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11 Favorite TV Pets

Who could forget Astro and Eddie?

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Salem cat Sabrina the Teenage WitchAbc/Viacom/Kobal/Shutterstock

Salem, Sabrina the Teenage Witch

The wise-cracking, sometimes cantankerous cat always had plans for world domination. Dominate your home by knowing these super easy home repairs.

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Arnold, Green Acres

For Fred and Doris Ziffel on Green Acres, Arnold was like a son. In fact, nearly everyone treated him like a child. Arnold went to school, had a paper route and even screen tested for an acting role. Don’t let your house turn into a pigpen and learn to declutter with these 11 tips.

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Astro-The-JetsonsMoviestore Collection/Shutterstock

Astro, The Jetsons

The Jetson’s trusty family pet, Astro, also showed some advanced knowledge. The pooch learned how to talk and often chatted with George, Judy, Elroy and Jane. These 12 dog houses are pretty cool but it’d be neat to imagine what they’ll look like in the future.

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Brian-Family-Guy-DogFox Tv/Seth Macfarlane/Kobal/Shutterstock

Brian, The Family Guy

The intellectual of the Griffin family, Brian has been known for his tiffs with Stewie, as well as some bad habits. Brian doesn’t seem like a real fitness freak, but then again he probably already knows exactly how much exercise a dog needs.

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Dino-The-FlintstonesMoviestore Collection/Shutterstock

Dino, The Flintstones

The energetic Dino pounced on Fred every time he came home from work. The lovable Snorkasaurus captured Fred’s heart and the hearts of the audience throughout the series’ run. Dino’s purple color is reminiscent to that of another dinosaur that became one of the biggest toy fads of all time.

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Eddie-Fraser-DogDavid Rose/Nbc-Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock

Eddie, Frasier

Eddie became a mid-’90s sensation with his role on the Cheers spin-off Frasier. Eddie, played by Moose, a Jack Russell terrier, helped popularize the breed and later even penned a book. Well, Moose might’ve had a ghostwriter. Eddie used to like to stare down Frasier and became so popular that he received more fan mail than the rest of the cast.

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FlipperMoviestore Collection/Shutterstock


The Flipper franchise has taken several forms through the years but the original television series still stands out. Flipper could communicate with Ricks family to help keep the park running smoothly. Flipper also performed the now famous tail walk. If you’re going to be poolside this summer, check out these 10 tips to stay safe. 

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Mr-EdMoviestore Collection/Shutterstock

Mr. Ed

Mr. Ed is perhaps the most famous TV pet with his talking ability and one-liners on the television show. It turns out the urban legend that trainers used peanut butter to get Mr. Ed to talk is false. But these peanut butter life hacks are the truth.

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Murray, Mad About You

Seems like just about every mid-’90s sitcom had a pet of some sort. The popular Mad About You NBC show featured Murray, a Collie mix found in an animal shelter. Fans voted Murray as the most popular TV dog twice during the sitcom’s run. In the show, Paul found Murray as a puppy and met Jamie while walking him. You’ve got to see the amazing transformations of these 19 dogs after they were adopted.

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Pete-Our-Gang-Little-RascalsC Tavin/Everett/Shutterstock

Petey, The Little Rascals

Petey is one of the most recognizable TV pets with the iconic ring around his eye and he was certainly fun to watch in The Little Rascals. Do you remember all of these iconic TV homes, too?

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Scooby-DooMoviestore Collection/Shutterstock


It’s hard not to love Scooby-Doo and the wonderfully goofy adventures he got into with Shaggy and the gang. Scooby had a distinct way of talking and though he’d get scared, he usually helped solve the mystery. Scooby liked his Scooby Snacks and if you like to give your dog treats, it can add up. Here’s how much it really costs to keep a dog.

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