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13 Brilliant Organizing Shortcuts You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Get your home in tip-top shape with these organizing tips from the pros.

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Woman organizes clothes in living room of her home

Secret Stashes of Clutter

When it comes to organizing, it’s easier to think about big things like a total closet makeover than your heaping junk drawer or that teetering pile of pot lids that tumble out of your cabinet every time you open it. Too often, these areas stay neglected because they’re hidden behind closed cabinet doors or drawers.

These tips from professional organizers and interior designers will help you organize every nook and cranny in your home.

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Corner Cabinet Organizers

Gain useful storage space from cabinet corners with blind corner swing-out units. “These make the backs of those pesky spaces as easy to reach as the front areas, so you can get more use out of your kitchen,” says Jamie Gold, author of Wellness by Design and wellness designer expert. “You won’t need knee pads and a flashlight to retrieve the pot you stored there and almost forgot about.” They’re also ideal for older people or anyone with lower back or flexibility issues.

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organized silverware drawer kitchen amazon

Insert It

The better organized your kitchen is, the more you’ll enjoy cooking, Gold says. One of the quickest fixes to make your kitchen more user-friendly is to organize your drawers with inserts. “Many of these inserts can be adjusted to fit your drawer and can come with you when you move,” Gold says.

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Group Like Items Together

“Consolidate similar items together, like spices, to create a visual calm and uniform organization to traditionally mismatched items,” says Amelia Nicholas of Urban Cottage. Nicholas suggests using canisters like these magnetic spice jars from The Container Store to optimize space in narrow and awkward top drawers and to keep every spice within reach.

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organizer magnetic storage

Magnetic Storage

Nicholas also suggests making use of unexpected metal surfaces as an opportunity for storage. “In newer construction apartments, there are often large metal panel fronts to the HVAC units,” she says. “Metal doors and framing, and refrigerator doors and sides also provide storage opportunities.”

By using magnets, you avoid nailing or drilling holes in walls or cabinets. Stick a shelf, like this magnetic container from The Container Store, to one of these areas to organize computer cords and remotes in the living area.

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organizer hangers amazon

Hang It Right

There’s no need to spend a ton of money on fancy closet systems to get it organized. Rather, invest in the right type of hanger to maximize closet space, says Stasia Steele, professional organizer and founder of The Little Details. “Cascading hangers can optimize the vertical space in your closet,” says Steele.

This set from BriaUSA will open up your closet, giving you clear access to your clothes.

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small things shoes shoe rack organize amazon

Make a Spot for Small Items

Entryways and mudrooms often become cluttered with small items. No wonder — they’re a convenient dumping area, the first and last place you pass when leaving and entering your home.

To keep the area clutter-free, “use an over the door shoe organizer in the mudroom to store all of your outdoor gear such as hats, gloves, scarves, sunscreen, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, ” says Steele.

Give each person in the family their own clearly labeled pocket(s). A clear organizer, like this one from SimpleHousewares, lets you see what’s inside the pockets so you don’t have to rummage through them when you’re in a hurry. Creating a drop zone also helps keep this high traction area organized.

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styling tools amazon organized

Access Styling Tools Quickly

Styling tools are hard to store because they are typically awkwardly shaped or bulky. So they end up just laying on a counter, cluttering it up in no time.

“Having a place to store your styling tools and makeup for quick stowaway will help you straighten up your bathroom in a jiffy,” promises professional organizer Shara Ryan of Simply Renewed Living. “This mDesign holder is great as it can sit on your counter but also be stored in a cupboard and doesn’t require any installation.”

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hamper laundry organized storage pottery barn

Store in Plain Sight

Many homes lack a dedicated space for dirty laundry, which is why hampers are so useful. If you don’t have a place to hide a hamper, make it an attractive accessory that compliments the space.

“I love wicker baskets you can leave sitting out in plain sight, but I also love these that you can hang on the wall to save space,” says Ryan. An added advantage of a hanging hamper, like this one from Pottery Barn, is that it is super easy to vacuum underneath without moving them.

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wall hooks organization amazon

Hook It

Basic hooks can be used to create a gorgeous hat gallery in your closet,” says Emi Louie, organizing expert and Certified KonMari Consultant. “Even hanging just one hat can add some fun to an otherwise plain and underutilized wall.” By placing items on a hook, it not only frees up shelf space, but it also elevates the item to your sightline, so you don’t forget about it. Learn more cleaning and organizing tips from professional organizers.

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organization dish washer dishes drawer storage amazon

Store Dishes in a Drawer

“Storing dishes in a cabinet is common, but storing them in a drawer can help you streamline everyday prep and clean up,” says Louie. Pick a drawer that’s close to the dishwasher to make it easier to unload the dishwasher. Putting commonly used dishes in a drawer versus a high cabinet also has a bonus perk.

“If you’ve got kids at home, storing dishes within their reach means they can help unload the dishwasher and set the table,” she says. Depending on how deep your drawer is, a vertical organizer, like this one from Spectrum Diversified, can help keep your plates neat and nick-free.

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organization folding clothes amaozn

Fold Like a Pro

An unorganized drawer is not only unattractive, it’s inefficient. Professional organizer and founder of Sort and Sweet, Mary Cornetta, says file folding your clothing into drawers or bins is the best way to maximize space in your bedroom.

“Not only does it save space, but you can also see everything you own and it looks awesome,” says Cornetta. “If you’re not naturally great at folding, a folding board goes a long way.” We like these from EZPacking.

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linen closet organizers amazon

Tame Your Linen Closet

Unruly sheets can take over a closet in a heartbeat. Plus, who really knows how to fold those awkward fitted sheets the right way?

Cornetta recommends the “bag method” where you slip the folded sheets and pillowcases of each set into one of the set’s pillowcases. Then fold it over and place in a basket or a bin like these from Granny Says that have a trapezoid design so you can readily see everything in it. This method also makes changing the sheets a breeze because you’ll have all the sheets you need in one handy place.

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organization organizers amazon

Keep It Clear

For pet food supplies or even condiments in the fridge, clear bins can help organize like items. Unlike regular storage bins, clear ones have a unique advantage. “Clear bins will not only make your life easy with everything — you can see exactly what is inside,” says Samantha Wenig of Neat Spaces, a home and apartment organization company based in New York City.

To find the right size bin, measure your space, then research what bin makes the most sense. You can store everything from shoes, sweaters, pantry items or even frozen veggies in clear plastic bins. Get bins with lids so you can stack them neatly.

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