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5 Easy DIY Ways to Trick Out Your Toilet

Functionality and fun for your home’s most important feature.

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Toilet Night Light

This motion-activated night-light illuminates the target to prevent overshots and collateral damage. Set the LED light to one of eight available colors and your glowing bowl will provide just enough light for hand washing. An illuminated bowl and an ineffective flush are a bad combination.

Here’s how to fix a weak flush.

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Bemis Radiance Heated Toilet Seat

Perfect for nocturnal bathroom breaks, this heated seat prevents cheek-chilling jolts, provides guidance with a built-in nightlight and has soft-closing hinges so you won’t wake the family with a slam. Available in round and elongated versions.

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Toilet Monster

Toilet decals are inexpensive and removable—an easy way to thematize your throne for a holiday or party.

Next, check out some seriously unique toilet seat covers you have to see to believe.

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SinkPositive Toilet Tank Sink

Your toilet tank needs a refill after every flush. This clever water saver routes that refill water through a tank-top faucet and sink before it reaches the tank, so you can wash your hands without using any extra water. A constantly running toilet wastes gallons of water every day. Here’s how to fix a running toilet and cut your water bill.

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Kohler Quiet-Close Toilet Seat

Promote household harmony with a seat that won’t slam. This quiet-close seat is also removable for easy cleaning. Make sure the seat you select is round or elongated to match your bowl. Installing a new toilet seat is easy, but detaching the old one may not be.

Here’s how remove stubborn toilet seat.

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