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Décor Ideas You Can Take From Church

Would any of these church-inspired décor ideas look good in your home?

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Italian-Baroque-interior-designAnna Hristova/Shutterstock

Interior Design

Italian Baroque interior design probably won’t make its way into your home but it’s interesting to know how the church played a role in advancing interior design. This room in the palace on Isola Bella is Italian Baroque interior design and the style emerged as popes wanted to build new palaces and churches. Isola Bella is an island and makes it a remote place, just like these 50 gorgeous castles.

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Depending on the church, you’re likely to run into some tile mosaics, some of which could look good in your home. See how we remodeled a bathroom with a marble mosaic. And we put together a marble tile mosaic entryway too, that you’ve got to see.

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Africa Studio/Shutterstock


Flowers are everywhere in a church it seems like and it’s a great reminder why flowers are so awesome at home too. Indoor plants and flowers can liven things up and improve the health of your home. Here are 10 indoor plants you probably can’t kill.

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palmAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Palm Decorations

Palm décor is pretty evident in Christian churches especially as Palm Sunday approaches but people have liked incorporating palm tree designs into their homes. It gives their home an airy ocean feel. If you live in a warmer climate and have palm trees, you’ll want to know these palm tree landscaping tips. 

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Candles pop up all over the place in churches and can be a great décor item for your home. Here’s a kid friendly menorah you can add to your home or some cool beeswax candles in yogurt jars.

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Fleur-de-Lis wallpaperKrikkiat/Shutterstock

Fleur de Lis

The Fleur de Lis has become a religious symbol of sorts since members of the French clergy adopted its use. The Fleur de Lis has appeared as a religious symbol since the Middle ages because it could represent the trinity as well as purity and chastity as a lily. Would you consider removable wallpaper at home?

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Garland Christmas Tree

This crafty creation appeared in a church and it looks like it was made with some old plant trellises and some garland. You should hang on to these 80 things because they’re great for repurposing.

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Flowers Strung Up Outside

If you’ve got the room in your backyard, stringing up some flowers or some string lights to create a beautifully unique look. Check out some of these backyard lighting ideas to get started.

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Black and Gold Damask-PatternEzhevika/Shutterstock

Damask Pattern

You can see damask patterns in a lot of things these days, including backsplashes and window treatments. You can even get damask fabric vestments online. Damask originated in Damascus and became popular in the 13th century and appeared in luxurious buildings, like churches. They were popular in Spain in Islamic areas

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Stained-Glass-windowInked Pixels/Shutterstock

Stained Glass Window

You might be able to still find some old houses with stained glass windows and they used to be a little more common decades ago. It’s easy to see the beauty in stained glass windows, which Christians popularized around the 4th century.

Stained glass windows are also found in synagogues, prairie style homes and Frank Lloyd Wright homes.

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