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Creative Ways to Get More Green in Your Home

Whether you want to liven up a neutral room or make a space in your house feel more therapeutic and serene, green is a great color choice. Here are 9 creative ways to get more green in your home.

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Adopt a Few HouseplantsBallard Designs

Adopt a Few Houseplants

There's nothing like a plant to add a peaceful green note to your rooms—and as an added bonus, they also help recycle the carbon dioxide in the air and keep your house smelling better. If you aren't really a plant person and aren't sure where to begin, find a leafy plant that's easy to take care of, such as a rubber tree, ficus, jade plant or another species that works for you. Earth tones will compliment leafy greens well.
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Include More Bamboo, Cork and Jute

Include More Bamboo, Cork and Jute

For nonliving but still natural materials, the triumvirate of bamboo, cork and jute can help add more green tones to your house. These materials are often near-green (frequently descending to browns and tans), but close enough to muted natural shades that they make an excellent backdrop for any true greens that you might want to add. This is an ideal solution if you dislike bright green color schemes but still want the overall balancing effect that green provides.
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Put a Platter of Green in the KitchenAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Put a Platter of Green in the Kitchen

The kitchen is an excellent spot for adding green (we'll talk a little more about this later on), but if you don't already have green appliances or dishes, it can be difficult to find the right décor for your cooking space. Our simple and cost-effective solution is to put out a platter and fill it with the green perishables that you buy. Avocados, ripening mangos, green apples, kiwis, pears, limes and other foods all have green tones and won't come to harm sitting out in a bowl or on a display plate for a few days. Choose the green foods you already eat and display them!
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Create a Mural in the BedroomMarko Poplasen/Shutterstock

Create a Mural in the Bedroom

A leafy mural is a great centerpiece for a bedroom. Pick a smaller wall surface near the bed or by a window for maximum effect. Take a look at jungle and forest scenes for inspiration, and consider buying leaf stencils if you want to paint it yourself. If murals aren't your speed, consider a forest tapestry or framed photograph. Plus: Painting tips for painting around the house
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Tile a Green Border in the BathroomDavid Papazian/Shutterstock

Tile a Green Border in the Bathroom

Retiling your whole bathroom may be too big a project to simply add more green to your home (unless, of course, it's time for a bathroom renovation). Instead, consider adding a green tile border to your shower or backsplash. If you have enough room, you can install a larger frieze on the bathroom walls or devote a section to a specific green design. There are many styles of green tile to choose from, so consider your overall color scheme when buying tile.
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Redo the Cabinets in Shades of GreenKarkas/Shutterstock

Redo the Cabinets in Shades of Green

Painting kitchen cabinets is an effective way to renovate your kitchen while also adding new colors to your house. For the best results, pick a calming green in natural shades: Sage or forest green are common and beautiful choices. Or add some major pizzazz with lime green!
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Add Green Accent PiecesAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Add Green Accent Pieces

If you don't have time for a bathroom or kitchen project right now, keep your eyes open for green décor pieces. Vases, bowls and frames can come in varying shades of green and can help highlight the color in an otherwise greenless living room or dining room space. To save money, check out local garage sales for better deals.
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Use Deep Greens in the Den or

Use Deep Greens in the Den or Study

Darker greens are very suitable for dens and studies and, along with warm wood and neutral colors, help to create a classy vibe. If your den is more of a library, consider adding dark green to your bookshelves to help harmonize the varying colors of different book covers.
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Switch to Seagrass FurnitureSeagrass Furniture

Switch to Seagrass Furniture

Seagrass is a popular type of wicker style furniture that works particularly well in sunrooms or spaces with tropical or country themes. Similar to jute and bamboo, seagrass typically has a near-green tone that allows you to add natural shades to a room without going fully green. If you want green furniture that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, seagrass is a good place to start. Try your hand at building a basket stand to incorporate this grassy style.

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