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12 Bizarre Toilet Paper Holders

Take your bathroom from traditional to fun with a new toilet paper holder. Available in designs for just about every taste and sense of humor, here are 12 bizarre toilet paper holders to consider.

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Pig Toilet Paper Holder

Like pigs? Pig lovers will get a kick out of this toilet paper holder in which a pig is mounted to the bathroom wall and the toilet paper comes out its bottom.

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T-Rex Toilet Paper Holder

Your guests will either appreciate this T-Rex toilet paper holder or be a bit intimidated. Even with his short arms, he’ll still be able to keep that roll just in the right place. Learn how to get rid of mold on bathroom walls.

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Dog Toilet Paper Holder

Dog lovers will enjoy this bulldog toilet paper holder. It holds a standard-size roll of toilet paper, but can also be used as a bathroom hook or hand towel holder. This is why your dog follows you into the bathroom.

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Skull Toilet Paper Holder

Keep the Dios de los Muertos vibe alive year-round with this skull toilet paper holder. The hand painted holder has eye-catching floral accents to add some color to your bathroom.

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Cat Toilet Paper Holder

This cat toilet paper holder is a good option for those who can’t mount a holder on the wall. The tail is long enough for two rolls of toilet paper, so there will always be room for a spare within arm’s reach. These 12 bathroom trends are on their way out.

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Robot Toilet Paper Holder

Put your creativity to work with this wooden robot toilet paper holder. Each joint of the robot can be moved, so have fun putting it in various poses. Never bring your cell phone into the bathroom—here’s why.

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Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder

For those who like the retro look of the ’80s, this Polaroid camera toilet paper holder may be the perfect fit. The toilet paper holder comes with one roll of colorful photo style toilet paper, then can be refilled with any standard-sized roll. Clean a bathroom faster and better with these tips.

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Black Sheep Toilet Paper Holder

You don’t have to be the black sheep of the family to enjoy this toilet paper holder. The holder can sit firmly on the ground, be placed on the top of a toilet tank or hung on the wall with hooks (included). It holds seven standard-sized rolls. These 16 cheap bathroom upgrades have plenty of ‘wow’ power.

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Bear Claw Toilet Paper Holder

A good option for an up-north cabin or cottage, let the bear hold your toilet paper! This bear paw toilet paper holder includes mounting hardware and holds standard or double rolls. Save money on your bathroom renovation with these 10 tips.

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Talking Toilet Paper Holder

The fun never ends with this talking toilet paper holder. It plays automatically when people pull the paper, and you can record your own messages and change them up as often as you want. It will turn any ordinary bathroom trip into a fun-filled surprise. Here are seven ways you’re probably cleaning your bathroom wrong.

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Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder

This cast iron giraffe toilet paper holder will add a safari feel to your bathroom. It holes several rolls of toilet paper and can also be used as a paper towel holder. So what is that disgusting slime in your bathroom, exactly?

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Octopus Toilet Paper Holder

Keep the sea theme going in your bathroom with this metal octopus toilet paper roll holder. The octopus will hold a standard size roll of toilet paper between two of its tentacles. Get organized with these clever and useful bathroom storage tips.

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