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8 Ceiling Fan Parts and Accessories

Whether you’re installing a new fan or fixing an old one, these are the parts you need to know.

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Common Ceiling Fan Parts and Accessories

If you’re a DIYer, you’ll likely install or repair a ceiling fan at some point. Understanding ceiling fan parts and accessories is crucial, and that knowledge will help you maintain your fan and prevent future repairs.

Whether you’re installing a fan for the first time, fixing an existing fan or increasing functionality, these are the most common parts you’ll work with.

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Fan Bladesvia

Ceiling Fan Blades

Fan blades rotate and move air. Ceiling fan blades are larger than a typical table or box fan. Not all ceiling fans have the same number of blades, but four or five is typical.

This pack of ceiling fan blades from Harbor Breeze comes with five. You can get blades in many shapes and colors to match the rest of your décor.

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Fan Blade Armsvia

Fan Blade Arms

These parts connect the blades to the motor. If the fan blade arms come loose, they can cause an unbalanced fan. Like fan blades, they come in packs with various numbers. If your fan has five blades, be sure to get a pack of five blade arms, not four.

You can find these parts with many finishes and styles. These Harbor Breeze ceiling fan arms feature a bronze finish and scalloped edge.

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Light Kitvia

Light Kits

Ceiling fan light kits let you combine overhead lighting and air movement. There are a few options.

One common choice is a single light globe that covers multiple bulbs. Other ceiling fan light kits offer individual glass or plastic shades for each bulb. It just depends on your design preference. The light covers tend to collect dust, so they occasionally need to be removed and washed.

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Pull Chainvia

Pull Chains

Pull chains are one of the most frequently replaced ceiling fan parts and accessories, because chains don’t last forever. Fortunately, they’re also one of the easiest parts to fix. You can go for a cheap and simple pull chain replacement or choose one with labels.

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Mounting Hardwarevia

Mounting Hardware

New ceiling fans require mounting hardware for installation. Some ceiling fan kits come with everything you need, but some make you buy the mounting hardware separately. Home improvement stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot sell ceiling fan mounting hardware kits in stores and online.

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Wall Switchvia

Wall Switch

One of the downsides of ceiling fans is the pull chain. It can be frustrating to reach up and adjust the fan speed with a chain, especially for shorter people and kids. Adding a wall switch with speed controls makes that task easier for everyone.

This wall switch lets you control the fan and light in the same spot. It’s one of the most practical ceiling fan parts and accessories.

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Take things one step further and add a remote control to your ceiling fan. With this convenient ceiling fan accessory, you can turn the fan on and off without leaving your chair. It really comes in handy at night for bedroom ceiling fans.

There are many options to consider, but this ceiling fan remote control offers speed control and light dimming capabilities.

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Extension Downrod

A downrod lets you adjust the height of the ceiling fan. Its length depends on your ceiling height. Higher ceilings require a lower-hanging fan for good air movement and cooling. This 12-inch, black downrod is one inexpensive option, but you can find them in many lengths, diameters and colors.

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