommends it, especially if you live in the city. “Playing natural sounds while in the shower helps your mind and body experience the relaxing space, by creating the ultimate spa experience at home,” he says.
  • Massage jets: These supplemental water streams won’t be strong enough to replicate a hands-on massage, but they add to the overall feeling of being enveloped in water. They’ll also make it easier and faster to wash off shampoo and soap.
  • Aromatherapy: Yahoodain says aromatherapy spa showers are a popular option. This feature is a great choice if you appreciate your sense of smell.

Flow restrictions

California and New York have stricter water restrictions than other states, and certain spa showers can’t be sold or shipped there. Make sure to review your state’s water-saving regulations so you know you’re not violating any flow-rate restrictions.

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Kes Black Spa Shower Via

KES Three-Function Matte Black Shower System

The 10-inch square shower head on this KES system is ideal for anyone seeking a rainfall experience. This head and handheld wand feature rubber nozzles, which makes them easy to clean when mineral deposits build up. Simply rub them with your finger to clear any blockage.

The black matte finish gives this system a minimal, muted look, and would look right at home in an ultra-modern space.

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ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel Towervia

Ello&Allo Shower Panel Tower

The adjustable body jets, LED shower head, and multi-functional wand of this Ello&Allo model combine to create an immersive, comprehensive spa experience. You can switch the rainfall to a waterfall if you prefer, and its cool blue LED light produces a relaxing spa atmosphere. The digital temperature display allows you to precisely dial in your preferred water temperature.

Note: If you prefer a minimalist look, this system might not be for you.

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Gabrylly Shower Systemvia

Gabrylly Shower System

The simple layout of this shower — a single rainfall head and separate handheld wand — makes it a great option for those who want a hassle-free shower without unnecessary bells and whistles.

The wand features useful stream settings, like a pulsating massage mode — perfect for tired muscles. The oil-rubbed bronze finish gives it an elegant, sleek look, and the durable brass fittings make it a great choice for longevity.

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Waterpik BodyWand Spa System With PowerComb Streamvia

Waterpik BodyWand Spa System With PowerComb Stream

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy the benefits of a spa shower. This Waterpik costs much less than other models and still provides various stream and nozzle options.

The handheld wand can be positioned together with the primary head to provide a wide, heavy spray, or detached for all-over use. Both heads feature rubber nozzles for easy cleaning, a feature not always found on systems at this price.

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Oahu Shower Systemvia

Oahu Shower System

A folding teak seat separates this splurgy Oahu shower spa from the competition, and adds a steam room-like vibe. The four body jets, in two sizes, combine with a shower head that can be used as a waterfall, rainfall or both! You can customize the shower experience. Whether you’re jumping in for a quick rinse or planning to linger, this spa shower has you covered.

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Akdy Multifunction Spa Showervia

Akdy Multifunction Spa Shower

This Akdy shower adds a modern, tropical style to your bathroom, thanks to the bamboo panel and black matte fixtures. The eight individual jets on the panel itself provide an impressive amount of coverage, and the rainfall head can be angled to your preferred position. This would make a perfect addition if you’re looking to upgrade your bath to a wet room bathroom.

Akdy explains that each of the shower functions work independently to make sure water pressure is not diminished.

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Moen Aromatherapy Multi-Function Spa Showervia

Moen Aromatherapy Multi-Function Spa Shower

This Moen dual shower head adds an aromatherapy element to your shower, and its individual capsules let you to choose from various scents. The aromatherapy feature, combined with the handheld wand option and six spray patterns, makes this shower spa a good value. You’ll also like the spot-resistant finish that’s easy to clean.

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Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Spa Showervia

Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Spa Shower

This Kohler shower head features a large, easy-to-use Bluetooth speaker, a great choice for music or podcast lovers. The removable speaker has a magnetic docking system, so it’s easy to charge and take it with you if you move. If you crave sound and more water stream options, add this shower head to a system with multiple water stream options.

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