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10 Brilliant Ways to Decorate with Burlap This Fall

From tablescapes to decorative pillows, burlap is the perfect material for crafting and decorating this fall.

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Make Silverware Holders

Tablescapes set the tone for holiday gatherings, and with fall here, it’s time to start planning. Consider putting the focus on your silverware, wrapping it in burlap, tying with a gold bow and tucking in accessories like leaves, berries and more. Here’s why fall is the best time to have a garage sale.

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BurlapYakov Oskanov/Shutterstock

“Grow” Burlap Roses

These roses are beautiful when grouped together or singled out as an embellishment on a napkin ring or picture frame. Learn how to make them here. Or, choose the BIY (buy it yourself) route here.

If garden roses are more your thing, here’s what you need to know about 10 new roses you’ll want to grow.

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candy ony Ho/Shutterstock

Make a Gift Bag

Provide guests at your Thanksgiving party or other holiday gathering with a little gift bag made of burlap. Lay the piece of burlap flat and place the little gift in the center. Gather up the edge and tie with twine or ribbon. If you’re making a candy bag, leave the top of the bag open a bit so you can fill it all the way up! Check out these 15 smart tips to get your home ready for fall.

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Create a Rustic Vase

Take a bottle and paint the inside white. When it’s dry, embellish it with burlap and lace. These simple, inexpensive vases are perfect for a rustic wedding. As fall settles in, get into the spirit of the season by getting into one of these 100 activities.

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fallFavore Studio/Shutterstock

Create a Cozy Patio

With the leaves in full color, you’ll want to take your apple cider outside to the patio and enjoy the crisp fall air. Transform your patio into an autumnal haven by covering your table with burlap. Add other festive accents on or around the table, like pumpkins and gourds. Round out your outdoor fall decor with a beautiful wreath!

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Plants Elena Zajchikova/Shutterstock

Dress Up Your Plants

Before the cold comes and your outdoor plants take a hit, wrap the plastic pots with burlap and use them as the focal point for a festive fall display. Before you rake up all of the fallen leaves in your yard, save a bushel to decorate your pumpkins with this fall.

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PillowsBill Livingstone/Shutterstock

Make Burlap Pillows

Whether you want to accent your sofa or create a full-on fall seating display, inside or out, burlap pillows help set a rustic scene for sipping pumpkin spice drinks with friends and family. Get in the spirit of fall with these 25 pumpkin spice goodies.

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Scarecrow Maleo/Shutterstock

Create a Scarecrow

Whether as a fun fall decoration or to actually keep those crows at bay, burlap is the fabric of choice for making your own scarecrow. Check out these 13 amazing scarecrows.

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Table Alex Gukalov/Shutterstock

Decorate Your Table

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Consider complementing a tablescape with wildflowers, candles and a simple burlap table runner. You may also want to learn about these 10 things you can do with a pile of leaves.

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ChairsMarina Varnava/Shutterstock

Jazz Up Banquet Chairs

Planning a big party for this fall? Turn those rented banquet chairs (or your dining room chairs) into beautiful decor by wrapping flowy fabric over the chair backs and tying with a generous burlap bow. If it’s your turn to host the family festivities this Thanksgiving, here are some easy ways to make sure everyone has a place to give thanks.

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