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8 Best Stand Up Weed Pullers

Weeding is back-breaking and time-consuming. A gardening expert gave us advice about stand up weed pullers. Here's what we learned.

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8 Best Stand Up Weed Pullers Ecomm Via Amazon.comVia Merchant

Buying a Stand Up Weed Puller

A stand up weed puller is a garden tool that saves wear and tear on your back. No more bending over or crouching down to remove ground-blanketing clover, lawn-invading crabgrass or the base of wall-clinging ivy.

“Weeding gardens is backbreaking, time-consuming labor,” says Katie Dubow, a gardener, president of Garden Media Group and host for Cottage Farms on QVC. “As the summer wears on, it can start to feel like a never-ending process. The good news is there are ways to make weeding much easier on your body.”

What to look for in a stand up weed puller

  • Weed-specific operation: Choose a tool specifically for the weeds you need to remove.
  • Ergonomic design: Tools made to fit your natural body positions decrease the change of injury. “Look for a lightweight, ergonomic wood handle at least 50 inches long to reduce back strain,” Dubow says.
  • Weight: Plastic is less durable, but lighter and easier to wield.
  • Sturdiness: Weed pullers made of powder-coated steel with screws to hold parts together will last longer than other materials.
  • Helpful features. Things like telescoping handles, foot pedals and easy-release buttons make weeding less tedious.

Garden Weasel Step And Twist Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Garden Weasel WeedPopper Step & Twist

This revolutionary tool was invented and introduced in Germany in 1974. The Garden Weasel WeedPopper Step & Twist, with spiky tines on the end, removes scraggly sprouts and shoots with minimal effort. You step, turn, pull and pop the weeds out of the ground.

Use the thumb release to pop out the weed plug into a compost pile or waste bin. You’ll never have to pull or pick up weeds by hand again.

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Root Slayer Nomad Spade And Weeder Ecomm Via Gardeners.comVia Merchant

Root Slayer Nomad Spade and Weeder

Got raised beds and borders overrun by stubborn weeds? The Root Slayer Nomad Spade and Weeder, though surprisingly light (less than three pounds), uproots weeds in the hardest ground, even frozen. It’s nearly 30 percent smaller than a full-size garden spade, so you can weed in the tightest places.

As one five-star reviewer on writes, “This spade is even more awesome than the one I’ve been using for years. It cuts through clay soil like butter.”

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Radius Garden Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Radius Garden Pro Ergonomic Stainless Steel Weeder

You’ll spend a little more on this tool, but your body will thank you.

The comfortable, non-latex thermoplastic grip of the Radius Green Pro Ergonomic Stainless Steel Weeder allows you to push it straight down. This takes stress off your wrists, so even the most avid gardener is less likely to irritate arthritic joints or develop carpal tunnel problems. Big weeding gains with no pain.

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Bean Hook Paver Weeder Ecomm Via BullytoolsVia Merchant

Bully Tools Bean Hook

What about those weeds that pop up in cracks between pavement, concrete walkways and brickwork? The Bully Tools Bean Hook cuts through and lifts wedged-in thistles, bramble, grass, moss and the like.

It’s made of heavy-duty, seven-gauge steel with a high-quality fiberglass handle. A coat of polyester covers the pole to prevent splintering and rust.

“The flatwork on my driveway is stamped concrete, so the stress breaks are rough in texture and full of moss and dirt,” writes customer Dusty Traveler. “This tool does a nice job of breaking up the dirt and lifting the moss, making final cleanup quite easy.”

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Red Dragon Torch Kit Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Mini Dragon Propane Torch Kit

Not a weed puller so much as a weed “fryer,” the Mini Dragon Propane Torch Kit gets rid of weeds without chemical herbicides or back-breaking hand pulling.

The Mini Dragon doesn’t set weeds on fire; it warms them enough that they wither and die. A small flame with pinpoint precision and control does the work. It’s perfect for spot-weeding driveways, sidewalks, patios and along fences. Weeds are, well, toast.

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Grampas Weeder Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Grampa’s Weeder

The popular Grampa’s Weeder is a claw-style tool with a lever that lets you to effortlessly snatch weeds out of the ground without straining your back.

Just jab the forked end of the pole into the middle of the weed and tip it to one side. This engages the clawed “grabber.” Once weeds are in its clutches, lift the pole up and out of the ground and watch crabgrass, dandelions and other weed come up, roots and all!

“Stand-up claw devices work best on established weeds, in all soil types, and especially after a good rain or watering,” says Dubow.

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Power Planter Garder Auger Drill Bit Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Power Planter Extended Length Bulb Auger

When you need to go deep, the Power Planter Extended Length Bulb Auger has the length and spiral shape to do it. “An easy way to get the whole root out of the soil without breaking the weed’s root (or your back) is to use an extended length auger,” Dubow says.

The 48-inch shaft is made of sturdy 5/8-inch steel. Attach the auger to any standard power drill (not included) to retrieve hard-to-reach woody tree and shrub roots that regular stand up weeders can’t. It effectively loosens the toughest soil around subterranean tubers and dead shoots, making them much easier to pull out.

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Hoss Stirrup Hoe Ecomm Via HosstoolsVia Merchant

Hoss Stirrup Hoe

With a distinctive shape and oscillating blade, the Hoss Stirrup Hoe slices its way through weeds. It lets you get in these close to plants without damaging stems and disrupting soil.

This product features a strong, pliable spring steel blade that can be bent, twisted and compressed yet “springs back” to its original shape. The lightweight ash handle extends 60 inches for excellent reach. It’s also a great cultivating tool for edging along flower beds.

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