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10 Dreamy Backyard Water Features You Can Buy

Backyard water features contribute to a calming and relaxing vibe on your patio or deck. It doesn't matter if your space is small—there are plenty of choices to not only suit your space and also your style. Here are 10 dreamy backyard water features you can buy that will help you create a relaxing outdoor space.

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Rock Garden Fountain

Create a space to relax and unwind with this rock garden fountain. The six-tier design has copper-color accents where the water flows along the “falls.” Turn on the LED lights to make the water shimmer. Build a backyard waterfall and stream to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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Spiral Fountain

Create a dream-like atmosphere in your backyard with this spiral fountain. It’s easy to set up and comes with an LED light to brighten up your space once the sun sets. Learn how to build a low-maintenance stone and gravel fountain for your backyard.

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Wall Fountain

Calming and relaxing, this wall fountain can be mounted against any surface using a sturdy hook, screw or nail. Add it to your porch or patio and relax with the gentle water sounds. Put your DIY skills to work with these beautiful pond, fountain and backyard waterfall projects.

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Birdbath Bubbler

Bird watchers will enjoy this birdbath-style bubbler. Sit back and enjoy the soothing sounds while watching the water gently cascade over the sides. You’ll attract more hummingbirds to your backyard with moving water.

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Log Fountain

Perfect for small spaces, this log fountain will help you create the dreamy atmosphere you’ve been searching for. The glowing lights reflect on the cascading falls of this easy-to-setup backyard water feature. Learn how to build a backyard bamboo water feature.

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Arch Rock Fountain

A perfect addition to your landscape, this arch rock fountain brings a touch of nature to your space. LED lights illuminate the cascading water, and buyers say it’s a great addition to their space. “Indoors it is lovely and has low splash and the lights look like magic on the ceiling and walls. Outdoors it fits in perfectly in my rock garden,” said one buyer in their review. Here are 34 awesome outdoor DIY projects to consider building this year.

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Cascading Waterfall

This four-tier cascading waterfall is a good choice for those looking for a smaller backyard water feature. It takes just minutes to set up and has LED lamps, perfect for nighttime use. “Relaxing to the sound of its running water, you may find yourself envisioning a forgotten age of Mediterranean castles of kingdoms,” notes the manufacturer. Wow!

Improve your outdoor space with these 11 projects complete with step-by-step plans.

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Three-Pot Fountain

This three-pot fountain will have a calming effect in your garden. “I love the size of this fountain, it’s not too small or too large, it nestles in to my small garden island perfectly,” said one buyer. “I especially love the sound of this fountain, it’s loud enough to easily hear it from my deck but not so loud that it gets obnoxious and distracts from conversations!” Create a backyard oasis with these DIY projects.

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Rock Fountain

Lay back, relax and daydream while listening to the soothing sounds of this rock waterfall fountain. It has an auto shutoff pump, LED lights and buyers said it was easy to set up. “Water flows with right speed to be able to hear. Nice size and the lights look so pretty at night. When sitting on the back porch you can hear the water falling and the sound is so very relaxing,” said one buyer.

Get the beauty of a backyard pond without digging!

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Sphere Fountain

This sphere fountain with LED light will help you create a dreamy outdoor space. The fountain will enhance your patio or backyard, and the cascading sounds of the waterfall will sooth you at the end of a long day. Here are 22 incredible ideas for a relaxing backyard space.

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