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DIY Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Instead of going to a fancy restaurant this Valentine's Day, try a DIY date night. Pick a home improvement project and have fun getting it completed together and relax together when it's done. Here are some DIY date night ideas to inspire you.

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date night ideas couple painting a rooomDragon Images/Shutterstock

Paint a Room

Is your living room in need of an update? Perhaps it’s time to give your bedroom a new look. Pick up some paint, crank up your favorite music and have a painting party.

Check out these other projects made by DIYers just like you:

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Build a Terrarium

Build a Terrarium

Add some greenery to your home with a DIY terrarium. You can buy a special terrarium container or use a large glass pickle jar from the recycling bin.

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couple looking at photo scrapbook Hrynevich Yury/Shutterstock

Choose Photos for a Gallery Wall

Go through your photo collection together and choose some favorites to create a gallery wall. Find some old frames or build some of your own in various sizes for an eclectic look.

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garden sproutskaman985shu/Shutterstock

Plan Your Garden

It’s never too soon to get ready for spring. Plan your garden now and get some seeds started. Date night ideas like this make you feel like you’ve really accomplished something!

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green garage storage organizer

Rethink Storage

It may not be the most romantic date night idea, but we could all use some more storage solutions. Get a start on a custom DIY garage storage system or build a cubby to help keep the mudroom organized.

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Update a Light Fixture NARONGRIT LOKOOLPRAKIT/Shutterstock

Update a Light Fixture

Pick out a new light fixture for the dining room or kitchen. Once you’re done installing the fixture, order some takeout to celebrate.

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finish adding bumpers to all tiles

Make Drink Coasters

Take an hour to make some drink coasters. Head to the home improvement store to pick up some ceramic tiles, a package of bumpers and some super glue. When you’re done, enjoy a beer and test out your creation.

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Couple hanging wallpapergoodluz/Shutterstock

Create an Accent Wall

Is there a wall in the living room or in the bedroom that needs a makeover? Create an accent wall. Try using paint, tiles, reclaimed wood or even wallpaper.

The options are endless and each time you enter the room you’ll remember the good time you had on your DIY accent wall date night.

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couple watching movie cuddling bbernard/Shutterstock

Get Cozy

There are a number of quick things you can do to make your home feel cozier. Add some candles or install a dimmer switch. When you’re done, make some hot chocolate, get comfortable and enjoy a movie.

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Wood benchFamily Handyman

Build a Bench

In a couple of hours, you can build a bench to be used on your porch or patio. You’ll need a circular saw and a drill. When you’re finished, relax and enjoy the sunset together.

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