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8 Best Truck Tool Boxes

A truck tool box keeps your equipment safe and dry whether you're driving to the hardware store or spending all day at a remote jobsite.

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8 Best Truck Tool Boxesvia merchant

Buying a Truck Tool Box

Truck tool boxes provide secure, stable storage for your tools and equipment when you’re on the road or at a remote site. They’re an excellent way for DIYers with a pickup to keep equipment safe, even if your truck has an extended cab. After all, you never should leave expensive equipment where it’s visible.

Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for the best truck tool box for you.

Security. A truck tool box should have a lock and should be difficult to remove from the vehicle. There is no such thing as a totally theft-proof toolbox, but a well-designed truck box will pose enough of a challenge that a thief is more likely to move on to an easier target.

Material and durability. Truck tool boxes, whether plastic or metal, must withstand the extremes of your local temperatures and weather conditions, as well as the realities of a work pickup. Things will likely be dropped into it, and some will use it as an impromptu step stool. Steel is durable but heavy. Plastic is lighter and won’t rust, but less durable. Aluminum falls somewhere in the middle. Also, take into account the thickness of the material. Thin gauge metal will be lighter but more prone to dents.

Weather resistance. Freezing temperatures or extreme heat can shorten a box’s useful life, making it brittle or overly hot to the touch. But rain presents the biggest weather danger. Truck tool boxes should be impervious to water penetration from above. Some boxes have drainage holes to allow trapped water to leak out. No drainage means spills from oil, cleaning liquids, etc. will be contained in the box. That saves the truck bed from damage, but exposes the tools to excess moisture.

Storage space. Although two truck tool boxes may appear similar in size, their layouts can vary a great deal. Larger tools need bigger spaces, but a single small tool in a big box will be thrown around every time your truck takes a turn. For maximum flexibility, look for a box with adjustable compartments.

Style. Truck boxes are generally categorized by where they sit on the truck. Crossover boxes span the end of the bed, while topside units sit on the side rail. Inner-side boxes also sit on the side rail, but with a lower profile. Saddle boxes are crossovers that leave additional space in the bed corners. There are also underbody boxes that mount below the truck bed or on a trailer. No matter what style you select, you’re giving up space, so it’s really a matter of where you can spare it the most.

Lid position. The lid position and opening direction may seem like a minor point. But after you crawl into the truck bed to open the box a few times, you may find yourself wishing you had something easier to access from the driver’s side. So think about it. A little forethought can save a big headache down the road.

Note: Measure to verify the truck tool box you’re considering will fit your truck bed before making a purchase.

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Best Single Lid Crossover Truck Tool Boxvia merchant

Best Single-Lid Crossover Truck Tool Box

A single-lid crossover is the classic truck tool box, and this 70-in. Tractor Supply Aluminum Crossover Truck Tool Box delivers on all fronts.

The lid self-rises, making it easier to access contents one-handed, and the low-profile design won’t obstruct the rear window view. We love the handrail-style lid topper that provides plenty of spaces to latch on a tie-down and squeeze a little extra storage from the top of the box. It comes with a five-year warranty.

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Best Dual Lid Crossover Truck Tool Box Via Homedepot.comvia merchant

Best Dual-Lid Crossover Truck Tool Box

Just because a tool box has two lids doesn’t guarantee easy access. The gull-wing design of this 72-in. UWS Crossover Truck Tool Box gives you easy access from beside the driver or passenger door. And the wings self-close with a simple tug, so there’s no slamming them closed as you unload equipment.

Available in bright aluminum or black powder coated diamond tread, this box has two built-in small parts trays. It’s covered by a one-year warranty.

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60 Silver Aluminum Full Size Top Mount Truck Tool Box Via Homedepot.comvia merchant

Best Topside Truck Tool Box

If you prefer to keep as much space available in your truck bed as possible, the TBTS-60 from UWS Truck Tool Box is a strong choice. Built with a heavy-gauge alloy aluminum, the 60-inch box rides on the bed rail and opens to the outside of the vehicle.

Stainless steel aircraft cables support the lid when open, and the 90-degree lid position acts as an impromptu work surface that can support up to 1,000 lbs. It’s available in bright aluminum or powder-coat black diamond tread, and comes with a one-year warranty.

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Jobox 58 12 In Via Homedepot.comvia merchant

Best Inner-Side Truck Tool Box

Inner-side boxes are supported on the bed’s side rail, and often by a pair of legs that extend down to the bed. The key feature: The bulk of their storage is inside the bed space.

The Jobox Inner Side Truck Tool Box makes great use of this design. The full-length storage compartments keep small parts and tools from getting lost in the bottom of the box, while the body has room for larger items. There’s also an inner layer of rigid foam insulation to help avoid dents and dings, along with a push-button lock. The warranty runs three years.

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Undercover Swingcase Truck Bed Storage Box Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Swing-Out Truck Tool Box

The UnderCover SwingCase Truck Box, installed on a hinge, sits over your wheel well but swings out 180 degrees toward the tailgate. That provides easy access to the tools and equipment inside. It’s also easy to remove, a nice feature if you need the full bed width to haul 48-in. wide material such as drywall or plywood.

This design means it holds less weight (it maxes out at 75 lbs.), but the convenience is worth it for many truck owners. It’s also useful when tailgating; it’s the only box on this list with cup holders on the lid. This U.S.-made tool box locks with a key and ships with an organizational tray and moisture seal.

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Black Steel Underbody Truck Box With T Handle Latchvia merchant

Best Underbody Truck Tool Box for Flat Bed

If your vehicle or trailer can accommodate an underbody mount, the Buyers Products 1702305Underbody Truck Tool Box is one that’s made to last. Its durable powder-coated steel body resists corrosion, and the adjustable, locking compression latch protects tools from theft and bad weather. If the gaskets fail, they’re replaceable.

Not every DIYer has a truck that can take an underbody mount. But if you do, this is worth checking out.

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Northern Tool Trailer Tongue Boxvia merchant

Best Truck Tool Box for DIYers With Trailers

If you use your truck to haul a trailer loaded down with ATVs, boats or excess building materials, the Northern Tool Trailer Tongue Box stores tools and equipment without sacrificing precious truck bed space.

This aluminum tool box has a single-opening lid with a notched back to fit snug against the trailer. It’s backed up by a lifetime limited warranty.

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Decked Tool Boxvia merchant

Most Accessible Crossover Truck Tool Box

The Decked Crossover Tool Box has one of the most interesting features we’ve seen: an optional integrated ladder that folds out from the box over the side of your truck. That makes it easy to climb up and access the contents. It’s especially useful when you’ve got a bed of materials blocking the tailgate.

This also comes with a “snack tray” for small parts and one of Decked’s D-Boxes — a container for smaller tools that fits inside larger Decked truck boxes and truck bed drawer systems.

Molded with impact-resistant, resin-encapsulating steel plates, this sturdy box resists denting. The drivers side-facing lock makes securing and opening the box easy. When closed, a synthetic rubber gasket seals it against the elements.

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