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DIY Faux Fireplace Ideas

No working fireplace? No problem! It's time to get creative with these DIY alternatives.

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DIY Faux Fireplace Book

If you want all the inspiration you can get, check out this DIY fireplace book. You’ll find 10 unique faux fireplace projects, with pictures. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist fireplace, Santa’s workshop fireplace or a year-round look, this book has you covered.¬†Enjoy the comfort and ambiance of a crackling fire on a cold winter’s night.

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dfh17may004_00-2 Wood Log Faux Fireplace Insert

Wood Log Faux Fireplace Insert

If you have an old fireplace you’re not using anymore, or you want the option to have your winter fireplace double as a beautiful scene when not in use during the warmer months, check out this wood log faux fireplace insert. Creating the look of stacked logs looks cozy yet clean.

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CandlelitPolina Letshina/Shutterstock

Candlelit Faux Fireplace

A white faux fireplace, with burning candles in transparent glass vases at its center, is the perfect chic-meets-warm look that’s easy to achieve. The candles keep the flame alive without causing you to worry about managing smoke and fuel.

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Real Wood for Decoration

Just because you’re not going to burn wood in your non-functioning fireplace doesn’t mean you can’t put wood in it! If you live by the beach, stack some driftwood. For a clean look, try birch logs. Stick with oak for a classic feel.

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Wood Wrapped in Christmas Lights

Set up a stack of wood on a stand in your fireplace and wrap Christmas lights around it for the ultimate holiday display. Opt for bulbs with an orange hue to really set the mood.

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fireplaceAlina Reynbakh/Shutterstock

Cardboard Faux Fireplace Logs

This faux fireplace uses the cardboard insert from paper towel rolls to mimic logs. Stack like real logs and add orange string lights above it. Patio bricks serve as the faux fireplace sides, with a wood mantel and floor to resemble the real deal.

Another way to handle the situation if you have children and no fireplace is to provide the jolly old elf with a special key. Here’s what you need to know about this fun tradition.

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Life-Size Cardboard Faux Fireplace

This life-size cardboard fireplace is pure kitsch. If you have a sense of humor and want your home to look a little more festive, this faux fireplace may be the perfect affordable option!

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Fireplace Wall Decal

While a wall decal that features the entire fireplace may not leave you much room for DIYing, this one allows you to get creative. The faux fireplace mantel is a simple design that you can peel and stick to a blank wall. Place whatever decoration you want in the middle, like these beautiful faux birch candles.

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Entertainment Center Faux Fireplace

If you actually had a fireplace, maybe you’d be cozying up in front of it this winter, but since you don’t, you might be clocking more TV time. Combine the best of both worlds with this fun entertainment center. It’s not DIY if you buy this ready-made, but you could use this as inspiration for one you build yourself.

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girlShabby Datwin/Shutterstock

Easter Fireplace

For an enchanting fireplace look that’s ideal for Easter, find a bare, uninteresting wall and mount a mantel and faux hearth. Place a bouquet of flowers on the floor and decorate the mantel with vibrant egg ornaments hanging from a small tree.

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