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Fairy Garden Supplies for Savvy Fairy Gardeners

No fairy garden is complete without the perfect accessories. These budget-friendly fairy garden supplies can help you create an enchanting spot, indoors or outdoors, that's full of imagination and magic.

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Mood Lab Fairy Garden Starter Kit

If you’re just getting started with your miniature fairy garden, this No. 1 new release can help. Create your own magical space with this kit that includes fairies, two benches, a tray and animal figurines. Each item is hand-painted so no two are alike. “Wonderful addition to any fairy garden,” said one buyer. “This is a darling set that we are going to give our granddaughter for Christmas. We are sure she will love it! The details are wonderful and the colors are vibrant. It will be a great addition to her fairy garden!”

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Miniature Fairy Garden Ornament Fence

Have you always wanted a white picket fence? Give your miniature fairy garden cozy, homey vibes with this 40-inch ornamental picket fence, available in white, red or brown. Trim the fence down to the size you need and use the rest in other parts of your garden. “The fairies outdid themselves when making this fence! Rustic, details, nice quality,” said one buyer.

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SuperMoss Moss Mix

You can’t have the perfect miniature fairy garden without a great foundation. This moss mix, an Amazon’s Choice product, adds natural botanical elements to any fairy garden arrangement. “It’s a nice way to sample a few of the different mosses available,” said one buyer. “It’s super soft and cushy, pliable and easy to work with. The colors are vibrant and really lovely. The medley of colors complements each other; the entire bag can be used on one project. I like this brand and the price was certainly right. Highly recommend.”

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Miniature Fairy Garden River Rock

To craft an enchanting and imaginative miniature oasis, you need the right kind of cheap fairy garden supplies. This miniature fairy garden river rock has you covered. Layer the rocks along the edge of your garden or to line a walkway. “These tiny rocks are perfect for a fairy garden,” said one buyer. “The size is perfect. I am so glad I found these online. Whatever craft plans you have, these tiny river rocks work really well. And they are very clean too.”

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La Jolie Muse Miniature Fairy Garden Sisters

Fairies Jewel and Amy can be placed in many areas of your miniature fairy garden to add enchanting detail. Waterproof and sun-resistant, this No. 1 best-seller is also hand-painted for a one-of-a-kind finish. You’ll have a new favorite fairy in no time. “I purchased these sister fairies for my two little girls’ fairy gardens,” one buyer said. “I am SO pleased with the size and quality of them for the price. I had been looking at several other fairies that were two or three times the price and were much smaller. They were the perfect addition to our fairy garden!” Your fairy garden can never have too many fairies.

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GlitZGlam Miniature Duck Pond

Add an adorable water feature to your miniature fairy garden with this duck pond. It’s easy to see why it’s an Amazon’s Choice product for fairy garden supplies. Cute little garden ducklings follow their mother in a picturesque scene. Complete with water, lotus flowers, lily pads and a little frog, it’s a must-have piece for your fairy garden. “This is the cutest thing ever!” said one buyer. “So detailed and beautiful. It looks great in the fairy garden I created for spring. I highly recommend this product.”

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Miniature Ornaments Set

This 109-piece miniature ornaments set includes everything you need to start a fairy garden, including a pair of tweezers for moving the small pieces and a 10-pack of glow stones. Add character and texture to your fairy garden with butterflies, bridges, mushrooms and more. “Really cute garden set for fairy gardens!” said one buyer. “I love that it comes with tweezers since it helps with placing the items!”

Create a decorative path leading to your fairy garden.

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Four-Piece Miniature Fairy Garden Stone House Set

Small details can make a big difference with a miniature fairy garden. This four-piece stone house set, an Amazon’s Choice product, adds the perfect detail and turns your fairy garden into an enchanting scene. The houses are realistic and include fine craftsmanship down to the tiniest of details. “Authentic-looking!” one buyer said. “These are adorable little houses. I used them in a mini-gnome village. They look like real rock or stone houses.”

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Fairy Gardening: Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden

Need help with the vision for your magical miniature fairy garden? This book can help! Gardeners Julie Bawden-Davis and Beverly Turner reveal step-by-step instructions for making your enchanting miniature landscapes using these fairy garden supplies, fairies and fairy garden kits. “This was an amazingly gorgeous book!” said one buyer. “The author makes all kinds of fairy gardens, using small and regular-sized plants, furniture, and small figures to make little scenes. It addresses ways to suggest action in your garden, how to make ‘water’ for streams, putting small animals in and, of course, fairies.”

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No. 1 Best-Seller Fairy Garden Accessory

Need fairy garden supplies? Get a jump-start on creating a miniature fairy garden with this seven-piece set, a best-seller on Amazon. It includes fairies, garden accessories and furniture, all made of long-lasting resin and UV-resistant paint. Create outstanding detail in your fairy garden with these unique hand-painted must-have items. “What a sweet addition to any planter,” said one buyer. “The little pieces are precious and beautiful. Some have little pegs so you can insert them into the soil to keep them in place. I added some colored glass pebbles, moss and a little mermaid. What a fun project. You should make a fairy garden!”

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