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Front Door Wreaths for Every Season

Spruce up your entryway each season with these DIY front door wreaths.

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Spring: Pansy and Tulip Wreath

A simple, yet festive option for the front door, this DIY Easter wreath features matching flowers and ribbons. Start with a grapevine wreath and spray paint it white. Then, attach real or faux pansies and tulips and a flourish of ribbon. Make a bird feeder wreath from seed heads and a grapevine wreath.

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Easter: Bunny Wreath

This Easter wreath starts with a grapevine wreath from a craft store or a DIY wreath made from thin, bendable branches from some shrubs or trees, formed into a circle. Add some fresh or faux green foliage and decorative pom-poms. (Do you know the history of the pom pom?) Attach a small stuffed bunny and plastic Easter eggs, ribbons or whatever other Easter doodads you like. Get inspired by these 15 stunning, colorful ideas for front doors.

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pink flower wreathAnna-Mari West/Shutterstock

Summer: Colorful Flower Wreath

Wreaths don’t have to decorate your door. If you have delicate flowers, try making a wreath to use as a table centerpiece.

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Handmade paper wreath with red, white and blue stars for July 4thVeronika S/Shutterstock

Patriotic: Star Wreath

For a quick, patriotic craft, cut out paper stars from red, white and blue cardstock. Then, glue the overlapping shapes to a wreath form or wooden hoop. Your little one will love affixing this wreath to her bicycle when riding in the 4th of July parade, or even wearing it as a crown!

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Fall: Acorn Wreath

This wreath uses acorns, pine cones and dog nose. This wreath would transition well from fall into winter.

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shutterstock_477615928_03 faux pumpkin fall wreathYaJurka/Shutterstock

Halloween: Pumpkin Wreath

Pumpkins aren’t just for baking pies and carving this fall—there are plenty of creative things to do with pumpkins. Try attaching little faux pumpkins to a wire fall wreath to great visitors this autumn.

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BL10470C32 holiday wreaths diy

Winter: Evergreen Wreath

The best part about making your own holiday wreath is that you can use all sorts of plant materials— no need to limit yourself to the standard balsam fur or spruce twigs.

Granted, early winter is not the time to be pruning any trees or bushes, not even evergreens. The best time is late winter or early spring. But rest assured that the selective snippings you will be taking here and there will barley alter you plants’ appearance or harm them. If you’re worried just cut down low of from the back of a plant. And make sure you clip from a variety of sources so no one plant takes the brunt of your trimming. Get the full how-to for this project here.

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WreathOleksandr Chukhil /Shutterstock

Christmas: Green and White Wreath

Rather than tucking an abundance of ornaments and red ribbon into your Christmas wreath, keep it simple with this oh-so natural option with simple touches that stand out. Venture into your backyard to gather materials for these fresh and easy-to-make wreaths.

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