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15 Front Door Décor Ideas You Can DIY

Change up your front door decor with every season, every holiday, every whenever you want with these amazing DIY ideas.

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Skeleton Leaves

Translucent, feathery skeleton leaves make an airy fall wreath that is one of our favorite front door decor ideas. Just brush glue and glitter onto the leaves, wrap a foam wreath in burlap and hot glue the glittery leaves onto the wreath. Next, check out some living wreath ideas you can DIY.

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Bountiful Basket

Adorn your door with springtime splendor. Cut burlap into two ovals and stitch them together, leaving the top of the pouch open. Wrap craft twigs together to make a handle and hot glue them to the top part of the bag. Arrange the floral and greenery inside the bag, spray paint pine cones orange for “carrots” and glue on any decorative accents.

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Upcycled Wreath

Arrange an old hose into a wreath and secure with floral wire to prevent sagging. Tie small garden tools onto the hose with twine, then hang to display for unique front door decor. You can use a wreath hanger for an easy way to hang your wreath.

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Sunny Welcome

Make an easy sunflower wreath to capture the warmth of summer. Start with yellow, green and white burlap. Cut each color into 10×12 inch rectangles. Cut pipe cleaners in coordinating colors to 6-inch lengths. Lay each rectangle out, and fold opposite corners inward until they meet. Gather them in the middle, forming two petals that look like a bow. Bind the petals onto the outer edge of a wire wreath form with pipe cleaners. Repeat with yellow burlap on the inner rings. Fill the middle by weaving brown burlap through the wire form to create the sunflower’s center. Check out 14 fall wreaths you haven’t seen already.

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Slice of Hello

A bright watermelon wreath offers a fresh and fun front door decor welcome. Start with 1 yard of fabric in each color. Cut 1-inch by 7-inch strips and tie around the outer rim of a wire wreath form, starting with green, then light pink. On the two innermost rings, tie rows of dark pink fabric. Fluff the strips and sew shiny black button “seeds” on several dark pink pieces.

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Bee Our Guest

A honeycomb wreath offers a sweet welcome to family and friends. Frame yellow fabric and chicken wire, then attach decorative flowers as desired.

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Turkey in the Straw

Pair a stuffed toy with a tube pan to make a warm holiday welcome with front door decor. Hot glue form core board to the back of the pan (open side). Hot glue ornamental grasses and faux feathers to the foam to create the turkey feathers. Glue a stuffed turkey into the pan’s center void to create its body. Learn how to make a bird feeder wreath here.

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Piece of My Heart

Old puzzle pieces fit together perfectly to form a sweet Valentine’s Day wreath, a bright touch for the tail end of winter. Use glue to overlapping pieces to ensure they keep their heart shape, then decorate with a ribbon if desired.

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Going Green

An easy shamrock-hued yarn ball wreath will have your front door ready in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Hot-glue one end of one shade of yard to a foam wreath, then wrap until the foam is covered. Add dabs of glue to keep the yarn in place. Next wrap foam balls of different sizes with yarn. Glue the balls to the wreath and embellish with two knitting needles.

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Country Woman

Country Christmas

Tie up your holiday trimming with this idea fresh from the farm. Layer 50 feet of sisal twisted rope in circular loops on top of wreath frame. Create a double hanging loop at the top of wreath, then wrap remainder of rode around itself and the frame. Secure hanging loop to the back side with a simple knot. Apply hot glue to the end of rope and knot to secure in place and prevent fraying. Wrap four 1-yard pieces of rope around four symmetrically placed points on the wreath. Secure in place with a knot on the back and use hot glue to prevent fraying. Attach rope to frame with floral wire in at least six places to prevent sagging. Use hot glue to attach decorations for this front door decor. We’ll walk you through how to make your own clip-and-snip holiday wreath.

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Snow Much Fun

Frosty and his little dog won’t melt before New Year’s Eve. Use floral wire to secure wreath forms together. Gather small bunches of evergreen and wrap tightly, securing in place with floral wire. If desired, add other greenery, holly or mistletoe, and decorations. Or to save time, buy wreath bases already covered in greenery and add your own decorations.

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Into the Woods

Gather leaves, acorns, and pinecones from the forest floor, or your backyard, and bring a touch of autumn or even Halloween to your next craft project. Spray paint pinecones in metallic glittery shades for an extra fancy touch. If you love glittery things, take your affection to the next level with glitter paint.

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Musical Magic

Get your guests humming with a front-door wreath made with pages from your favorite song. Cut a circle out of cardboard. Cut 20 pieces of sheet music into rectangles, then roll each sheet into a cone. Adhere with adhesive tape. Lay the large cones along the outer edge of the cardboard circle and hot glue into place. Hot glue the smaller cones on top of the larger ones. Hot glue a doily in the center and top with a decorative heart.

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Clippy Catchall

Hang this clothespin wreath near your door and pin up photos, reminders, and grab and go items—brilliant. Color clothespins with fabric dye, let them dry. Clip around a wire frame, alternating colors. Stagger the pins along the top and bottom levels to form the sun design. On the outer circle, reverse each fourth pin so the clip faces outward. Glue into place. Use turned pins to hole pictures or messages.

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On Point

When old handsaws grow worn from cutting down the annual tree, forego the greenery and hang them as a festive focal point. Lay saws side by side, one overlapping the other, in a tree shape. Run a line of epoxy along the edges, pressing until set. Adhere ribbons and decorations with hot glue to resemble garland and a tree topper. Using epoxy, adhere a clip with a D-ring to the back of the saws near the top. Hang this front door decor out of reach of small children.