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13 Essential Things to Buy For A New House

Every new homeowner will need some essentials to get settled. Consider this your new house shopping list.

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smart home cameravia merchant

Home Security

Most people want to believe that their new neighborhood is safer than the last place they lived. Why would you move some where more dangerous, right? But the fact of the matter is that crime happens everywhere. Don’t be the family that buys a home security system too late, invest in it right away. It’s one of the first things to buy for a new house. There are so many different systems on the market, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. We recently reviewed the Ring Doorbell 2 and some of it’s accessories. Check out the full Ring review here.

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Tradesman Pro Wide-Open Tool Bag by Klein Tools Featured

Tool Kit

Always be prepared. You may think you know every little problem that your new home has but something is sure to come up. You may not know exactly what to do but you will have the right tool. At a minimum, a good tool kit includes a drill, measuring tape, pliers, wire cutters, level, Allen wrench set, utility knife, flashlight, hammer/mallet, multiple screw drivers and a wrench are a good start of things to buy for a new house. If you have all that, you will be on the way to fixing any problem. Black & Decker’s 60-piece 12V Tool Kit is a great start for any new homeowner looking to know more about the DIY arts.

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CleaningZhurilo Aleksandr/Shutterstock

Cleaning Supplies

You should expect your new home to be clean when you first walk in on moving day, but it rarely is. A deep clean is always necessary before you get settled. Investing in a couple sponges/rags and a variety of cleaners is a quick and cheap way to make you new home feel comfortable. Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner is our go-to for an all-purpose solution.

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Drapes or Blinds

Privacy is key in any home and drapes or blinds are a simple way to achieve it. People often don’t realize that a new home doesn’t include drapes or blinds right off the market. Don’t project your life to your neighbors and buy some cheap drapes to give you some privacy during the moving process. Plants around your yard are also great for privacy.

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Plastic Shower CurtainESB Basic/Shutterstock

Shower Curtain

After moving into your new home, you will likely want to take a shower. Don’t get caught trying to close the shower curtain as you turn on the hot water and getting soaked. Purchase a shower curtain before you ever step into your new home.

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how to clean a toilet plungerQuinn Martin/Shutterstock


We all know the basic function of a plunger, but there are many more uses than just unclogging a toilet. They are great for any drain around your house including sinks and showers. I’m sure most people have been in the situation where they need a plunger but don’t have one. It is not a fun moment. So don’t test fate and plumbing, add a plunger to your list of things to buy for a new house.

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garbage canDaisy Daisy/Shutterstock

Garbage Cans and Liners

This may seem like an obvious part of any home but it is especially important while moving. It is amazing how much junk you can accumulate over time and it is even more amazing how it all seems to reappear during a move.

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DetectorsSerov Aleksei/Shutterstock

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It is not only dangerous to remove a smoke or carbon monoxide detector, it is also foolish. They are your first line of defense against fires and other invisible dangers. Your new house should come equipped with smoke detectors but it is an important to ask your real estate agent to make sure.

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You never know when you will need batteries. You can have a pack of AAA’s for a years and never need them and then one day you need half the pack. Be prepared and have a few of every sized battery so you don’t get stuck running to the store for more. Bonus tip: a battery organizer is a great idea for staying organized.

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change a LED light bulbOleg Vinnichenko/Shutterstock


Much like batteries, you never know when a lightbulb will pop. Keep a variety of sizes and watts around your new home so you don’t get stuck in the dark. LED bulbs are the best route to go if you are looking for new bulbs. They are safer, sturdier and live longer than traditional incandescents. Learn more tips on how to choose what LED bulb is right for you, and add lightbulbs to your things to buy for a new house checklist.

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Lockbox with Extra Keys

Has this ever happened to you? You get locked out of your home late at night and call a locksmith and a pimple-faced-20-something year old comes to your home to save you. You pay him $200 to get you back inside and he unlocks your door in 5 seconds! Well if you can’t tell, it has happened to me. The very next day I bought a lockbox and had my keys copied. Don’t get caught in the cold and buy a lockbox.

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Different clothes on hangers close upAfrica Studio/Shutterstock


I’m not sure how this happens: Your closet is organized and ready to move. You get into your new house and start putting together your closet. Nothing lines up and you need a completely new pack of hangers. How is that possible? It is never a bad option to have too many hangers. When you go and get your trash liners and cleaning supplies for your new home, pick up some hangers as well.

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fire extinguisherEmil I/Shutterstock

Fire Extinguisher

Much like a smoke detector, it is short-sided to not own a fire extinguisher in your new home. A fire extinguisher can be your only option if a fire starts to get out of control and it is the job of every person that lives in a home to know where it is and how to use one. If you have a fire extinguisher in your home, reacquaint yourself and double-check the expiration date.