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Flower Bed Decor That’s Not Tacky

Tacky flower bed decor? Gnome thank you! From rustic to modern, these tasteful landscape additions elevate your outdoor space.

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Tile Stepping Stone

Stepping stones are a great way to brighten up a flower garden bed with little effort. These stepping stones are made of glass tiles on a durable polypropylene base that features a waffled bottom for strength. They’re weather-resistant and beautiful.

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Antique Garden Bird Bath

This outdoor decoration is a classic addition to your flower bed decor. Made of weather-resistant polyresin, it’s tough and durable enough to hold up to the elements year after year. Your flower beds will attract colorful birds once you add this bird bath. It’s the perfect garden décor idea for bird lovers.

Pro tip: Here’s how to clean a bird bath and keep bugs out of your backyard.

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garden archway trellis rebarFamily Handyman

Rustic Arbor

You can make this garden trellis from just $25 of steel rebar. And you won’t have to weld a thing. When you’re done, cover it with climbing flowers for an attractive addition to your garden.

Project plans: Check out how we created this gorgeous look.

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Cast Iron Sundial

This gorgeous cast iron sundial for the outdoor garden is a statement piece for your flower bed decor. The mixed materials of cast iron and brass make for rustic style that works well with your natural landscape.

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Weathered Urn

This weathered urn is made of composite resin and features a UV coated finish that’s able to withstand outdoor seasonal elements. Use it among your flower bed landscape as a flower pot. The outdoor decoration will add a touch of subtle drama as the flowers in it are displayed above the rest.

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Landscaping Rock and Stone

Landscaping rock and stone improve the overall look of your outdoor space. This flower bed decor addition makes things look neater and more defined. It’s a functional outdoor decoration that also helps regulate soil temperature and retain moisture.

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Zen Buddha Statue

Say no to the gnomes and yes to calming touches like a Zen Buddha statue for your flower bed decor. This outdoor decoration is especially intriguing because it features a built-in solar powered LED light that will illuminate your outdoor garden in the evening.

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Mosaic Glass Gazing Ball

This colorful gazing ball adds just enough pizzazz to your outdoor space without coming off as tacky. The holographic effect-producing glass piece reflects colors of the rainbow, making for an elegant and relaxing flower bed decoration.

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Zen Bamboo Fountain

If you’re looking for lawn ornaments that have a little bit of everything (except tackiness!), then this water feature is it. Along with simply looking beautiful in your flower bed, the deep, resonant flow provides a soothing sound that will enhance your outdoor space.

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Family Handyman

Stone Entry Wall

Low stone walls are striking features that can define your entry and guide visitors up the walk. Natural stone is ideal but difficult to set. The decorative concrete units shown here are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They’re great places for casual seating and potted plants!

Pro tip: Here’s how to pick the right material for a retaining wall

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